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Market Crash and Food Crisis YOLO Update 10/24

Market Crash and Food Crisis YOLO Update 10/24
Up about ~$14000 total as of this week in realized and unrealized gains. A less than impressive gain since my last update (was up about ~$12000 realized and unrealized) but whatever the hell it was that happened on CPI day did a number on me. Since many people appear to be having issues with images on Reddit lately, in addition to the above, here's the current positions written out.
I've significantly rebalanced my positions, the account I was using for holding shares has since been switched over to income generating energy plays on oil, natural gas, and uranium. I've also dumped a lot of my index shorts to open a little under $8000 in Apple and Amazon puts.
The food shortage plays aren't looking great, the harvest came in worse than expected this fall, but I may have gotten the timing for the pricing in of that bad harvest wrong. Will probably look to roll out and add to the agricultural positions to next spring/summer. Ag ETF positions omitted from picture because AutoMod didn't like them.
C0RN - 27.60 (last update 26.91)
10 2/17/23 31c
W3AT - 8.75 (last update 8.82)
10 1/20/23 17c
20 1/20/23 18c
S0YB - 26.46 (last update 26.88)
10 11/18 29c
10 2/17/23 29c
SPXS - 28.87 (last update 27.14)
8 11/4 30c
SPXU - 21.92
11 12/16 21c
SPY - 357.63 (last update 367.95)
4 11/18 330p
7 12/16 300p
4 3/17/23 255p
4 1/19/24 210p
AAPL - 138.83
100 12/16 80p
100 12/16 70p
50 6/16 60p
AMZN - 106.90
50 12/16 65p
Link to the post laying out my general thesis on this play. And since this somehow became a thing in the comments of that post - yeah, that's not a straight screenshot of any of my brokerage accounts, I put the images from Schwab, Fidelity, and ETrade together into one picture on MS Paint because I've got no interest in sharing my full accounts or account numbers with the internet.
I'm not a fan of diamond handing options, blew up my account once like that, now I take profits. The italicized positions are new since last update, and were bought with profits from closing stuff.
I added the Apple and Amazon shorts because they're the two shittiest, most overpriced companies in the market, along with Tesla (tessie is going to die hard and fast once the HF's and institutions that are long on it start blowing up). Apple's consumer graph looks incredibly similar to Nike's, and well, look what happened after their last ER. Amazon is currently a great company (AWS) tied to a shitberg of money losing (everything else AMZN does). Jassy was a horrifically bad choice to head up Amazon as a whole because he doesn't understand what their marketplace's competitive advantage actually is or how it's being destroyed. Price target on AAPL = 45ish, on AMZN 25ish. Their PE's are 23 and 96 respectively. Both AAPL and AMZN also currently have Unionizing issues that are just going to keep increasing. Sooner or later TSLA will get unionized as well, at least at the factories.
I'd like to have more Amazon and any Tesla short positions, but right now I can't find a good entry on them, so I'll keep waiting until I do.
My optimistic case for global harvests is now -20%. Every international analysis I've looked at points to excess production from countries that don't have it to make up the shortfall. Supposedly the US is/has prepared a brief on just how bad it is, and that is not available to the public. I am no longer sure this will be priced in before my current options expire. Looking at potentially rolling my current ones out about 6 months, will add to them if I do.
As per one of my previous DD's, we're now seeing increased migration and violence around the world, with a second competing currency bloc forming primarily around Russia and China. There are some other countries that get lumped in with that, but I'm doubtful they all stick, given the tensions between many of them.
I'll take a second to recommend u/Peruvian_Bull 's DD posts on the collapse of the dollar as global reserve currency, there has been absolute chaos and carnage in the Forex markets lately and his stuff from over a year ago is pretty much playing out perfectly.
China's economy is basically a zombie being propped up by threats of violence to banking and real estate executives and local government officials. Once the China National Party Congress meeting ends (runs from 10/16 though 10/22) the wheels probably come off in a very, very bad way.
Tehran continues to have increasing protests after the Basij (religious police, everyone hates them) murdered a 22 year old woman for not wearing a hijab. Food prices are now higher than they were during the Arab Spring. These protests aren't as big of a deal as some in the west want to pretend, but they're a bigger deal and have more popular support than you'd think from the press coverage (lack) on them. Food prices and inflation are high enough this could easily take a wild turn very unexpectedly and very fast in Iran/KSA/Iraq/Syria/Egypt. All of these countries have large populations of young men and the temperature will get very hot in them in a couple of months. (the basic formula for societal unrest is lots of young men + poor job/future prospects + hot weather + high prices = violence)
Russia continues to experience issues with it's plan to draft people, and continues losing in Ukraine. Western leaders appear to be pulling a repeat of the Treaty of Versailles mistakes of just thinking they can grind a country down indefinitely instead of giving them a way out. The Ukrainian provinces currently being fought over were in open rebellion/civil war for years before Russia invaded, and would make some nice "buffer states" in any peace deal. Russia's conventional army is basically gone at this point, going forwards they'll be fighting asymmetrically with cyber attacks and hits on infrastructure leading to spikes in energy prices or big drops in markets.
India has halted Rice exports, after shutting down Wheat exports earlier this summer. California's Rice crop is, to put it mildly, toast. The poorest people eat rice - this one is going to get bad going forward.
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Cambio lavoro

Ciao a tutti, di recente mi e stato proposto un nuovo posto di lavoro, contratto indeterminato 36 ore settimanali, a 2km da casa, RAL 33k lordi (circa 1850 euro netti al mese). Di contro si parla di un lavoro abbastanza monotono, e ripetitivo, per gran parte del tempo in solitaria e anche durante i weekend a rotazione. Ora io faccio il commerciale esterno per una ditta di materiale elettrico, attualmente non supero i 22k di RAL (circa 1300 euro netti al mese per 14 mensilità) però ho auto aziendali telefono e pasti pagati, il lavoro mi piace ma mi rendo conto di non riuscire più a migliorare in termini di "numeri" di clienti e fatturato e devo dire abbastanza stressante, per adesso non se ne parla di aumenti ne ho ancora visto delle provvigioni sul venduto... La mia domanda è cosa fareste voi? Seguireste i soldi o l'ambizione?
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Risk Management Techniques for Trading

Risk Management Techniques for Trading
Risk management is a key component for a successful trading strategy which is often overlooked. By applying risk management techniques, traders can effectively reduce the detrimental effect losing positions have on the value of a portfolio.
Keep reading to learn more about:
  • Why risk management is important
  • How to manage risk in trading
  • Trading risk management tools

Why is trading risk management important?

Many traders see trading as an opportunity to make money but the potential for loss is often overlooked. By implementing a risk management strategy, a trader will be able to limit the negative effects of a losing trade when the market moves in the opposite direction.
A trader who incorporates risk management into the trading strategy will be able to benefit from upside movement while minimizing downside risk. This is achieved through the use of risk management tools like stops and limits and by trading a diversified portfolio.
Traders that opt to forgo the use of trading stops run the risk of holding onto positions for too long in the hope that the market will turn around. This has been identified as the number one mistake traders make, and can be avoided by adopting the traits of successful traders to all trades.

How to Manage Risk in Trading: Top Tips and Strategies

Below are six risk management techniques that traders of all levels should consider:
  1. Determine the risk/exposure upfront
  2. Optimal stop loss level
  3. Diversify your portfolio: the lower the correlation, the better the diversification
  4. Keep your risk consistent and manage your emotions
  5. Maintaining a positive risk to reward ratio
1) Determine the risk/exposure upfront:
Risk is inherent in every trade which is why it is essential to determine your risk before entering the trade. A general rule would be to risk 1% of the account equity on a single position and no more than 5% across all open positions, at any time. For example, the 1% rule applied to $10,000 account would mean no more than $100 should be risked on a single position. Traders will then need to calculate their trade size based on how far away the stop is placed in order to risk $100 or less.
The benefit of this approach is that it helps to preserve the account equity after a run of unsuccessful trades. An additional benefit of this approach is that traders are more likely to have free margin available to take advantage of new opportunities in the market. This avoids having to forgo such opportunities due to margin being tied up in existing trades.
2) Optimal stop loss level
There are many different approaches that traders can utilize when deciding where to place a stop.
Traders can set stops in accordance with:
  • Moving averages – set stops above (below) the specified MA for long (short) positions. The chart below shows how traders can use the moving average as a dynamic stop loss.

risk management trading
  • Support and resistance – set stops below (above) support (resistance) for long (short) positions. The chart below shows the stop being placed below support in a ranging market , allowing the trade enough room to breathe while protecting against a large downward move.

risk management trading

  • Using the Average True Range (ATR) – ATR measures the average pip/point movement in any security over a specified period and provides traders with a minimum distance away to set their stops. The chart below adopts a cautious approach to the ATR by setting the stop distance in accordance with the maximum ATR reading from recent price action.
We recommend our scalper robot with ATR indicator Foxscalper for automated trading.
*Advanced Tip : Instead of using a normal stop loss, traders can use a trailing stop to mitigate risk when the market is moving in your favor. The trailing stop, as the name suggests, moves the stop loss up on winning positions while maintaining the stop distance, at all times.
3) Diversify your portfolio: The lower the correlation, the better the diversification
Even if the 1% rule is adhered to, it is crucial to know how positions may be correlated. For example, the EUUSD and GBP/USD currency pairs have a high correlation, meaning they tend to move closely together and in the same direction. Trading highly correlated markets is great when trades move in your favour but becomes an issue on losing trades as the loss on the one trade now applies to the correlated trade too.
The chart below depicts the high correlation observed between EUUSD and GBP/USD. Notice how closely the two price lines track each other.
Having a good understanding of the markets you are trading and avoiding highly correlated currencies, helps to achieve a more diversified portfolio with reduced risk.
4) Keep your risk consistent and manage your emotions
Once traders make a few winning trades, greed can easily set in and entice traders to increase trading sizes. This is the easiest way to burn through capital and place the trading account in jeopardy. For more established traders however, it is alright to add to existing winning positions but maintaining a consistent framework when it comes to risk should be the general rule.
Fear and greed rear their ugly head many times when trading. Learn how to manage fear and greed in trading .

Many traders in the world use special forex expert advisors for their trading.

Most often, Forex bots earn at times more than traders. And all because:
– The Advisor trades whole day, that is, uses all the opportunities for trading without exception. – Forex expert works much faster than a person. Therefore, it concludes deals at the most optimal price (without losing profit points). – Auto trader robot, unlike a person, can trade in high-frequency and high-precision strategies, which bring significantly more than classic trading systems. – The robot forex is not afraid of the psychological burden, which, as practice shows, reduces the profitability of trade of an average person. For example, this Best forex EA earn up to 300% profit per month easily and without any risks.
5) Maintaining a positive risk to reward ratio
Maintaining a positive risk to reward ratio is crucially important to managing risk over time. There may be losses early on but maintaining a positive risk to reward ratio and keeping to the 1% rule on each trade, greatly enhances the consistency of your trading account over time.
The risk to reward ratio calculates how many pips a trader is prepared to risk, compared with the number pips a trader will receive if the target/limit is hit. A 1:2 risk to reward ratio means that the trader is risking one pip to make two pips, if the trade works out.
The magic within the risk to reward ratio lies in its repeated use. We discovered in our Traits of Successful Traders research that the percentage of traders who used a positive risk to reward ratio tended to show profitable results versus those with a negative risk to reward ratio (page 7 of the guide). Traders can still be successful, even if they only win 50% of their trades, as long as a positive risk to reward ratio is maintained.
*Advanced Tip : Traders often get frustrated when the trade moves in the right direction only for the market to turn right around and trigger the stop. One way to avoid this happening is to make use of a two-lot system. This strategy looks to close out half of the position when it is midway to the target and then bring the stop on the remaining position to break-even. This way the traders gets to bank the profit on the one position while essentially being left with a risk-free trade in the remaining position (if using a guaranteed stop).
1) Normal Stop Loss: These stops are the standard stops offered by most forex brokers. They tend to work best in non-volatile markets as they are prone to slippage. Slippage is a phenomenon where the market doesn’t actually trade at the specified price, either because there is no liquidity at that price or due to a gap in the market. As a result, the trader has to take the next best price, which may be significantly worse, as shown in the USD/BRL chart below:
2) Guaranteed Stop Loss : A guaranteed stop eliminates the issue of slippage entirely. Even in volatile markets where price can gap, the broker will honor the exact stop level. However, this feature comes with a cost as brokers will charge a small percentage of the trade to guarantee the stop level.
3) Trailing Stop Loss : A trailing stop moves the stop closer to the current price on winning positions while maintaining the same stop distance at inception of the trade. For example, the GBP/USD chart below shows a short entry that moves favorably. Every time the market moves 200 pips the stop will automatically move along with it, while maintaining the initial stop distance of 160 pips.

Further reading to improve your risk management skills

  • Find out how leverage , risk-to-reward ratios and stops fit into the risk management process and why it is crucial for traders to have a solid grasp of these concepts.
Signal2frex reviews
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Expert Advisor Trading/Building Tips

Expert Advisor Trading/Building Tips
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a guru/expert that knows everything. I'm just a nerd that learnt a lot through trial and error this year. I can only speak for what I have tried and tested. Long post ahead. Just sharing what I've learnt.
Define your system's rules precisely.
The thing with trading robots is that you need to have a black and white manual trading system that can actually be coded into a robot. For example, if your trading style is based on support and resistance, you'll need to quantify how your levels are drawn by the EA mathematically (e.g., highs and lows based on a period of time/zig-zag high-low IDs. (just an idea that works)
You won't code a system successfully if it works based on human subjectiveness which most popular strategies fall into this category.
Draw a flowchart of your system, from opening your charting platform to closing out at profit or loss. Every single step, filter (days of the week, months). You can also add these later on after testing the base system.
Coding the system (the hard part phase 1)
You can either go for fxdreema, which will limit you if you have no coding knowledge, but is a good base to start from. Use YouTube to learn the ropes. Boxxocode and Orchard Forex on YouTube have some really good tutorials. But regardless, you'll need to understand the basics of coding and building logic in general.

Testing the system correctly (hard part phase 2)
First of all, before you get into testing, you will absolutely need 100% tick data if you're on Mt5 and 99% tick data if you're on mt4. Any less quality and you're setting yourself up for failure. Your results will just be a lie. Your backtests will be worthless and you will give yourself false impressions about your system. Use the tick story, and Google how to use it to get accurate data for backtesting.
Make sure you have enough storage space. My tick data folder is close to 1TB in size with just a few symbols.
Use the "Every Tick" option when testing after getting good tick data.

Any less than 100% is lying to yourself in an already uncertain endeavor
I do however, use 1 minute OHLC to dry run strategies as it is faster and typically, if an EA fails with OHLC 1 minute data, it will fail even worse with Every tick testing.
Once you have the data, use the visual backtest to see what your EA is doing and whether it's following correct logic. Use arrows to represent signals in your code and see if they're being shown correctly. If it's not right, go back to modifying the code.

Signal arrow example

Buy arrow example
The EA does not have to place trades, you can just set it to show arrows on valid signals as an indicator would and then study visual backtests to see if your logic makes sense or try to build an entry and exit strategy around the signals.
Some tips from my experience
EAs with fixed SL and TP parameters typically fail after long-term testing (from my testing experience). By long term I mean 5-12 year backtests. They'll perform really well for a certain period only to revert to mean or worse when losing trades pile up (regardless of how you try to reduce them)
What seems to work better is grid trading, with lot exponents (martingale) with very low risk per trade/ pending order. You may even go as far as using an ATR grid based on volatility so your grid is spaced better depending on market conditions.
Using percentage profit exits in combination with the grid yields the safest results.
I've tried hedging losses but that doesn't seem to work either, drawdown rises significantly with that approach.
Emergency Stop Loss
A grid trading system without a worst case scenario stop out will kill your account if things go bad. Never trade without one unless you're fine with waking up one day to a drained account.
Example grid ATR buy trade

Reduce drawdown to an absolute minimum, even if it costs you returns.
The average trader is obsessed with making extremely high gains from a profitable system, which ultimately spells their doom. Making 0.5 to 3% every month is not only very impressive but, more importantly, stable. It makes it very difficult for market randomness to put you in hair pulling situations.
You have to pay the price of having months with little to no profit. I've learnt this both in manual trading and automated trading. You can't have the best of both worlds (high yield + low risk). It's just not going to happen or it will be short-lived.
Managing EA
Having an EA trading/scanning around the clock every day is a risk in itself, especially when trading lower timeframes. Which is why it's important to code it to stop after making x% of profit for the week or month. Less is more.
Curve Fitting/Overfitting
Most of the (seemingly) profitable strategies I've built don't use multiple indicators (mas, oscillators). But if I do use them, they have fixed values based on what I'm logically trying to do. Instead of using strategy optimizer, I use my flowchart in the first step and visual tester to determine on a general basis what might be best to implement. That is how I optimize. This improves stability a lot. Using parameter optimization is typically how curve fitting occurs. Then, once new live ticks from the market are received during live trading, it fails miserably because it cannot handle randomness.
Example of a system with potential
This is a 5 year backtest of one of the systems I built based on my chart pattern using real tick data as well as commission calculation built into the simulation. Not indicators, just patterns. This portfolio is made up of EURUSD, GBPUSD, GBPAUD, NZDUSD and Gold all on 15min timeframe with exact same set file (settings).
Results analyzed with quant analyser, very powerful tool for both auto and manual traders. Just feed it your statements.

General Stats

Equity Chart

PnL analysis

Correlation Risk

Monte Carlo Analysis

Risk of Ruin
*I have not figured out how to use Equity Control feature but seems very powerful if used correctly.
The more data you have, the more reliable judgment you can make on whether the strategy is a dud or not. A 10 year+ test is prime for checking a system's stability, imo. The longer it's stable without alarming drawdown, the longer it might work in the future without crashing your accounts.
If you see this
Your equity line making new lows (regardless of trading style) that means the system is failing and will go to zero sooner than later.
Oh and another thing, if your EA works well across more than one instrument without changes, then it is potentially that much more stable. I've tested so many systems that work well on one instrument and fail miserably on others, and that's a symptom of overfitting.
I now understand why some demographics would rather sell EA's than use them themselves. In most cases, it's a scam, but if you don't have enough capital to fund your EA properly, then you're better off making money selling it to either people that don't know any better (scamming) or to those with sufficient capital to make decent gains.
In summary....EA's do work but only if you know exactly what you're dealing with and have enough money to exploit them SAFELY. In any case nothing is certain. Hope this gives some insight to EA trading. Just wrote what was at the top of my head. Cheers!
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Can the outcome of the RBI's policy drive the Nifty 50 to 19k?

Can the outcome of the RBI's policy drive the Nifty 50 to 19k?
Indian business sectors saw serious areas of strength for a this week with Sensex and Clever 50 hitting a new memorable high determined by a slide in unrefined petroleum, powerful Gross domestic product information, and Took care of's tentative position. Be that as it may, the week finished in red as financial backers conveyed expansive based benefit booking. Both Sensex and Clever 50 snapped an eight-day winning binge on Friday. In the approaching week, RBI's financial strategy result will assume a significant part in establishing the vibe for homegrown values. With expansion facilitating in October, assumptions for 35 premise focuses rather than the fourth 50 premise focuses climb in December strategy is on cards. While the Sensex crossed the 63,500 imprint, the Clever 50 crept nearer to the 18,900 level. Will the approaching week result in Clever 50 contacting 19,000 interestingly?
On Friday, Sensex shut at 62,868.50 somewhere near 415.69 places or 0.66%. While Clever 50 shed 116.40 places or 116.40% to end at 18,696.10. The slant in Indian values was because of expansive based benefit booking in huge covers. Heavyweights like M&M, HUL, Maruti Suzuki, Settle, HDFC, Infosys, TCS, Asian Paint, and Bajaj Money saw colossal selloffs. Auto stocks took the most beating, while eminent disadvantage was found in IT, banking, and purchaser durables stocks. Metal stocks outflanked their partners. While midcap and little covers records acquired by almost a percent.
On December 1, the Sensex contacted another lifetime high of 63,583.07, while the Clever 50 likewise timed a new verifiable high of 18,871.95 prior to rectifying.
Both Sensex and Clever 50 have move by almost 4% each between November 22 to December 1. They expanded record-high gains during nowadays.
Vinod Nair, Head of Exploration at Geojit Monetary Administrations said, "Bulls proceeded with their mission for gains, hitting new record highs, helped by falling unrefined, strong Gross domestic product numbers, and a hesitant position by the Fed seat. In any case, the meeting was stopped by bad prompts from worldwide partners and wide based benefit booking in enormous covers."
Nair added, "The Indian economy's development of 6.3% in Q2 was in accordance with the RBI's gauge, while the assembling PMI rose to 55.7 in November. Going against the norm, auto stocks came in lower than anticipated because of more vulnerable products and successive de-loading. On the worldwide front, financial backers' interests were mollified as the Fed seat took on a timid position. Declining producing movement in the US is evidence that the national bank's arrangement fixing has begun to show results, which thusly will urge the Fed to keep rate climbs under control."
In the mean time, Indian forex saves kept an ascent for the third week straight. In the week finishing November 25, forex saves came in at $550.14 billion ascending by $2.89 billion, according to RBI's information. In the earlier week, the stores were around $547.25 billion.
Be that as it may, at the interbank forex market, the rupee couldn't support its positive opening on Friday and shut lower at 81.3175 against the US dollar contrasted with the earlier day's print of 81.20 per dollar. Quite, this week, the neighborhood cash has figured out how to move by 0.5% driven by serious areas of strength for a disagreement homegrown values and the US Central bank Seat Jerome Powell's less hawkish remarks.
With respect to unfamiliar portfolio financial backers (FPIs), they imbued ₹36,239 crore in the values market during November - - which is the second most noteworthy month to month purchasing in the ongoing year after August when FPIs contributed ₹51,204 crore. Likewise, the beginning of December has been optimistically with an inflow of ₹7,437 crore in the values.
What's in store in the seven day stretch of December 5 to ninth?
As per Nair, in the approaching week, market development still up in the air by the result of the RBI strategy meeting, as most would consider to be normal to direct its speed of rate climbs.
He added, given the hidden high valuation, Took care of strategy, and rigid Chinese Coronavirus limitations, the market will remain profoundly delicate before very long.
Further, Apurva Sheth, Head of Market Viewpoints, at Samco Protections brought up that various critical occasions are planned for the next week.
On the worldwide front there, right off the bat, are measurements on the exchange balance between the US and China, two critical economies. Moreover, China will reveal its Mother and YoY expansion rates. Sheth said, "these improvements will be firmly watched by financial backers all through the world since they could conclude where that the worldwide records head."
At home, Sheth said, "the emphasis would be on the RBI's loan fee choice. The CPI fell underneath 7% in October after three straight rate increments of 50 premise focuses. Subsequently, the market expects a rate increment of 35 premise focuses instead of 50 premise focuses. The essential monitorable will be the MPC's gauges and perspectives on expansion and monetary extension."
Giving a specialized point of view toward the Clever 50, Sheth said, "the Record is moving in a higher top higher base development on the everyday diagram showing a supported up pattern. Toward the beginning of the week, costs register their new lifetime high and later on kept on moving higher. On Friday's meeting, Clever gave the first indication of benefit booking when costs slipped under 19,800 levels with a negative flame on the everyday outline."
On the day to day graph, Sheth brought up that NIFTY50 has finished the Negative Crab consonant example at 18,887.60 levels. The force oscillator RSI (14) on the day to day outline has reached the overbought zone and as of now has snared lower under 70.
"The bulls need to outperform 18,900 levels to pick up bullish speed as the choices dealer is dynamic almost 19,000 levels with expanded OI. The help for the File is set almost 18,500 and any move underneath a similar will stretch out the tumble to 18,380 levels," Samco's master added. Likewise, he accepts the celebrative state of mind at Dalal Road ought to go on with stock-explicit activity prone to order financial backers' consideration, particularly in IT, Metal and Concrete stocks.
According to Shrikant Chouhan, Head of Value Exploration (Retail), Kotak Protections, proceeding, D-road will zero in on full scale patterns. Going on, business sectors might be overwhelmed by worldwide news streams and steps taken by various states to handle their economies. On the economy front, Q2FY23 genuine Gross domestic product became by 6.3%, while GST assortments for October (gathered in November) remained at Rs1.469 lakh crore (September: Rs1.517 lakh crore).
ICICI Protections in its week after week market viewpoint note said that "We keep up with our primary positive position and anticipate that record should steadily head towards 19400 before long while midcaps to beat before long. Solid help is presently positioned at 18300 levels. Use plunges to make long positions."
In their specialized view, ICICI Protections expressed that the overall proportion of NiftyIT against Banknifty has settled at multi month high, the initial time since May 2022 showing that IT might moderately perform better compared to banking temporarily. That being said, IT, Telecom, Infra, Metal, and Utilization are favored areas.
Among enormous covers, the stock business' favored picks are - - Dependence Enterprises, TCS, SBI, Ambuja Concrete, Adani Ports, Goodbye Steel, Goodbye Engines, and DLF. While among midcaps, the favored picks are Offspring, Coforge, Sonata Programming, Concor, Polycab, Cummins India, JK Concrete, Bhel, Preeminent Businesses, Tejas Organizations, Unit Endeavors, Timken, and KNR Development.
RBI is planned to being its every other month financial approach meeting from December 5 to seventh. The six-part money related approach council will declare its result on December seventh.
Since May 2022, the national bank has climbed the repo rate by 190 premise focuses to tame long term high expansion. As of now, the approach repo rate remains at 5.9%, while the standing store office (SDF) rate stands changed at 5.65%. While, the minimal standing office (MSF) rate and the Bank Rate to 6.15%. MPC stayed zeroed in on the withdrawal of convenience to guarantee that expansion stays inside the objective going ahead while supporting development.
In October, India's CPI expansion facilitated to 6.77% from its five-month high of 7.41% in September.
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Buondì ragazzi.Account throwaway come sempre, ci sono troppe persone qua che mi conoscono direttamente.
La situazione è questa, siamo una srl con 2 soci e 2 dipendenti, studi di settore tutti dentro la norma e con ottimi valori. Settore commercio di materiale informatico e assistenza informatica. ATECO 46.51 e 95.11 se dovesse servire.
Fin'ora come amministratori abbiamo usato le nostre autovetture personali, quando abbiamo aperto erano abbastanza nuove e ora sono da buttare nel cesso con tipo 400K km.Le nostre autovetture le usano anche i dipendenti se e quando devono andare da clienti. A livello di costi, ci facciamo il solito rimborso kilometrico.
Lo scorso anno abbiamo avuto il sentore di dover sostituire un'auto ed a febbraio di quest'anno si è avverata l'urgenza. Quindi la scelta più pratica è stata ordinarne una a noleggio nel 2021, con consegna 2022, che poi la società di noleggio ci ha anticipato con un'auto simile a febbraio 2022.
Al tempo il commercialista ci ha detto che non potevamo prenderle come autocarro, perchè blablablabla e le usate per fare casa-lavoro e anche nel weekend. Al tempo non avevo tempo di star li ad informarmi e mi son fidato. Ordinata auto normale e via consci che avremmo recuperato qualcosa come il 20%, forse 30% del totale.
Nel frattempo mi sono rapportato con altre persone, googlato a destra e a manca e la cosa non mi è più chiara. Tutti, e ripeto tutti, mi dicono "ma prendila come autocarro (n1, ndr) che la scarichi".Lo stesso agente che mi ha fatto il contratto per la prima mi ha detto "se fai un incidente a me non cambia nulla, sei coperto anche se dentro hai famigliari o stai andando in montagna".
Quindi, al di là del "non puoi andarci dove cazzo vuoi perchè se trovi quello fiscale rompono i coglioni", c'è qualcosa che sto sbagliando nel ragionamento? Perchè non dovrei prendere la prossima auto come autocarro n1?
L'auto la usiamo all'80% per scopi prettamente aziendali e un 20% per i cassius nostri.
Prendere un furgone è stato preso in considerazione ma non ci piace, troverei l'auto più pratica. Preciso che non mi serve un Range Rover come ho visto fare, mi è sufficiente qualcosa tipo mezzo suv come potrebbe essere un peugeot 3008, così da girare sempre con gli attrezzi a bordo senza preoccuparmi del carico.
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marmoset to subsntance error

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Ape historian | Post 3 of 17 | The great summary of what has happened with GME | Continuation of events - migration to the stonk. all other subs are still important.

Ape historian | Post 3 of 17 | The great summary of what has happened with GME | Continuation of events - migration to the stonk. all other subs are still important.
PARTs summary: (will add links as these posts go live).
part 1- january
part 2 - february
Part 3 - march +list of great apes and the DD they brought (from jan 2021 to current)
part 4 - april
part 5 -may
part 6 -june 2021
part 7 july 2021
part 8 august 2021
part 9 september 2021 (DRS REALLY STARTS OFF HERE)
part 10 October -2021
part 11- november
part 12 - December (2021)
Part 13- January 2022 (the wise ape is here)
part 14- February 2022
Part 15- March 2022
Part 16- APril to June 2022
part 17 -summary

Hello everyone,
Ape historian here with the biggest fricking post to date. the way i wrote this post out was to use my dashboard that i hope everyone now knows about.
For those nee a backstory - i am ape historian - i have been archiving the gme subs on my site and via my setup (reached 90tb total usable space a few days ago! massive milestone) and I am backing everything up. i am now going back in tiem to recreate the events from the sneeze to now, and this post is FEB/ MARCH time.


the deletions continue

for those who havent seen my previous two posts - if you dont have a permalink to a delted post you cannot get it from wayback machine or any backup - AND ITS NOT SEARCHABLE. thats the important point - its not searchable.
Now posts get deleted for various reasons and I am not saying that all delted posts are suspicious . but int he aggregate i find it strange that a lot of POPcorn posts and silver posts stayed up on the original uusb sub - and you can freely check out my dashboard and doouble check me on this.
but the dd for gme was "deleted"- or so they thought.
here is what this dude had to say:
Disclaimer: This is not financial advice, and much of this information is not my own, sourced from other DD’s, many that have been removed.
As many of you know, on the 17th of this month, Interactive Brokers Chairman Thomas Peterffy had a CNBC interview (Automod won't let me link it?) where he goes on to explain the fundamentals of the short squeeze.
However, this whole ordeal might be a whole lot bigger than we had ever imagined.
Tom (or should we go with Tommy?) goes on to illustrate the idea that they had to regulate the stock, as if they had not it would have caused a collapse of the entire market. While Tom might very well be simply lying to us to give an excuse, let’s play his game, and ponder this idea for a second.
Tom states without the regulation, brokers would have been obligated to deliver 270 million shares, while only 50 million shares existed. 540% of shares.
Vlad, CEO of RobinHood, also told us that on the day of the halt they had an order volume of 3 Billion, that they could not fulfill.
Tom continues the interview, admitting that without the regulation, GameStop stock would have surged into the thousands, yes plural.
Maybe the reason all of this has truly become such a battle, is because of how seriously scared the other side of the trade really is.
Finra’s latest short interest update gives us a value of 78.46%. However, there are many reasons why this could be falsely construed. For one, Finra had announced new ways of calculating short interest, letting the synthetic longs drive this down. Another reason this may be low is this data is not fully up-to-date and does not take into account the fall from 100 to where we are now.
So, what is the true short interest then?
Well, let’s take breakdown GME share ownership alongside the findings of corrode1024 DD-
Insider Ownership: 23,704,787
Institutions: 151,000,000
Funds: 40,000,000
Retail: 38,595,000
Total Owned: 253,299,787
Total Outstanding: 69,746,960
Percentage of ownership to outstanding: 363.17%
Estimated Synthetic Shares: 183,552,827
FINRA Short % of Float: 78.46%
Finviz Float: 50,650,000
Reported Shares Shorted: 35,538,624
Total Estimated Short (Synthetic + Reported)
Percentage of Shorts to the Float: 432.56%
If you would like a deeper breakdown of corrode1024’s data, check out his DD.
But yes, the short interest may be a whopping ~432.56%.
Last week, u/thabat (yes -the thabat you know who looked into will look into cellarboxing in 8 months time) ran an AI-generated model of GME’s stock price, which predicts a squeeze target of an extreme $130k a share.
Now, I know, lol. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That is a completely crazy fucking number. I mean, right? It has to be?
But I mean, if this whole thing really is bigger than we thought, and it really could cause an entire collapse of the markets. This could be one of the biggest exchanges of wealth in the history of the world.
If SI really is ~400%, shorts covering at infinitely higher and higher prices certainly could drive it up to astronomical heights.

the image from that post - courtesy of wayback machine.
If this is what our models show, imagine the models and algorithms these big firms have. This may very well be why they are so frightened. They have dug themselves into a hole below bedrock.
All of this seems to line up with what Vlad and Tom have now told us. Without regulation, this squeeze will be the Mother of all Short Squeezes.
So now, alongside our Dogfather Cohen, we shall wait patiently for a catalyst. Just like on the last squeeze to $483, we required a catalyst to get us there. Don’t forget the information we knew in November and December. Board spots are opening up in July which Cohen will take advantage of, Cohen could up his stake. Earnings in March. Who knows what could happen.
It is important to remember the gaming industry is the largest industry in the world, and we are still in its infancy. Older generations continue to laugh down the importance of gaming, but as our generation grows up gaming is only going to evolve and get bigger. GameStop is the only retailer dedicated to gaming and has a surplus of centers that big competitors like Amazon do not.
We are basically right back where we were in NovembeDecember. The stock price does not matter. If short interest is at 400%, or if short interest is at 80%. Both are insanely high SI values, and a squeeze is inevitable, one that sends us to 500 or one that sends us to 50,000. With high short interest, a squeeze is inevitable. NEVER forget that.
So, continue to hold fellow apes. May your hands turn to diamonds and your balls to steel.
Edit: Also don't forget the other CNBC interview with our boy Tommy where he also admitted that they halted to save themselves. Or the CNBC interview with Vlad where he said it multiple times assuredly that it WAS NOT a liquidity issue, but that is his reasoning now. (You can find these 2 interviews on youtube, AutoMod wont let me link youtube)
Ape historian superfind 10: this video shows up again -
remember the hearing - well here is the point where they tried to setup DFV to say something. and DFV wasnt taking it.

from \"Why GameStop was going to cause a collapse of the entire market, and why it is still going to:\"
the above post mentioned corrode1024 didnt it - lets have a look - i need more wrinkles than i have to understand this all.
corrode mentions aah_soy whom we did see in our previous part 2 of the post where he accurately figured out synthetic shortselling - a FUCKING YEAR before most of the apes figured out what that meant. but somehow his account got deleted. nevermind.
u/jeepers_sheepers finds at the early start of feb 2021 that XRT, you know - THAT XRT has an SI of 800%. post title - "XRT is being used to hide GME shorts. XRT currently sits at 190% SHORT FLOAT. Peaking on 2/1 at over 800% SHORT FLOAT!!"
somehow also deleted and we saw this post in part 2. strange. huh what could it possibly be?
but if you search on my dashboard you will have the post.
the post also mentions that there already was an archive before my time - on - but that got taken down.

or did it? heh not from me. you see how this shit gets hard to pindown once "deleted" is on the menu? you can se how if i didnt have access to all the subs, full search, and wayback machine there is NO FUCKING WAY i would find this. ever.*/
the site is dead but here is what was posted:


\"the first mention of synthetic shares that i can find\".
and before sec decides to wipe that 2013 paper off here is the link to it-
and here is another article from tradesmith daily -

\"the hedge funds can use tricks to make it look like they have covered their shorts- even if they havent\" - this is from the sec document.
Fun huh? so we have in feb of 2021 already some understanding about how hedgies are manipulating THE PERCIEVED SHORT INTERESST IN GME WITH XRT SHORTING AND SYNTHETIC LONGS. remember this prhase it will come in usefull later.
in march stonking will come back with more points around synthetic shares, counterfeight shares and phantom shares.

fuck i have read some of this but never sat down to read it all.

just reminding everyone that all this is available on this dashboard - free to access, no license, no tracking. full post search on the left, title and author search on the right. subreddit and date dropdowns.

MARCH - the day of runups and the birth of the stonk and AMAs!

for this one you need to remember phantom shares,and a few other keywords.
u/atobitt publishes the everything short and citadel has no clothes: but actually they dont make it to superstonk until a little later as a repost. go read both of those posts, its required reading.
in short - "The EVERYTHING Short"
"TL;DR- Citadel and friends have shorted the treasury bond market to oblivion using the repo market. Citadel owns a company called Palafox Trading and uses them to EXCLUSIVELY short & trade treasury securities. Palafox manages one fund for Citadel - the Citadel Global Fixed Income Master Fund LTD. Total assets over $123 BILLION and 80% are owned by offshore investors in the Cayman Islands. Their reverse repo agreements are ENTIRELY rehypothecated and they CANNOT pay off their own repo agreements until someone pays them, first. The ENTIRE global financial economy is modeled after a fractional reserve system that is beginning to experience THE MOTHER OF ALL MARGIN CALLS.
THIS is why the DTC and FICC are requiring an increase in SLR deposits. The madness has officially come full circle."
"Citadel Has No Clothes"
TL;DR - Citadel Securities has been fined 58 times for violating FINRA, REGSHO & SEC regulations. Several instances are documented as 'willful' naked shorting. In Dec 2020 they reported an increase in their short position of 127.57% YOY, and I'm calling bullsh*t on their shenanigans.

Ape historian superfind 11: CITADEL basically does whatever it wants and isnt afraid to show it - more than a year later.
and -einfachman- did a stellar piece of DD -and all the DD's here.
and of course this one:

but i digress
lets get back to march shall we - Wed Mar 17 2021 16:32:47 GMT+0000 (Greenwich Mean Time)
Post title "THIS IS HUGE: RobinHood NEVER OWNED YOUR GME SHARES, they got margin called $3B to cover the shares they needed to buy!" - you can always search for post titles in my dashboard to find the OG post and all the backup links.

funny how this keep getting deleted. why? are people really deleting their dd with 40k upvotes?
here is the wayback link: hehe you thought it was lost.

\"THIS IS HUGE: RobinHood NEVER OWNED YOUR GME SHARES, they got margin called $3B to cover the shares they needed to buy!\"
There is a post that this post links- "the post is titled "robinhood the missing link" on the 17th march 2021- and its in my dashboard as well.

\"In this scenario, RobinHood continuously sends order flow buy and sell orders to Citadel (I'm just using Citadel as a name, it could be any market maker). When a trader enters a buy order, that order is sent to the MM, and the price is set for the trade and the trader is given access to their shares at the current price. RobinHood has fulfilled their agreement to best-price, and the MM paid for the order, and the customer has access to their shares.\"
this was posted by u/theguyonthereddits
the main point here is this: But that doesn't mean that the MM actually went through with purchasing or selling those share orders yet. They paid for the order, but they only need to execute it "in a reasonable time".
"2) They recently changed their PFOF method from one giving them a set payment per share to one giving them a percentage of the spread instead. Think about this: A Robinhood trader wants the spread in the stocks he/she is trading to be as narrow as possible. The HFT market maker buying those orders benefit most when that spread is as wide as possible. And now Robinhood benefits most when the spread is as wide as possible as well! This is an amazing misalignment of interests. "
"While PFOF is legal, we have long wondered how it possibly could be. How can a broker, charged with the duty of getting its clients the best available prices, possibly do so by selling that client’s orders to amazingly sophisticated HFT firms, who in turn will make billions of dollars trading against these orders?"
Forex brokers and MMs are well-known to take inverse positions to retail trades. I think RobinHood was as well. CFD brokers have to delta hedge their actual holdings as their clients positions become profitable. As long as the clients are losing money, there is no reason to ever buy the securities, as the position is just going to lose money anyways. CFD brokers will only buy the security you own if that security starts becoming profitable and it will cost RobinHood more money to buy the share later. They are basically shorting your shares on their books.
"While retail brokers and market making firms, claim that price improvement (PI) accrues to retail investor orders, such price improvement is a flawed calculation:
  1. It is based off of a slower price feed (the SIP),
  2. It does not take into account odd-lots,
  3. And the NBBO reference price it uses is largely set by the very same HFT market makers providing the “PI” in the off-exchange environment. "
"When a few HFT market-makers buy up orders that account for as much as a third of the volume – orders that tend to be less-informed, uncorrelated, and benign, so that they are not represented on exchanges, what is left on those exchanges is that much more toxic and costly to trade with. Market impact costs are higher, and spreads are wider as well. Two studies that confirm this are the Babelfish study of transaction costs in “Meme Stocks”7 and an additional academic study, that amazingly points out that when Robinhood experiences technology outages, spreads in the general market become narrower. Wider spreads mean that retail investors receive worse prices, even after accounting for PI, and all other investors see their costs increase as well."
"It should surprise no one that investor orders do not dominate these races; HFT Market makers do. Investors’ orders typically find themselves further back in the queue. As a result, investors miss opportunities at buying cheaper stock, and when they do get filled they are subject to outsized adverse selection. Despite this, brokers representing investors still route largely to these exchanges for that rebate."
Once RobinHood sells your orders to Citadel, Citadel can buy or sell the needed shares on any exchange they want to, to get themselves the best spread on the price difference. WHEN YOU BUY SHARES ON ROBINHOOD, YOU ARE NOT AFFECTING THE ACTUAL MARKET ORDERS. Your shares that you are buying/selling get collected by Citadel, and they can then buy/sell as they see fit with those orders.
Citadel can collect a large batch of buy orders, and then BUY those shares on a dark pool exchange that DOES NOT DRIVE UP THE ACTIVE MARKET PRICE. And they can also collect large sell orders into one large batch, and then SELL those shares on the ACTUAL MARKET WHICH ACTUALLY DOES DRIVE THE ACTIVE PRICE DOWN.
That is why you can see huge dumps on days with the SSR active and no large selling volume. Citadel/MM are capable of keeping ALL of the buying pressure OFF of the open exchanges, while simultaneously loading up sell orders to dump at once ON the open exchanges.
"• In January 2021, a record 47.19% of US stock-market volume traded “off-exchange and on February 9th we hit an all-time record of 50.47%, with retail representing 1/3rd of total US ADV"
Over 50% of all trading activity is done off-exchange. And retail is 1/3 of the total daily volume. They can literally keep 100% of retail buy orders routed through these MM off of the open exchanges, to avoid YOUR buy orders from driving the price up in real-time.
I will stop doing the copy pasta here but that post is definitely worth a read.
Ape historian superfind 12: hmm it might be that robinhood never owned the shares- this would explain the PCO. but lets continue in the next part of the series

end of march - coourtesy of u/broccaaa - welcome to synthetic shares writeup. post title -"The naked shorting scam update: selling nude like its 2021"

from u/broccaaa: "This post updates the possibility of a naked shorting scam with massive hidden FTDs and short interest in 2021. By looking at SEC rules and academic papers I show that rule changes do not stop the potential abuses of naked short selling in a material way. Rather they slightly modify how it could be done and optimized. The changes also make the scheme less sustainable on the short side and over time pressure might "coil the spring" and lead to an unprecedented FTD squeeze.
With current rules:
  1. Synthetic shares can still be sold to hedge funds as part of a married put trade (or reverse conversion)
  2. The borrowed privileges now only relate to the "bona-fide" market makers exemption from locate requirements
  3. Rather than being able to flood the market with synthetics and let them build up indefinitely, once a security is on the threshold list market makers are forced to cover (after a certain time period)
If mass naked shorting and married put trades were being carried out in GME this could explain:
  • the "BUG" bids as being part of "bone-fide" requirements to be "regularly and continuously placing quotations [..] on both the bid and ask side of the market"
  • short interest manipulation
  • how naked short selling has become so widespread
  • why borrow fees can still be so ridiculously low (low demand for located shares to borrow)
  • that the vast majority of options (both puts and calls) might be due to naked short selling
  • how short shares are 'washed' and able to be dumped on the market even during SSR
  • why such a large number of way out of the money calls have been seen recently (actually part of a naked short trick, not long whales or gamma ramps)
  • the vast number of trades in OTC / Dark Pools as part of married put trades
Note: this is not financial advice. I am not a cat. I read some papers and made some interpretations. Any number of these could be flawed and wrong. Make your own mind up.
The post I wrote yesterday was based on an economics paper looking at naked short practices that abused options market maker privileges. The paper was written in 2007 and took Overstock shares as an example of of a stock with massive short share fuckery. Here is a great Rolling Stone article showing court documents confirming the illegal short seller activity in Overstock. Despite the clear similarities with GME in 2021certain SEC rules have changed since the paper was written.
Which short selling rules have changed and could a modified version of the scam be happening in 2021?
With some help from other apes in the comments and a little extra research I'd like to clarify this and provide some thoughts on what might be going on today.
SEC rules on short selling and the changes made up until 2006 ( amendments to Regulation SHO under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 )
Regulation SHO, which became fully effective on January 3, 2005, set forth a regulatory framework governing short sales. One of the goals of this was to target potentially abusive “naked” short selling practices in certain equity securities. Additional regulation was put in place to limit the selling of securities without first finding a valid share to borrow. The 2005 implementation failed miserably.
A fantastic letter was written in December 2003 by former Undersecretary of Commerce Robert Shapiro and forwarded to the SEC. In the letter Shapiro detailed findings from his own research and his doubts that the proposed changes in the SEC rules would have any material impact on the abusive practices:

Ape historian superfind 13: and we get our first introduction to "phantom shares" -

perhaps the most interesting part of that pdf i just posted is the TREND FOR FTDs is going up while clearly the advancement in technology is also going up from 2005 to 2007- so the question is - WHY? why is it going up? is it profiable?

and yes every post mentioned here is backed up. In part 5 i will introduce the ipfs archives. its taking a while

Ape historian superfind 14: "(Naked) Short Selling Around Earnings Announcement
Ape historian superfind 15:
Ape historian superfind 16: AND ANOTHER POST - "Naked Short Selling: The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told"

\"Naked Short Selling: The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told\"-exceprt.

so to sum up- this shows in a simple way that actually - apes were right. a few months after this date AMAs from Lucy and Wes and Dr Trimbath will start to unravel this shitstorm. and of course the smithonstocks links

Superstonk by end of march 2021 had 63 posts. April is where the real shit hides.
Ape historian.

in comes the first mention of DRS -by Austins-Reddit on 01/Mar /2021. post title "GME Paper Stock Certificates through "ComputerShare" after transferring from TDA"

The post below is what i wanted to reach out to you about: "Buy & Hold 2.0 - A theory on how locating REAL shares may trigger a domino effect."
oh- \"Buy & Hold 2.0 - A theory on how locating REAL shares may trigger a domino effect.\" -deleted again. funny that.
that post from the archives - well the excerpt is below:

computershare was postulated by at least one ape in march 2021.
TLDR- this entire research peice is fully available - just use my dashbaord and start searching for yourself - this is NOT the only things that happened. this is the main things that I feel accoring to me were most important.
standby for part 4.
ape historian-destroyer of free disk space
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Scalping: Top Profitable Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Scalping: Top Profitable Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Cryptocurrency scalping vs. FOREX currency scalping

The concepts of forex trading and crypto trading have similarities in that both types of trading share a parallel operation with one type of currency. The main features seem to be similar as well. Here is the summary:
  • Supply and demand: The price of any currency, be it cryptocurrency or fiat currency, is determined by the factor of supply and demand and allows both markets to thrive.
  • Digital Platforms: Both markets offer electronic trading over the Internet, making it possible to trade multiple currencies on various digital platforms.
  • Robots (bots): Automatic trading is plausible and manageable with the right tools. By using online auto-bots (robots) combined with artificial intelligence, traders can scalp on the go.
Any novice trader would assume that forex and cryptocurrencies are almost identical. However, the truth is that they have a different goal and intention. Unlike cryptocurrency, the forex market is older and is universally accepted and recognized.
On the contrary, the cryptocurrency market is relatively new and volatile and the price fluctuations are quite tense. Consequently, this leads to a more pronounced discrepancy in their performance.
  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies tend to be much more volatile than fiat money. An expert speculator tends to quickly seize the opportunity to generate higher profits from the cryptocurrency market.
  • Intermediaries: Forex trading usually requires an intermediary, which carries higher costs and commissions. Cryptocurrency trading, on the other hand, avoids the use of intermediaries. Therefore, transaction costs are significantly reduced.
  • Deadlines: The cryptocurrency market is available 24 hours a day, any day of the year, so anyone can start trading at any time. However, the forex markets are only accessible five days a week during business hours.
  • Regulation: Forex market operations are regulated by law and fiat money traded is backed by centralized governments. Cryptocurrencies are only recognized in certain countries. Therefore, the cryptocurrency market is much more risky and unpredictable.
    Related: Top Stock Investment Newsletters

Types of cryptocurrency scalping strategies
Every speculator needs to be fully aware of all their scalping or immediate resale activities. Therefore, it is best to stick to a specific strategy to avoid unnecessary decisions and breaks. There are five well-known scalping strategies that any cryptocurrency speculator, from beginner to advanced, can immediately implement.

Cryptocurrency range trading

Range means a price movement between two constant price levels, high and low, within a certain period of time. When trading a cryptocurrency range, traders tend to go both long and short (at different times) depending on where the price is within the range.
When a trader identifies the ideal range to trade, the trader will attempt to manually enter positions by buying at support and selling at resistance. Alternatively, speculators can place limit orders to buy cryptocurrencies at a lower entry price within the range in a favorable direction once the market reaches the support level. Speculators can range trade when markets are flat.

Bid-ask spread

The bid-ask spread is the difference between the ask price and the bid price. The main purpose is to allow speculators to open a position at the buy or sell price and then quickly close the position a few points lower or higher for a profit. However, in scalping operations, the difference between the buy price and the sell price occurs in two cases:
i.) A wide range of supply and demand:
When it happens, the selling price is higher and the buying price is significantly lower than usual. One likely cause for this scenario is that there are more buyers than sellers. Naturally, prices will skyrocket and cause crypto traders to sell.
i.) A narrow range of supply and demand:
When sellers outnumber (sic) buyers, the asking price is lower and the offer is higher than usual. Speculators will implement the strategy to speed up the buying frequency to balance the selling pressure.


Crypto arbitrage is favorable in cryptocurrency trading due to volatile price fluctuations. This type of trading occurs when a trader profits from the difference in prices of the same asset by buying and selling in different markets. An arbitrage speculator acts almost simultaneously.
Cryptocurrency traders can trade either spatial arbitrage or statistical peer arbitrage when it comes to cryptocurrency arbitrage trading . This means that a spatial arbitrage trader can open a long position and a short position on different exchanges simultaneously and hedge against the fluctuations of various trends. Statistical peer arbitrage, on the other hand, is suitable for a single platform. Traders would take advantage of changes in the trading pair, such as shorting the main cryptocurrency USD/BTC to mitigate risks.

Price action

This method is based on the study of the movement of the asset price. A speculator needs to see and interpret it. Trading the markets with price action is not much different from trading with other price action strategies.

Trade on margin

This is a method of trading with a third party's funds instead of your own to increase your potential profits. This way traders can trade larger amounts and make higher profits as a result. Other traders often invest in margin trading in the cryptocurrency market. Sometimes though, some cryptocurrency exchanges offer margin funds to their clients. This method helps a speculator to obtain higher results, since scalping requires a large capital for success.
Some of these strategies are riskier than others. Try each of them to find the one that works best for you.

Market factors to consider when scalping cryptocurrencies

An experienced cryptocurrency trader rarely monitors the news or pays attention to social media signals. Instead, all the market factors necessary to make a decision are represented on candlestick charts. In addition to candlesticks, there are also various indicators in cryptocurrency trading that individuals rely on to make a comprehensive analysis of a trade's prospects.
Trading indicators represent simplified information on the price chart for a certain period. They are an essential tool for any speculator and some indicators are well known in scalping or immediate resale.
There are dozens of different indicators and their combinations, so here is an example of three market factors to consider:
Moving Average (MA)
The moving average indicator shows the average value of the asset calculated over a specific period. Consequently, a speculator gets an idea of ​​where the price of the asset is moving.
Relative Strength Index
This technical indicator determines the strength of price trends and the possibility of them changing course. Signals are generated by finding divergences and failure swings. The RSI is a great tool to identify the general trend.
Support and resistance levels
The concept is based on extreme price points. Support is the floor where the price stops falling and starts rising, and resistance is the ceiling where the price stops rising and starts falling.

Trading indicators

In addition to the analysis tools described above, a trader can gain insight into the price movements themselves that are displayed on candlestick charts.
If you look at the candlesticks, you can see that some obvious patterns repeat themselves in some parts of the chart. These are regular and repeated combinations of data on prices, quantities or indicators. They can be used to understand trends and predict the next price movements. The most popular patterns are the head-shoulder, flag, triangle, and cup-and-handle patterns. They are the most recognized and often used so that they can facilitate decisions in trading operations.

How do you set up a cryptocurrency scalping strategy?

If you are new to cryptocurrency scalping, don't be afraid and give it a try. You can achieve success if you follow a few simple rules.
  • Choose pair trades for scalping. There are several thousand assets that are traded on the cryptocurrency market. They differ in their prices, trading volumes, popularity, and capitalization. To choose wisely, consider the liquidity and volatility of the asset.
  • Find a suitable trading platform.. The selected platform must support your pair trading. Your reputation is crucial and there is nothing better than in-depth feedback on the interface, trading experience and post-trade feedback. Pay attention to commissions and additional services.
  • Consider using a trading robot. Scalping is based on speed. That is why those who trade with programs are always in first position. Although manual portfolio and information management is possible, it is often time-consuming and the potential for error is high.
  • Beware of trading commissions. You will need to make a large number of trades and many exchanges charge fees for each transaction. Take every opportunity to reduce them.
  • Try several strategies to choose the best one . Don't get obsessed with a single method; bet small amounts to see which strategies work best for you.

The best tools for cryptocurrency scalping

There are plenty of useful tools that are essential for successful trading. They can be free or paid, although the paid ones are more functional and more useful in general. Among the tools you can make better use of are the following.
Cryptocurrency trading robots
Trading robots are the most popular type of software designed for speculators. It is a program that performs automatic operations according to predefined criteria through detailed instructions. This way a trader can trade consistently, even benignly, and increase the chances of success and decrease the chances of mistakes. 3Commas and Haasbot are popular cryptocurrency trading robots that support scalping.
API tools in the crypto world
APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) ensure its interaction with trading platforms and other blockchain-based projects. They provide users with a wide range of features such as portfolio integration, trade support, market price tracking and much more.
Cryptocurrency trading charts
It is impossible to do immediate scalping without analyzing the trading charts. The price and volume charts provide all the necessary information and it is impossible to establish a strategy without them. In addition to trading charts, relying on tools like the stop loss order is great to help you make a logical decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrency scalping

Any trade has its advantages and disadvantages, and scalping is no exception. Take a look at the list of pros and cons before you start scalping.
The trading style of scalping or immediate cryptocurrency resale involves little risk as it involves smaller position sizes in the process. It is easier to achieve success as small price movements occur more often. Furthermore, scalping can be easily automated as it is often based on technical criteria that can be calculated.
This type of trading operations requires the fastest possible reaction; any delay is crucial. In general, scalping can be demanding and aggressive. In particular, cryptocurrency scalping can be exhausting for unprepared minds. The profit per trade is too low, so a larger capital is needed to achieve substantial results. Lastly, the trading costs are higher, since the trading operations are numerous and it is necessary to pay commissions for each transaction.

Is cryptocurrency scalping for everyone?

Of course not. If you are a beginner just getting into the cryptocurrency industry, you might be better off trying something less risky.
Perhaps, we advise you to invest in cryptocurrencies in the medium and long term. However, if you feel confident and ready to embrace the trading is a good start.
>>>Access more profitable trading tips joining the Capitalist Exploits Insider Newsletter
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Bybit Review: Complete Exchange Overview

Bybit Review: Complete Exchange Overview
Bybit Review
The best way to learn more about Bybit is to review its tools, features, historical data, pros and cons, fees, etc. Cryptocurrency spot and derivatives markets are popular with traders. It offers unique options, attractive offers, and beneficial tools for investors. However, this isn't enough to determine if Bybit is worth trying. to consider.
Trading platforms are essential to the success of your business, and picking the right one requires a lot of analysis and comparison. In this ByBit Review, we explore the platform deeper to learn more about the exchange. You can then decide whether Bybit is right for you.

What is Bybit?

Traders can trade perpetual Cryptocurrency contracts onBybit, a Bitcoin-based P2P derivative exchange. Bybit offers perpetual futures products with 100:1 leverage.
As well as spot and derivatives trading, the exchange supports mining and staking. In addition, Bybit provides API support to retail and institutional customers around the world.
Bybit launched its crypto exchange in March 2018 in Singapore. They were originally founded by Ben Zhou under XM, one of the most reputable forex brokers.
Bybit's team includes professionals from investment banks, the Forex industry, Blockchain experts, and other fields. Bybit's vast expertise throughout the crypto world also helps it stay on top.
While Bybit provides services globally, some countries have jurisdiction limitations. USA, Syria, and Quebec, Canada are among them.

Is Bybit Safe to use?

The most sought-after security option on a crypto trading website is accessibility for cold storage. By doing this, the broker can keep clients'' money in secure air-gapped offline locations.
Bybit can store cold items, along with other security features. Multi-signature is yet another security feature that is included by Bybit. This makes it so that the moment a transaction occurs, the exchange will require two keys.
In addition to the standard security features such as 2FA in addition to 2FA, there is an SSL encryption built-in to allow for more encryption of sensitive information.
There is also an insurance fund in place to manage any risks posed through shortfalls in a settlement contract. This allows traders to get liquidation at a level that is below their bankruptcy cost.
This is an insurance policy that is implemented to protect traders if Bybit is not able to take over the trader's assets in the event of the worst-case.

Bybit Review - Leverage

The leverage within Bybit can be freely variable. Additionally, traders can alter the leverage value after opening a trade.
Bybit also got an auto-deleveraging liquidation method.
Investors exhaust their initial margin before the marked price reaches the liquidation price, leaving them with their remaining margin. ADL will automatically deleverage a position of an opposing trader if it isn't liquidated.
Bybit's perpetual contracts are one USD in value and much smaller than other exchanges'. This exchange offers future contracts on Ripple and EOS with a maximum leverage of 25x.
Bybit is the only exchange in the world that offers contract options for futures.
Exchanges can offer different leverage rates based on the number of positions entered. With large transactions, it safeguards the exchange.
There are additional tools to assist traders in liquidation problems.
Dual price mechanism - In place to guard against manipulating the market on the exchange
Automated margin replenishment - To make sure that your website will have adequate levels of margin
Stop loss - To ensure that the level does not reach the liquidation level

Bybit Reviews -Trading platforms

Bybit's trading platform is quite advanced compared to other trading platforms. A robust dashboard provides a lot of information that can be very beneficial.
On the main interface, you can access charts, market depths, order books/forms, and contact information for your assets. In addition, this interface is modular and allows for a wide range of customization.
Third-party charts add value to the trading platform. Bybit proudly announces that its order matching system can process up to 100,000 transactions per second for each contract.
Another ADL ranking indicator indicates whether you might be in a position to deleverage.

Bybit Review - Mobile App

Crypto exchanges today need a reliable app. Consequently, Bybit also provides its clients with a robust mobile app with similar capabilities.
Features include advanced charting, order management, and advanced ordering forms. Most of these functions are not accessible via mobile apps.
In addition, traders can send push notifications of a variety of price levels using the Bybit app.
Apps are available on Google Play and iTunes. Customer reviews are above average for both stores.
Bybit Review - Perpetual contract
Bybit offers two perpetual contracts based on margin. Before trading with Bybit, you must understand what they are.
They are
USDT agreements are the heart of it, these are contracts with USD as a base currency and Tether as the main asset. They are not as risky and are issued on 1BTC.
Perpetual Agreements
The crypto is used as the base currency for margin, making them riskier than USDT contracts. Based on 1 USD. They allow contract transactions at as low as 1 USD.
Bybit offers two options for managing margin when trading BTC USDT. Margin can be isolated or gross. If you use isolated margins, any margin used is only applicable to that trade instance. To avoid liquidation, cross margin combines available balances.

Bybit Review - Fees

Maker-taker fees are the basis of Bybit's fees. Liquidity withdrawals will be charged by the platform.
Additionally, Bybit can offer a rebate to traders if the broker provides liquidity to the exchange. It's like an overnight rate, but the fees are exchanged directly between traders.
Market conditions and interest rates determine the funding rate. Depending on the day. When trading cryptocurrencies in real time, investors are required to pay a $5 fee.

Bybit Review

Bybit Review - Demo Account

Bybit offers a demo account. Try Bybit Testnet. Demo accounts help traders learn how to use the trading platform.
Visit to log into the Testnet testnet. Use coins purchased from the Testnet faucet to fund the test account.
With these funds, you can earn 0.01BTC every hour in Bitcoin. Testnet faucet access requires you to pass through a series of hurdles.

Bybit Review - Deposits/Withdrawals

There are no withdrawal or deposit fees on the exchange. You cannot fund your account with fiat currency on Bybit.
To transfer crypto funds to the Bybit account, you must create an address for your wallet and then initiate an account transaction. In the asset section, select deposit.
Bybit requires your wallet address and 2FA confirmation for withdrawals. Miners get a fee. Withdrawals are processed in three time slots: 0800, 1600, and 2400 (all UTC). Limits on withdrawals:
Bitcoin: 0.002BTC / 10BTC
Ethereum: 0.02ETH / 200ETH
Ripple: 20XRP / 100,000XRP
Eos: 0.2EOS / 10,000EOS
Alongside withdrawals or deposits, investors also have the option of exchanging assets. Four different cryptocurrencies are allowed for exchange.

Bybit Review - Customer support

There's nothing extraordinary regarding the customer support Bybit provides. Bybit provides 24/7 live chat customer service in several languages.
In addition, you can contact the support team via email ([email protected]/[email protected]). But, they do not provide directly-line or mobile-based communication methods. There's a helpful Telegram community that traders can use to find answers.

Bybit Review - API

Bybit offers a robust API for traders to use to program bots and algorithms. For this feature to be used first, you must go to the API management section. There, you can generate your API key. The trader will then have the option of deciding which permissions to grant (read and write, as well as withdraw).
To keep anyone from making trades on your account in case the API key has been compromised, you could connect an API to your IP. This API key is essential to take the highest precautions to keep safe.

Bybit Review - Reward's Hub

The exchange gives its customers several opportunities to earn some extra cash for their work. Below are some of the opportunities offered to their clients.
  • If your first deposit on the platform exceeds 0.05BTC and you are a member of the platform, you will be eligible for an additional bonus of $5.
  • If your first deposit on the platform is over 0.5BTC, you will get an additional $50 bonus.
  • If you deposit over 1 BTC then you'll get an additional $20 bonus.
  • Register and join their channels for social media to earn 5 dollars.
  • Use the Take Profit and Stop Loss options to get $5.
  • Trading for longer than 10 consecutive days to make $5.
  • The completion of a survey by a client can make you $5.
A thing to keep in mind is that earned bonuses cannot be withdrawn and should only be used to fund margins.

Bybit Review - Referral / Affiliate Program

Promoting traders to Bybit is a great opportunity to earn extra cash that you can utilize. For every referred trader, Bybit will deposit 0.2BTC in exchange for the amount of $10 as a trading bonus.
There are two methods to introduce an aspiring trader to the exchange: either by referral code or the referral link. When you refer a trader, you'll get a 30 percent commission and 10% of the affiliate commissions.

Bybit Review - Trading Competitions

Bybit exchange's unique feature is the competition it holds to encourage traders to trade more. Prizes are offered in these trading competitions. Recently, they held one worth over $6200.
In order to increase the market's volume of trade, Bybit organizes contests. Bybit takes fees from traders through this increased volume of trading.


Bybit is a crypto trading platform with unique features available to its traders. Bybit offers no exchange fees, excellent customer service, unique perpetual contracts, and attractive reward programs.
While Bybit has some positive aspects, there are a few areas for improvement. The number of supported crypto assets can be increased from 4 to more.
Additionally, traders could use the demo account more easily if funding was easier. Bybit's customer base can be increased by adding options. Bybit.
Should you consider Bybit as your cryptocurrency exchange? The choice is up to you. Overall, Bybit provides a reliable and safe trading platform. Ensure you do your homework and use the information on this page to support your research.


  • What is Bybit?
Bybit is a unique cryptocurrency trading platform with some great features. This P2P cryptocurrency derivative exchange provides leverage up to 100:1.

  • Is Bybit safe?
Bybit provides good security features to ensure security for its customers. The positive customer feedback proves Bybit's security features. Bybit is a safe exchange.

  • What number of assets can I trade on Bybit?
As of now, you are able only to trade four cryptocurrency assets. Bybit is working to improve this number to be higher.

Bybit Review
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Forex Trendy Review - Forex Trendy Robot Review - Forex Trendy Review 2022 - Forex Trendy Review Reddit - Forex Trendy Software Review

Forex Trendy Review - Forex Trendy Robot Review - Forex Trendy Review 2022 - Forex Trendy Review Reddit - Forex Trendy Software Review
One of the most popular ways of making money through Forex Trading is exploiting the existing strong trends. Forex is a heavily traded market globally; people, businesses, and even countries participate. Contrary to what people think, one can get into Forex Trading without much capital.
In our day-to-day life, we participate in Forex trading without knowing; for example, when you go on an international trip and then convert your local currency pairs, you are already participating in the global foreign exchange market.
Forex Trendy Review

Here is an in-depth Forex Trendy review, where we seek to guide and help you understand everything about Forex Trading. Does Forex Trendy provide investors with a real opportunity to make money with the trend, or is it just a scam? We also seek to evaluate the pros and cons of Forex Trendy. In this review, we provide all the patterns, automated-chart to confirm your trades.
What is Forex Trendy Software?
Forex trendy is a great software program that seeks to provide forex traders with a chance to access profits in the competitive Forex market quickly. The computer download offers traders the best market days to buy or sell that way, helping them maximize their market presence. Forex Trendy guarantees traders big profits in the industry as it provides them with the best Forex Trendy Pairs to use in the market.
If you have been in the Forex Trendy for a long, you should have realized how unsteady patterns. So, getting information on how the trending will be like at the end of the day or the next day is not easy. With Forex Trendy, you can see how foreign currency pairs are changing, which gives you an idea of the best time frames to trade.
In simple terms, Forex Trendy seeks to reduce unnecessary losses and increase your odds of scoring big with the Forex market. It helps users recognize Triangels, Trend Lines on 34 currency pairs and all time frames using a specific trend. It also includes a chart pattern recognition system that does not place trades on behalf of buyers. Further info and a discount can be found here on the official website!
About Forex Trendy System
Despite the many questions surrounding it, Forex Trendy download is 100% automated, and its primary function is to analyze the Forex market by evaluating the recent trends. That way, traders will have a chance to assess the best time to initiate trade. Forex Trendy cannot be said to a trading robot, and it indicates trends, scans the market and guides users on the Forex Trading system.
Everything about the Forex Indicator software is based on scientific algorithms, making it one of the most reliable Forex charts scanner tool in the market. The software seeks to help newbies as well as experienced traders to generate maximum profits in Forex marketing.
  • Product name - Forex Trendy
  • Category - Forex Trading Indicator
  • Language - English
While the information about this product developer has remained opaque; the company is a great trading platform. This great software was developed years ago but has been fine-tuned to achieve its commercialization point. Most customers have witnessed some of the highest success rates from using this system. If you carefully use the indicators provided, you will get real insights into the best time to trade. The review seeks to help readers get chart patterns that are easy to follow.
--- Get the Best Price Right Here ---
Features of Forex Trendy Currency Pairs Indicator
When you purchase the Forex Trendy software, you should expect numerous features. It can scan thirty-four currency pairs within a stipulated time frame of between 60 seconds to thirty days. Forex Trendy uses a scientific algorithm to evaluate and analyze various market trends. The software has been tested and implemented with charts auto-analysis for identifying significant pattern recognition in the Forex Trade. Forex trendy system is 100% automatic; however, the trading indicator cannot be said to work like a robot, and it does not place trades on behalf of the real buyers and sellers. The tool purely aims to provide trending content from different sources.
  • Track Money Trends - Forex Trendy provides an overview of guides and behaviours concerning all the major currency pairs in the Forex market. Users can use this software to regularly track market trends and trading patterns via pop-up notification, push messages, and email alerts. Forex Trendy tells it all; most users of this product have applauded how it has helped them make money with a given trend.
  • Interface - One of the most crucial things about the software is the dashboard's appearance; Forex Trendy has a friendly interface that allows you to navigate without a struggle. Compared to other trading platforms, Forex Trendy is incredibly organized.
  • Automated recognition features - One of the most notable features of Forex Trendy is the auto-recognition trend lines, flags wedges, triangles flags on 34 currency pairs. If you are an expert in the forex market, you will find it easy to interpret every chat.
  • Resources - Consumers using this program as their trading partner have a mammoth of resources at their disposal to make use of, ranging from banners, e-Covers, and shapes collected and pasted on your website.
  • Money-Back Guarantee - Forex Trendy comes with a money-back guarantee offer and is genuinely easy to use. It is helpful for both experts and beginners to thrive in the Forex Trading market. Considering all the pros and cons of this product, we can authoritatively say the software has a user-friendly interface that can read the market trends with ease.
--- Visit the official website here! ---
How Forex Trendy Works
The Forex Trendy incorporates many scientifically sophisticated scientific algorithms that seek to provide traders with a hint on the existing trading pattern recognition. Traders will then evaluate to determine the right time of day that is great for trading. Forex Trendy scans up to 34 currencies from across the world, and it is thought to be 90% accurate.
The Forex scanner provides a prediction for a period of up to 60 seconds to 30 days. Traders can also utilize all the available opportunities to gain massive profits in the forex market. The scanning tool will figure out all the available possibilities in the specified time frames as per what is listed on the chart using a scientific algorithm. Forex Trendy is easy to use, and it will provide the safest profits and trading safely.
As mentioned earlier, Forex trendy works in stipulated time frames; you will be able to scan and figure out all the possible break out patterns as listed on every chat using a scientific algorithm. Forex Trendy's science provides a user-friendly forex trading suggestion that is likely to bring the highest revenue.
How to Use Forex Trendy Tool in Forex Trading
Even though Forex trendy is thought to be one of the safest trading software, users should proceed with utmost caution. Before using the statistics given by this software, you must understand all the charts and graphs that Trendy indicator provides us. Proper timing is one of the most important things to put into considerations when using Forex trendy. As a practical suggestion, Forex Trendy review, Forex trading newbies should learn from experienced traders.
Newbies can also make use of the Forex trend to minimize the number of mistakes. Many people move out of the forex market even before understanding how the market trends work. Forex market scanner gives you a chance to reduce the possibility of monetary loss in this money market. As you get into this trending market, your first goal is to hang on to the market-trendy and help you to learn the tricks faster.
Forex Trendy would scan the Forex market statistics provided at a specific time and helps you figure out the break out of the chart pattern, and helps you deliver suggestions that give the safest investment. First, you have to complete the monthly subscription of your choice to access custom settings, the available trends, the time you need to scan, and the algorithm generated from the graphs. Once the required results are out, you will receive email alerts to make an optimal decision using a given trend. Click here to discover the current discount!
How to Earn Money Using Forex Trendy
In this review, there are two ways to earn money using Forex Trendy, and you can sign up as a member or promote the money market company as an affiliate. If you sign up as a member, you would have access to the membership area, where you have a chance to enjoy the live charts of your selected currency pairs and time frames. Even as we review the Forex Trendy, one of its best benefits is that you can make optimal decisions in the most uncertain times at a considerably low price.
Unlike other robot software that thrives only during good times, Forex Trendy works even when things turn sour in the Forex market. With a subscription fee amounting to $12.3 monthly, the membership package comes in several ways like live charts, emerging patterns, scans, and audible alerts for complete designs.
If you feel you are not comfortable with Forex trading, you can earn money by becoming an affiliate. It would help if you marketed this trading software using a Clickbank account to submit your account number using your Clickbank ID. Monthly payments through the affiliate program are quite hefty in that you would need to pay the first sale of $37 and get 75% of the same amount as long as the customer used your link to sign up.
Forecast and live chatting - Forex Trendy is highly dependent on given time frames; you cannot use yesterday's chart to make today's predictions and win trades using a given trend. All the charts generated by this software are frequently updated with a quick overview of the latest information.
Forex Trendy Membership
Forex Trendy download allows users to access the member areas area and enjoy the best investments and enjoy the best currency movers. Besides this, the chart analysis gives a chance to provide an automated identification of popular patterns, for instance, Trend lines, Triangles Flags, and Flags Wedges. Here is a list of the available Forex Trendy tool membership features:
  1. Daily basis analysis: scans 34 Forex pairs
  2. Lives signals through email and other audible alerts
  3. A visualized interface from trade marketing
  4. Automatic detection trend lines, triangles flags, and flags wedges
  5. A 30 pages free eBook that has all the information regarding the automated chart analysis
As indicated in most reviews, the system provides a real indicator to utilize different charts to see the best time to trade at the lowest price possible. You can get all the alerts concerning the system and all other trades inquiries, including current patterns and charts from this system.
Who is Forex Trendy Fit for?
Although Forex Trendy can be suitable for everyone, the trading software works best for people with adequate stock trade knowledge. This is not to say Forex Trendy cannot work for beginners; if you are new but have someone to guide you, and then you can go ahead using the software. Based on the reviews on the manufacturer's website, we can comfortably say this trading software is a real deal to get live feed to Forex Signals and monitor market trade patterns.
In this review, it is evident that Forex Trendy software gives traders a chance to avoid trading during volatile times. With this software, you are assured of market trends that promise to gain profits from most foreign market transactions. The tool provides an algorithm that looks at the breakout patterns in all chats and gives users the most important information about the industry. Anyone who wants to gain big in the forex trade market should consider this Forex trading partner.
--- Buy this product now with a special discount! ---
Forex Trendy Customer Care Service
No Forex trading service can be good enough without a good excellent customer care service support. Forex Trendy has a reliable email customer care service that promises customers a fast response. Send an email to the Forex Trendy customer care and get all your concerns solved.
Some customers have complained about Forex Trendy not having a phone number or live chat feature to help traders with urgent concerns. The good news is that the Forex Trendy support team is available 24/7, and they are quick and swift to respond to customers' concerns. Unless your issue is technical and requires time to solve, Forex Trendy customer care takes an average of six hours to respond.
Some customers have claimed to have received appropriate feedback within three hours after raising an issue with Forex Trendy customer care on the product's official website. Well, three hours is quite impressive compared to competitors that take up to two days to respond to customer concerns. Forex trading is time-bound, and any time wasted can be a big loss for the traders.
Is Forex Trendy A Scam?
Many stories have been told about Forex Trendy software; one thing you should know is that Forex Trendy is legit. Furthermore, users of these products have given it a clean bill of health. It provides answers to when traders on when they should trade big and when they avoid trading.
Forex Trendy software uses a sophisticated proprietary algorithm to identify the trends that are promising to traders. Get one for yourself and improve your profit margins. Visit the official website here to find a discounted price!
Pros of Forex Trendy
Like every other software, Forex trendy has pros and cons, and one thing for sure is that Forex Trendy is worth the investment. Anyone looking to earn money through the Forex trade should consider purchasing this software. Below are some reasons you should incorporate Forex Trendy software into your trading trend.
  • The Forex Trendy download works in most popular Forex trade platforms.
  • Forex Trendy trade chats provided by this platform appear great and easy to follow.
  • Forex Trendy provides a great trading opportunity for people looking to gain big in the forex trade.
  • The system comes 100% 60 days refund guarantee attached to this product.
  • The software is capable of monitoring 34 currency pairs within 9-time frames.
  • It helps both new and experienced traders to increase their investments without necessarily monitoring the market situation.
  • Comes at a considerably low price
Price and Refund Policy
As mentioned earlier, accessing Forex Trendy software interface comes at a cost. For anyone to access the service, they must place a minimum deposit of $250 and a service fee of $37, which runs for three months where you would need to create a new subscription fee. Upon making all the required payments, traders will have a chance to choose their most preferred trading models. Proceeds will accumulate over given time frames, and a trader will withdraw once the individual target arrives at a specified time.
Besides the software's immense benefits, there is a money-back guarantee that the software gives customers. Customers have 100% 60 days to return the product to the manufacturer if, by chance, they are not impressed. If the software does not work well for you, never hesitate to cancel the subscription.
Forex Trendy Reviews - Final Thoughts
You cannot dispute that the Forex Trendy software is packed with excellent features that make it easy for users to learn about Forex trading and earn money using a given trend. Even with the high success score rate, Forex Trendy does not promise overnight success; on the contrary, it is much of a signal provider where you can interact with other market traders.
Forex Trendy software depends on charts, graphs, and other proven patterns to formulate ideas on the market situation. The software is incredibly affordable, so you don't have to fear losing much of your investment. Furthermore, you have a chance to cancel your subscription fee through the money-back guarantee if you are not impressed with its service. Considering all the cons, the best way to read the current patterns and get all the trade insights you may need is by ordering this system.
--- Visit the official website here! ---

Forex Trendy Review - Forex Trendy Robot Review - Forex Trendy Review 2022 - Forex Trendy Review Reddit - Forex Trendy Software Revie
Forex Trendy Review
Forex Trendy Robot Review
Forex Trendy Review 2022
Forex Trendy Review Reddit
Forex Trendy Software Review
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Viaggio in Italia, prima puntata | Tutte le startup del Piemonte e della Valle d’Aosta [lista in aggiornamento]

Viaggio in Italia, prima puntata | Tutte le startup del Piemonte e della Valle d’Aosta [lista in aggiornamento]

Prima tappa del tour alla scoperta di startup, spinoff, incubatori e centri di innovazione piemontesi e valdostani. La scommessa è su smart mobility e smart city, aerospazio, AI, connettività avanzata, data science e sostenibilità. Cassarino: “L’ecosistema guarda all’Europa, ma il taglio medio degli investimenti non fa il salto mondiale

Iniziamo questo Viaggio in Italia tra le startup italiane partendo dal Piemonte, regione che pullula di incubatori, spinoff, startup, startup innovative, Pmi e progetti a carattere di innovazione sociale. Nella classifica delle città italiane con più startup prima è Milano con 2600, seconda Roma, terza Napoli e quarta Torino. E nella classifica delle regioni, il Piemonte è sesto. Torino vanta, però, un costante e crescente numero di incubatori, hub e programmi di accelerazione di nuove imprese. Tra gli attori principali si annoverano i due gruppi bancari e le rispettive fondazioni Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center, Compagnia di San Paolo, Cassa di Risparmio di Torino e Fondazione CRT (il progetto iconico è l‘hub di innovazione delle OGR), gli atenei (Politecnico e Università) con i loro incubatori (I3P e 2i3T), i centri di ricerca applicata (Links, ISMB), il Comune di Torino e i suoi partner con il progetto CTE Next (Casa delle Tecnologie Emergenti) e Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.

Sono 543 le imprese con sede nel torinese, dato in crescita del 18,3% rispetto all’anno precedente, e in linea con l’incremento nazionale. Gran parte degli investimenti proviene da fondi privati –venture capital e business angel – ed è destinata ad aziende hi-tech. Il deeptech, la robotica, l’aerospazio, il medtech e il biotech, assieme all’Industrial tech, rappresentano i settori in cui opera la maggior parte delle nuove aziende torinesi, classificando il capoluogo piemontese al secondo posto in Italia per investimenti di venture capital e primo per investimenti nell’hi-tech.

Un ecosistema che guarda all’Europa

“Se è vero che ci vuole un villaggio per crescere un bambino, è altrettanto vero che ci vuole un ecosistema per far crescere una startup. Nell’ultimo report Startup Genome (GSER 2022), Torino è posizionata come ecosistema emergente in ambito europeo, ma non è ancora posizionata su scala mondiale – spiega Irene Cassarino – La prima specificità dell’ecosistema è la crescita: costante, solida, integrata, fattiva e ben assicurata tanto alla legacy industriale del territorio quanto agli obiettivi strategici di capacity building su nuove tecnologie. I verticali tecnologici e applicativi sono: smart mobility, smart city, aerospace, intelligenza artificiale, connettività avanzata, data science & analytics, sostenibilità sociale. Tutti assieme, parlano, dialogano: è proprio questo che intendo come solidità strategica”.
Se è vero che ci vuole un villaggio per crescere un bambino, è altrettanto vero che ci vuole un ecosistema per far crescere una startup. Nell’ultimo report Startup Genome (GSER 2022), Torino è posizionata come ecosistema emergente in ambito europeo, ma non è ancora posizionata su scala mondiale, afferma Irene Cassarino, CEO e founder di The Doers, Corporate Innovation Ecosystems. Per Cassarino la prima specificità dell’ecosistema è la crescita: costante, solida, integrata, fattiva e ben assicurata tanto alla legacy industriale del territorio quanto agli obiettivi strategici di capacity building su nuove tecnologie.
I verticali tecnologici e applicativi sono smart mobility e smart city, aerospazio, AI, connettività avanzata, data science & analytics, sostenibilità sociale. “Tutti assieme parlano, dialogano, si confrontano: è proprio questo che intendo come solidità strategica. Non tutti sanno che la città di Torino e il suo ecosistema allargato di attori si posiziona proprio come early adopter di molte delle applicazioni di frontiera sviluppate dalle startup accelerate, dai suoi centri di ricerca applicata, dalle sue aziende tecnologiche: un’importantissima marcia in più rispetto ad altri ecosistemi. L’innovazione a Torino è proprio fattiva, sperimentale, solida e questo dà all’ecosistema grande affidabilità nel medio-lungo periodo. La fiducia porta investimenti e talenti da tutta Europa e da tutto il mondo. Allo stesso tempo Torino sta emergendo tra i principali ecosistemi europei per accesso a risorse finanziarie (funding) e accesso a competenze di eccellenza (talenti)”, precisa Cassarino.
I 12 acceleratori internazionali che operano nella città (dato del 2022) si appoggiano specificatamente a queste eccellenze e specificità. “Come ogni ecosistema emergente, è più efficace nel sostegno delle startup early stage che quelle più mature, ed è questa la ragione per cui il taglio medio degli investimenti non è comparabile con la media mondiale, i grandi capitali di rischio (VC) non hanno sufficiente spazio per esprimere il loro ruolo di supporto, le exit non sono ancora in quantità e valore eccellenti, e la capacità di trattenere le startup internazionali sul territorio è ancora debole. Queste sono le sfide fisiologiche, le normali aree di miglioramento di un ecosistema emergente.
Non c’è nulla di sbagliato o anomalo in tutto questo: è solo l’inizio. La scienza degli ecosistemi startup ci insegna che in un mondo in cui i titoli dei giornali danno spazio solo agli exploit puntuali, la crescita vera avviene in un solo modo: con pazienza, e coerenza. Last but non least: integrazione. L’ecosistema startup-innovazione è davvero integrato. Ha imparato ad esserlo col tempo. Investitori, istituzioni, startup, università, centri di ricerca, corporate e Pmi. Tutti lavorano e vincono assieme per affrontare le sfide della crescita e diventare un punto di riferimento a livello internazionale: parlando di Argotec, l’esempio di dell’ESA BIC Turin è emblematico. La candidatura di Torino ha proprio valorizzato tutti i punti di forza dell’ecosistema, e ha vinto”, conclude Cassarino.

Viaggio in Italia | Le startup del Piemonte. Naviga la lista [in aggiornamento]

Sulla base del registro delle Imprese della Camera di Commercio e sulle segnalazioni che abbiamo ricevuto in questi ultimi mesi abbiamo stilato la lista delle startup innovative più influenti nell’ecosistema piemontese. Come nella filosofia della nostra redazione, è un articolo aperto e aspettiamo le vostre segnalazioni: scriveteci nella nostra mail [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
  • AGRICOOLTOUR di Carignano (TO), integra le competenze agronomiche con quelle dell’elettronica e dell’automazione industriale. Il core business dell’azienda è lo sviluppo di sistemi di coltivazione aeroponici e la parallela sperimentazione di nuove colture, substrati di coltivazione e fertilizzanti naturali;
  • AICOMIND, di Torino, si occupa dell’ideazione, dell’implementazione e della distribuzione di un software a supporto della formazione di sistemi di reti neurali;
  • AIMOTIX, di Mappano (TO), sviluppa, produce e commercializza innovative soluzioni per la realizzazione di macchinari ed isole per la misura ed il collaudo in linea di produzione di prodotti industriale. Servizio di progettazione e vendita online;
  • ALBA ROBOT, di Torino, nasce come spin-off di Moschini Spa per realizzare sistemi di mobilità evoluta che possano migliorare la vita di persone con ridotta mobilità.
  • ALKAHEST S.R.L., di Torino, promuove il recupero dei rifiuti con particolare attenzione a quelli minerali derivanti dall’attivita’ di costruzione e demolizione, utilizzando in modo sinergico saperi, intelligenze, tecnologie innovative e brevetti, al fine di soddisfare le esigenze di efficienza degli operatori;
  • ANIMALSIDE, di Beinette (Cuneo), si occupa di progettazione, ricerca e sviluppo di prodotti e servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico nell’ambito dell’attività veterinarie e del benessere degli animali;
  • APR AEROSPACE, di Torino, ha realizzato un progetto di apr delivery ad altissime prestazioni a lungo raggio in grado di trasportare un carico pagante fino a 10 kg;
  • ARGOTEC, azienda con sede a Torino che lavora su microsatelliti nella progettazione, sviluppo, assemblaggio e test di prodotti che uniscono affidabilità e prestazioni al top nel settore spaziale. Lavora con NASA, ESA e ASI.
  • ASPECHOME, di Alba, ha sviluppato un sistema energetico intelligente per la casa al fine di far risparmiare, utilizzando in tempo reale la maggior quantità possibile dell’energia prodotta dall’impianto fotovoltaico, soprattutto mediante connessione wi-fi, in funzione dell’energia a disposizione;
  • AWORLD, di Torino, e’ una startup innovativa e società benefit che opera nella progettazione ed implementazione di tecnologie software per la formazione, la misura di impatto, la gamification e il social networking in ambito sostenibilità;
  • BEF BIOSYSTEMS, di Torino, alleva insetti per produrre mangimi, ammendanti per l’agricoltura e componenti per i settori chimico, cosmetico e farmaceutico. La bioconversione dei residui organici con l’impiego di larve riduce lo spreco alimentare, la produzione di rifiuti e i costi delle imprese che devono smaltirli;
  • B4D, con Letsell, permette di configurare in pochi minuti un e-commerce completo di migliaia di prodotti firmati a prezzi scontati iniziando subito a guadagnare dalle vendite;
  • CLIK APP, di Torino, sviluppa, produce e la commercializza prodotti o servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico, ed in particolare si occupa della manutenzione e della commercializzazione di servizi informatici complessi, reti informatiche, sistemi di sicurezza e crittografici, sistemi operativi e programmi applicativi;
  • DIESSE INTERNATIONAL, di Torino, ha progettato una applicazione innovativa per il settore dell’autotrasporto basata su tecnologia di manutenzione predittiva “multi-controllo” che permette di effettuare più controlli in tempo reale per avere una più veritiera valutazione possibile del funzionamento (e potenziale malfunzionamento) del mezzo stradale;
  • DOKIDOC, di Torino, utilizza una tecnologia che permette la creazione di un contratto/documento personalizzato, pronto all’uso e con valore legale, sulla base della semplice compilazione di un form guidato;
  • DOODLE APPS, di Torino, ha creato un framework replicabile con il quale sviluppa apps social di nicchia con l’obbiettivo di connettere clienti ed aziende che ruotano intorno ad interessi specifici. Offre ai primi un social dedicato e ai secondi una Customer Data Platform con cui semplificare il processo di profilazione e vendita online;
  • DROPTO, di Torino, con CatchApp vuole essere il punto di riferimento per tutti i giovani che vogliono divertirsi e stringere nuove amicizie di fronte ad un drink nei migliori locali in città;
  • E4BI – di Asti, sviluppa e propone prodotti tecnologici hardware e software finalizzati alla realizzazione di un sistema di gestione energetico per il monitoraggio continuo dell’ energia consumata in edifici civili, industriali e commerciali così da permettere, conseguentemente, di definire strategie rivolte al risparmio energetico dei clienti finali
  • ECOPLASTEAM, di Alessandria, si occupa della produzione dell’EcoAllene, un nuovo materiale plastico-ecologico derivante dal riciclo di rifiuti di materiali poliaccoppiati; formati da un film plastico e un film metallico
  • ELECTROPHYSIOLOGY FRONTIERS, di Torino, sviluppa, produce e commercializza prodotti tecnologici innovativi dedicati al trattamento delle patologie cardiache, nell’ambito della cardiologia, elettrofisiologia, aritmologia ed emodinamica;
  • ENOTRAVEL, di Tortona, sviluppa e gestisce soluzioni innovative per la micromobilità elettrica in sharing in abbinamento alla vendita di esperienze cittadine e/o pacchetti turistici;
  • ERMES: è una startup torinese che si occupa di sicurezza informatica. Fondata nel 2018 da Hassan Metwalley all’interno dell’incubatore del Politecnico di Torino (I3P), ha chiuso un round di finanziamento da 1 milione di euro. L’aumento di capitale servirà a sostenere l’internazionalizzazione dell’azienda e supportare l’attivazione di accordi di distribuzione sui diversi mercati;
  • EVOLVO, di Torino, produce e commercializza sistemi innovativi ed esclusivi per la ricarica dei veicoli elettrici a 2 ruote, ad alto valore tecnologico, e piu’ specificatamente in grado di connettere in modo intelligente la colonnina di ricarica al veicolo elettrico e di garantirne la tracciabilita’, la sicurezza e la connettivita’;
  • EXSENCE, di Torino, ha per oggetto lo sviluppo, la produzione e la commercializzazione di prodotti e servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico relativi all’ambito dell’interazione uomo-macchina applicata al settore dei Serious Games e dei giochi esperienziali a sfondo evolutivo, mediante la progettazione di modelli e sistemi interattivi evoluti per la veicolazione di contenuti che supportino e facilitino l’acquisizione di life-skills;
  • FABBRICATORINO è uno storico brand torinese rilevato nel 2017 da Alessandro Monticone che realizza occhiali green made in Italy con un modello omnichannel. Ha chiuso in sole 8 ore la sua prima campagna di equity crowdfunding su Mamacrowd, raccogliendo adesioni per 700 mila euro e raggiungendo l’obiettivo massimo della campagna;
  • FADA RECYCLING, di Alba, opera nell’ambito dell’edge computing applicato alla gestione dei rifiuti urbani;
  • GREEN ARMS S.R.L. di Nichelino, individua, sviluppa e gestisce impianti di produzione di energia elettrica proveniente da fonti rinnovabili;
  • HOMEERO BUILDING , di Torino, gestisce la manutenzione per i condomini, il retail, franchising, uffici, alberghi e centri commerciali;
  • HUMAN INTERPRETATION, di Torino, sviluppa software, machine learning, user experience, modelli di business, proprietà intellettuale, storytelling, marketing;
  • HOMES4ALL, di Torino, è una rete di investitori immobiliari a impatto sociale, sviluppo, promozione servizi innovativi nel campo del social impact e dell’emergenza abitativa;
  • IMAGO VFX , di Torino, sviluppa e produce servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico per la post-produzione cinematografica/audiovisiva e la realizzazione di effetti visivi, conformi ai più evoluti formati e standard internazionali del settore; risulta particolarmente innovativa nei propri processi produttivi grazie all’utilizzo di un’apposita piattaforma web-based di alto valore tecnologico;
  • IMMODRONE, specializzata nella realizzazione di foto e video dall’alto per il settore immobiliare tramite l’utilizzo di droni avanzati con telecamere 4k-UltraHD;
  • IRIS, di Torino, progetta e realizza macchinari per il collaudo elettrico e funzionale di schede ed apparecchiature elettriche ed elettroniche;
  • J-RYN, di Venaria Reale, monitora in real-time delle merci trasportate all’interno del volume di carico, durante l’intera tratta del trasporto, mediante antenne e tag attivi RTLS, consentendo così una rilevazione centimetrica e tridimensionale della merce all’interno del vano di carico;
  • LIFE BREATH S.R.L., di Torino, produce energia elettrica e termica con l’impiego di una vasta gamma di materiali da scarti di produzione;
  • LIKUID, di Torino, grazie ai propri algoritmi (intelligenza artificiale, machine learning, deep learning e semantic text- to-speech) ha sviluppato una piattaforma con l’ obiettivo di diventare un punto di riferimento a livello nazionale. Il sistema non produce nessuna emissione nociva in ambiente e il fine è quello di migliorare la qualità della vita e tutelare e salvaguardare l’ambiente in cui viviamo;
  • MAIS, di Torino, nasce dal volere di alcuni imprenditori italiani con l’idea di studiare, sviluppare e commercializzare prodotti concepiti per il benessere e la sicurezza delle persone, utilizzando algoritmi di intelligenza artificiale;
  • MINDFULSAFETY, di Torino, propone corsi di formazione manageriale utilizzando un metodo di formazione misurabile, originale e innovativo che unisce pratiche di consapevolezza mindfulness based con sistemi di misurazione di alcuni parametri fisiologici, indicatori di stress e performance, attraverso sensori biofeedback e applicativi software permettendo di visualizzare in real time i risultati;
  • MYNE CRYPTO, di Alba, ha l’obiettivo di dare un forte contributo nel settore della blockchain, sempre più in espansione. L’attività ”core” iniziale è quella nell’hosting di ASIC miners, hardware dedicati al processo di estrazione di cryptovalute, in una mining farm collocata in Norvegia alimentata da energia 100% rinnovabile;
  • MIXTRAL SRL , di Cuneo, propone macchine innovative dedicate alle produzione alimentare. In particolare, macchine impastatrici specifiche per la lavorazione di ingredienti innovativi e/o dedicati a diete speciali;
  • NETTOWORK, di Rivoli, ha messo a punto una piattaforma custom 100% web based volta all’ ottimizzazione del processo di selezione del personale nelle aziende;
  • NEWIT, di Torino, è impegnata nello sviluppo di un software di investimento capace di creare un portfolio di società ad alto potenziale attraverso l’utilizzo delle nuove tecnologie, come, per esempio machine learning, intelligenza artificiale o big data analisi, la società intende creare un algoritmo per gestire in autonomia nuovi investimenti e selezionare nuove aziende di prospettiva;
  • OPERAZIONE MONVISO, nata all’interno di lab3841, a Cuneo, monitora il cambiamento climatico sul massiccio del Monviso utilizzando i sensori IoT;
  • PROTEZIONE USRL, di Cuneo, si occupa dello sviluppo, produzione, diffusione di servizi innovativi e ad alto valore tecnologico mediante creazione di software dedicati all’automazione delle decisioni di investimento in titoli mobiliari, programmi di educazione finanziaria, campagne di informazione e la diffusione di informazioni sulle caratteristiche dei prodotti finanziari, il grado di conoscenza in campo finanziario e la capacità di pianificazione finanziaria dei risparmiatori;
  • REDABISSI, di Torino, ha sviluppato una piattaforma digitale – RedHab – con funzionalità che consentono di organizzare, coordinare, programmare e monitorare la comunicazione e naturalmente pubblicarla su tutte le pagine in contemporanea sui principali social media (Facebook , Instagram , Linkedin ecc. ) da un unico ambiente , con il linguaggio proprio di ciascun Social ma con un’unica modalità operativa;
  • SANVITTORE, di Penango (Asti), si occupa ricerca e sviluppo di nuovi prodotti ad alto contenuto tecnologico al servizio del settore agroalimentare e del mondo contadino;
  • SIMBIOTECH, di Torino, è una start up innovativa che segue il pensiero e le linee filosofiche dell’agricoltura simbiotica;
  • SPORT GRAND TOUR, di Torino, con Orangogo, il motore di ricerca degli sport, nasce per permettere alle persone di trovare la società sportiva o lo sport più adatto tra tutte le alternative offerte dal territorio;
  • SPS, di Scarmagno (Torino), sviluppa e commercializza protesi avanzate nel campo della chirurgia della colonna vertebrale;
  • SUNSPEKER, di Torino, è una startup innovativa che si occupa di combattere i cambiamenti climatici trasformando i pannelli solari, in soluzioni estetiche e comunicative per il settore della pubblicità e delle smart cities;
  • STEPS, di Alessandria, è una piattaforma di employer branding che permette alle aziende di creare il proprio “vivaio” di talenti, un po’ come avviene nel mondo dello sport;
  • THE SPIRITUAL MACHINE, di Torino, si occupa dello sviluppo, della produzione e della commercializzazione di prodotti e servizi innovativi di elevato valore tecnologico con linee di prodotti innovativi ricavati da preparazioni aromatiche e infusi naturali;
  • TYREBIRTH, di San Giorgio Monferrato, sviluppa, produce e commercializza prodotti o servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico, in particolare il trattamento termico per il riciclo degli pneumatici basato sulla pirolisi a microonde che produce energia e materiali interamente riutilizzabili;
  • SPORT HORIZON HOLDING, di Torino, vanta una classe di capitale che ammonta a più di 5 milioni di euro;
  • SUNCOMM, di Novara, realizza operazioni di innovazione integrando elementi di sostenibilità e di ICT. In particolare, sviluppa progetti in ambito Internet delle Cose (IoT) utilizzando l’alta competenza dei soci sulle reti in WI-FI applicate ad oggetti industriali e di arredo urbano;
  • TECNENDO, di Torino, ha per oggetto lo sviluppo, l’applicazione e la commercializzazione di prodotti o servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico;
  • TIKAT, di Pino Torinese, produce e commercializza un’innovativa tipologia di sensori brevettati per il monitoraggio strutturale;
  • TOMPOMA, di Verbania, propone un prodotto di grandissima qualità, resistenza, esteticamente accattivante e che consente di camminare meglio;
  • ULTRASPAZIO, di Torino, ha progettato attività di ricerca e sviluppo per soluzioni innovative nei luoghi di lavoro e nello sviluppo di piattaforme digitali per la gestione dei coworking e degli ambienti di lavoro ibridi;
  • WAVISION, di Torino, sviluppa dispositivi ad alto valore tecnologico per il rilevamento e la classificazione di contaminanti in prodotti confezionati;
  • XELIND, di Torino, sviluppa soluzioni innovative dedicate alle imprese operanti prevalentemente nel settore della sicurezza;
  • XEV S.R.L., di Torino, si occupa di stampa in 3D di auto elettriche;
  • XSTREAM, di Torino, sviluppa, produce e commercializza una gamma di prodotti software in grado di semplificare ed efficientare la “Governance” degli ambienti tecnologici in Data Center di tipo “Mainframe”, modernizzare la loro organizzazione e ridurre la struttura dei costi;
  • YOOKYE, di Alba, si occupa dello sviluppo e della gestione di piattaforme online e di applicazioni per la telefonia mobile basate anche sulla tecnologia blockchain.

Viaggio in Italia | Valle d’Aosta

Sono 19 le startup attive sul territorio della Valle d’Aosta, che, nella regione montana, guardano soprattutto ai settori delle Life Sciences, dell’ICT, del Cleantech & Energy, dell’Agritech, dell’Industrial, del Turismo e dell’Industria Culturale e Creativa. Di seguito le più influenti (anche in questo caso segnalateci eventuali integrazioni).
  • ALPINE LANDS, di Pont Saint Martin, è un progetto nato nel 2019 con l’intento di valorizzare il patrimonio enogastronomico, artigianale e culturale della Valle d’Aosta;
  • CASA DELLE ROSE, di Ayas, è una piattaforma digitale innovativa per facilitare l’incontro tra l’offerta di consulenze specialistiche e la domanda degli utenti;
  • CREATIVE HARBOUR, di Villeneuve (Aosta), si occupa di creare esperienze di co-working e co-living per professionisti dando la possibilita’, grazie alla tecnologia e allo smartworking, di lavorare da remoto in un contesto che permette di trovare il giusto work life balance aumentando il benessere delle persone e le performance sul lavoro attraverso la creazione di una piattaforma tecnologica che mette in contatto i professionisti della community;
  • ECOFUTURE LAB, di Nus (Aosta), si occupa della ricerca industriale, dello sviluppo sperimentale e della technology transfer per un settore immobiliare ecocompatibile che guarda al futuro. Offre servizi di consulenza e progettazione di sistemi informatici per traghettare il settore immobiliare verso un futuro ecocompatibile. Smart building, home automation e digital green economy sono i terreni in cui EcoFuture Lab investe tutte le sue energie;
  • E-4E, di Arvier, progetta, commercializza e posa soluzioni per la gestione dell’energia termica tramite sistemi passivi con materiali a cambiamento di fase ecologici, sviluppa soluzioni preassemblate per l’utilizzo in edilizia convenzionale e prefabbricata, con materiali a cambiamento di fase ecologici, sviluppo di soluzioni per il benessere abitativo, lavorativo, animale e vegetale;
  • FOR ENERGY SRL SIGLABILE 4NRG, di Aosta, sta rivoluzionando i paradigmi legati alla gestione delle soluzioni progettuali degli involucri e dell’impiantistica civile, commerciale e semindustriale siamo in grado di ottimizzare la curva di esercizio degli impianti di riscaldamento e raffrescamento all’interno di GDA, UFFICI e ABITAZIONI, anche con l’uso di PCM, migliorando il benessere e contribuendo all’abbattimento di CO2 in atmosfera;
  • HORTOBOT, di Pont Saint Martin, è una startup d’avanguardia fortemente innovativa che tratta di concezione ed ingegnerizzazione di macchinari intelligenti e autonomi sfruttando il potenziale della robotica e dell’innovazione tecnologica di ultima generazione e sostiene la riforma sistemica del settore agricolo, in particolare orticolo, garantendo maggiori guadagni ai produttori agricoli, una riduzione dell’impatto ambientale, la protezione naturale dei terreni ed un sistema di etichettatura certa a garanzia della sicurezza alimentare.
  • KIPROO, di Aosta, vuole ridisegnare i processi di produzione dei servizi dei professionisti con l’aiuto delle nuove tecnologie sviluppando una nuovo approccio alla comunicazione delle attività professionale che migliori l’efficienza e garantisca la soddisfazione del cliente;
  • LEAP, di Nus, sviluppa piattaforme digitali proprietarie per la mobilità e micromobilità basate sulla sharing economy e integrate negli edifici;
  • OPENMIND TRAVEL, di Aosta, propone viaggi esperienziali alla scoperta di luoghi nascosti ed esperienze sensoriali;
  • PEAKJET, di Pont Saint Martin, sviluppa soluzioni innovative per la stampa inkjet e per la deposizione additiva di materiali, partendo da una r&s volta a sviluppare le nuove tecnologie, nuovi mercati e nuovi campi di applicazione, passando per l’ingegnerizzazione dei prodotti e la loro ottimizzazione, fino ad arrivare alla produzione di hw e sw dedicati;
  • QTOOL, di Pont Saint Martin, si occupa dello sviluppo e della produzione di stampi industriali con struttura reticolare utilizzando macchine per la fabbricazione additiva, integra struttura reticolare negli stampi e nell’utilizzo di sensori che misurano in tempo reale la temperatura e la pressione;
  • RDI ITALY, di Aosta, intende sviluppare una piattaforma software per la creazione di percorsi turistici;
  • REWALLUTION, di Aosta, è stata creata per sviluppare il sistema di costruzione innovativo denominato SpeedyBRICK protetto da brevetto internazionale;
  • SYL, di Aosta, è un dispositivo in grado di individuare una persona che necessiti di soccorso o che sia deceduta, in ogni contesto geografico ed in tutte le condizioni meteo sfruttando una tecnologia meccanica a segnale visivo non soggetta alle limitazioni di un dispositivo digitale;
  • STRATOLOGIC, di Pont Saint Martin, sviluppa, produce e commercializza prodotti o servizi innovativi ad alto valore tecnologico, e più specificamente in via prevalente, lo sviluppo, la produzione e la commercializzazione di suite di algoritmi e software per sistemi innovativi di osservazione spazio-terra e di comunicazione terra-spazio-terra con particolare riferimento alle piattaforme aeree stratosferiche.
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What is "The Deal" Actually... We Want To Know!!!

As often referred to by Michael Thomas Glaspie aka Mike G... what is "the deal"?
Let's take a look back and through various stages and events of this enormous con.
The donkey is still following and chomping at that rotting carrot dangling on the stick that was strategically placed just out of range and never to be had. Yet, the donkey continues to lunge for the carrot as if it were the very first time seeing it. Since then there have been additional incentive placed just out of range of actually receiving them.

Glaspie is relentless in coming up with ways to remove money from your pocket. He's a real con, tried and true.
Hasn't the con artist Mike Glaspie and his old friend and partner Garry Davidson ever heard of earning a living legitimately, instead of preying on the emotions of the unsuspecting individual in never ending quest to separate everyone from their bank accounts. (Rhetorical) Apparently they have not.
This has been stated many times before... but needs to be stated again and again...
This charade needs to stop Right Now!!!
Let's just pretend for a few minutes that there was actually some sort of investment, a transaction of sorts, a return on your money or as Mikey likes to call it "a deal'.
If the following was in fact "the deal"...
If there had really been One, Two or let's just say for argument sake even Five wealthy Billionaire Buyers already in talks and in finalization to purchase one or more of these Chandran Tech companies....
Weekly Manager Meetings, Weekly Board of Directors Meetings, 11 Countries, 9 Central Banks, (Black Swan Songs) (a Black Swan is a term used for an unpredictable or unforeseen event, typically one with extreme consequences), masses of employees (allegedly still grinding out the hours each day and every week), an alleged Huge Global Demand for some outdated technology products (Android 8 in mid 2022 - Really? - FYI Neil - Android is currently into version 13 - get a clue!) and these Tech companies were profitable while supposedly standing out amongst other Tech Giants to the likes of Google, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, etc...
I have to ask...
...then why was it necessary to continue raising capital for these Chandran oriented Tech companies if in fact they were so successful???
Why involve an very old man on his last run (Glaspie), with a way out of shape partner (Garry - a potential heart attack and stroke just waiting to happen) that needed to recruit some of the world wide web's seediest individuals (Linda Knott, Ivan Hecksher, Superfly Sammy Anderson, Saul Wilson, Kenny Russo, and the list goes on... to raise and collect millions of dollars from unsuspecting people.
Even as Glaspie claimed that "the seller" as he still refers to Neil Chandran, Glaspie's and Davidson's mentor and partner in crime, will be raising money to create some sort of 'Collateral Fund' in order to return funds to individuals who no longer want any part of this never ending charade. Wow! What an idea, to come up with refunding people's money nearly six years after Glaspie pleaded for it.
Wasn't collateral advertised as being part of this initial money grab when Michael Glaspie aka Mike G had been begging for our money back when?
Isn't collateral something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default?
So how is it just now there's mention of a collateral fund, just now being established midway through 2022 and asking current irate and passive investors alike to participate in contributing to this, yet again fictitious fraud. The cycle never ceases and the lying never stops!!!
Glaspie has got his continuous stream of lies on auto pilot. Unbelievable!!!
Would that not be just like Larry Page and Sergey Brin loading up their Mail Chimp accounts with solicitations to the masses, and advising anyone with an MLM to get on board 'cause the Payback Numbers are going to be enormous!!
I can picture it now... (Not going to happen)
At a $500 minimum buy in, it will get you a cool $80,000,000 Million in return. The project is a secret and under strict NDA so as not to reveal the inside information, but we are all going to be wealthier than in our wildest dreams. We will be the wealthiest individuals on the planet!!!
The project is, "do not repeat this or I will deny ever have stating it..." the project is called Google Search!!!
Did Elon Musk need to set up a Crowd Source page or a Go-Fund-Me page, send email solicitations, beg people with a spare million dollars to lose to donate it to him for the purchase of Twitter?
Tesla for that matter. The answer is NO!!!!
Even so, we read old man Mike Glaspie's humorous explanation of why this 'secret' company needed to remain anonymous, and why it's purchasers 'The (fictitious) Billionaire Buyers' couldn't be known and why Neil Suresh Chandran shrugged off the idea of going IPO and elected to opt for a 'Dutch Auction'. Which, in fact, if you really looked into why you would do it and how to coordinate a Dutch Auction, you would shake your head and wonder WTF are these clowns trying to pull besides how to avoid paying back the all of the money that they stole from the investors!!
What ever happened to that Dutch Auction anyway...?? It's probably in the basement by the boiler next to that long awaited video about the sales process of how this whole scam should work, or was that the process to get the real investors their money back? 🤔
Mikey, if you think or believe that you are innocent of all of your crimes, then you are a true sociopath.
Mikey, if you think or believe that you and your old friend, waiting on a heart attack Garry John Davidson are not going to prison... then you are completely delusional. You both, as well as Neil are civilly and criminally negligent in your flagrant actions and your disrespectful behavior.
Here below is just a quick example of a very similar scenario - as the predicament that Mike, Garry and Neil created:
A well know public figure and very wealthy Billionaire CEO by the name of Elon Musk.
Elon Musk isn't hiding, he doesn't need to hide, he isn't keeping secrets behind an NDA...
Elon Musk has made many, many television appearances, podcasts, online interviews, online presentations where he shows his entire self, including his face. He's in the thick of social media... basically you can find Elon almost anywhere on the web or in a hard cover magazine.
Plus Elon Musk has at least one publicly listed company, that almost anyone who knows tech is aware of, a space company, etc... and he just recently announced to the public, his interest in purchasing another publicly listed and known company called Twitter.
The purchase amount was made public $44 Billion Dollars and Elon Musk has been very vocal and candid about the acquisition and even some of the internal strategies he is going to implement if / once Elon's deal goes through. Now, that's a deal!
Unlike some creepy old man's, to coin a phrase, 'coin deal' called Mike G Deal 🤣 - What a joke!!! 😂😂
Elon has also never heard of Mike G aka Michael Thomas Glaspie, Garry John Davidson or even Neil Suresh Chandran up until the point that he found out that his name was being used unethically and unauthorized to attract wealthy investors for the benefit of defrauding them all.
Shame on you Michael Thomas Glaspie... Shame On YOU!!!!
I had mentioned in a few of my posts from last year (2021) that Elon has never heard of these people (Mike, Garry, Neil), neither has Jeff Bezos, nor Gates, Buffet or even Richard Branson.
Mikey is one of those sociopaths who will watch an old rerun on television before his nap time and swear in a writing the very next day that he and Clint Eastwood had dinner together the night before as Mike was discussing a new business venture... but, will go on to say that he simply cannot speak about it because of his... you know... his NDA. 😉
I stated that 'when' they (Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos) found out that their names were being used and advertised for the sole purpose of ill gotten gains, that heads were going to roll.
If W.C. Fields and and the Penguin (Burgess Meredith) from the original Batman series ever had a kid... Mikey would be it!
Well, Neil's head is on the chopping block now... and his neck is exposed. Let's see who's next, Mikey, Garry Davidson, Kenny Russo, Raj, Guy Robert... hahaha... there's plenty of time to get this barbecue underway, although Mikey may not make it through the duration... he's old, he's weak and he's frail, but he's still guilty as sin!!!!
After all, it didn't seem as if Neil Chandran was short on money, according to his Federal Indictment.
Neil could definitely afford to feed many starving families with the excess of assets that he'll never even use. The Greed is just unbearable!
Not only will this Current 'Federal Investigation' into the business practices, ethics and integrity of Neil Suresh Chandran show a wide array of questionable and downright dubious actions on behalf of Chandran, his inner circle and the outer circles of Neil Chandran's crime syndicate, but will additionally serve to uncover an enormous timeline for Neil's seedy and undermining and illegitimate business practices.
How would Glaspie spin this... oh yeah "just a little bump in the road."
That's right Glaspie, a little bump in the road that's going to take your entire culture, your entire civilization down!!!!
For those who choose to believe that a 'Federal Indictment' is issued with a mere allegation that there is speculation that an individual or entity has committed an overt act, You're Dead Wrong!
There needs to be more than just probable cause for a Federal Indictment Hearing by a Grand Jury and more than just hearsay for the AG to issue the order for the subject to be served and arrested.
Let's take a look at a post that I created and presented within this very forum over 7 months ago entitled: Who is Neil Suresh Chandran?
Read through it and check the links at top and read through the comments of that time.
Then, let's see how developments have played out from 7 months ago until today... Let's take a good look at the credibility of those comments and statements and see just how they are holding up in today's climate. Damn spot on!! Even while the pipe dreamers attempted to downplay the actual con artist in question.

But as always... the fact providers prevailed!!! 😉

This is by no means a localized complaint where as Neil's residential property is in disarray, or Neil's garbage pails are continuously left in the roadway, a few tattered unregistered vehicles sit in Neil's front yard or that Mr. Chandran broke a vase in a local town store, refuses to accept responsibility and cover the cost of damage. (Sounds like something Chandran would do anyway...)
This is a Federal Indictment, A Federal Investigation!! - Meaning there was hard facts, hard evidence that there was illegal personal and / or business activities with misconduct continuing over state lines.
Additionally from the reading in the government issued Federal Indictment, there is a lengthy history tied to Neil Chandran and his visible publicly acknowledged and invisible unforeseen (yet to be revealed and outed) counterparts.
To shine just a little context on this topic... Neil's seized bank accounts from the accounts that were actually located and accounted for (for this investigation), amassed $35,341,899 from 29 bank accounts across 15 different banks and credit unions, two insurance firms and a stock brokerage. These accounts were only the current balances itemized by the government issued indictment, not including what other expenditures had taken place prior. There is still an approximated $10 Million dollar difference in balance from the roughly $45 Million Dollars FIAT Currency the Indictment legally states as raised by Neil Chandran and what the financial institutional accounts actually show at present.
Michael Thomas Glaspie (individual 1 in the indictment) was questioned a few months back, after the Guaranteed Close of October 31st 2021 that Never Happenned, how would every investor / "loan partner" in the Mike G Coin Deal, Mike G Deal scam that were all swindled out of their money (fiat, crypto, other) in this enormous mega scam, know that all of the capital that was raised and collected by Michael Thomas Glaspie was funneled and transferred to the respective target Neil Suresh Chandran and these over inflated companies allegedly for the sole purpose to pay extremely ridiculously high amounts of so called "per diem' for months on end...
All this, allegedly to keep the lights on, pay the staff (WHAT STAFF??) - Neil Chandran and Tracy Hutson??? cost of business operations on a daily basis (WHAT COSTS???) - Neil and Tracy's After Parties, Sponsoring NFT Weekends, Purchasing useless clumps of artistic garbage, Neil's exclusive luxury and exotic car collection?, (Taxes - hahahaha - that's really funny - Just like Glaspie - Neil believes he's exempt from paying his taxes too)
While the average individual investor is looking to merely gain a slight edge financially, who's doing all they can to keep the roof over their head, food on the table and provide for their families... Neil has more in greedy abundance than he will ever use or need.

Even when the UNDENIABLE FACTS are slapping Mike across that defiant face of his, he still spins the information off as something completely different. "A bump in the road" or "a minor set-back".

Some of the items / assets stated in the indictment, but not all of Neil Chandran's ill gotten assets are listed below for example:

I'd like to know 1) where someone who has yet to file a tax return comes up with the money to begin with and 2) How do they get the money to pay down all the fines, liens, penalties and imposed among them after the fact? I'm talking at you Mikey and you Neil.

Are you both performing oral to the same leprechaun?

I raised a valid point and question this. Glaspie addresses the question and attempts to defend his actions by stating that "he can show to the penny exactly what was sent" to "the seller".
Mikey likes to manipulate questions, comments, statements and work that word salad of his...
Yet to unfold, I am extremely confident that there is a HUGE DISCREPANCY between what was actually collected by Mike G from his innocent investors and what was actually sent by Mike G to "the seller". Perhaps a little over a $10 Million Dollar Discrepancy. 🤨
Remember Michael Thomas Glaspie has not worked an honest day's work or collected an honest day's wage in his entire life. Mike G has spent his entire life leaching off of others and manipulating innocent victims out of their hard earned money, whether it be $5 Dollars or $10 Million Dollars, Michael Thomas Glaspie will continue to happily separate you from your money.
So, without working an honest day in his pathetic life at the age of 71 years old (Currently) how is it that Mike G aka Michael Thomas Glaspie is able to sustain his living expenses and afford to continue to retain all his (burdens - assets) properties, homes, vehicles, boats, lunches, dinners, recreational activities, vacations, trips across the country and other financial draining collections???

We All Want To Know!!!!

Although he currently resides with his present wife (Amy Mossel) president of AEO Publishing who's current personal net worth is is estimated to be $900K to $1 Million Dollars. We're still digging for the truth. Perhaps Mikey's tax returns for the last 5 to 10 years may shed a little light in this area 🤔
Mikey, we'd all like to see your tax returns for the last 5 to 10 years. How about posting your tax returns so we can all see how your are able to at least meet with your expenses. Whether they are published by you or not, they will be located and published.
See what happens when you continue to lie and abuse people?? They don't trust you!!!
So get those tax returns ready... because we wan to se them. The last 5 to 10 years worth.
Attempting to get the truth out of Mike G is exactly like attempting to split granite with a blade of grass...

It will never, ever happen.

Glaspie continued Collecting Money under false pretenses and not only did Glaspie and Garry John Davidson misappropriate funds by deciding what 'they' would rather use a good portion of that money for, they continued to utilize those specific funds for their own personal interests and potential gains of investments.
Glaspie has not only misappropriated funding for the 'Mike G Deal' that was allegedly collected to support the enormous payouts in the MILLIONS and BILLIONS back to investors, but rather used portions to funnel capital into new business ventures lying that they were umbrella companies under Chandran.
Glaspie's ridiculous AI Crypto auto trading software is a complete farse and not even worthly of being called a joke. Your money continues to be collected, but you will NEVER see a return. Just as the slot machines operate down the Vegas Strip. Despite what Glaspie claims, individuals should really peel back the layers and know, that how Glaspie has attempted to set up this entity it's all in house.
First off, crypto is dead! Plain and simple!! If partners were to be paid out it would have been while Bitcoin was at $69K per coin.. months ago. Crypto was never able to hold up as a replacement for fiat currency.
Crypto, Bitcoin and Ethereum was a massive global hype when rumors started by a few already Billionaires to attract millions of respective traders and investors on the story-lines of a decentralized way of life and becoming an overnight millionaire. All to separate the dreamer from their money. There are a few exceptions, but not many. DeFi is merely a concept... it's all virtual, just as what Neil Chandran is attempting to sell. A fake reality!!!


The supposed brokerage that was allegedly supposed to be brokering all the 'Auto Trades' that this garbage AI crypto platform was supposed to be brokering is / was owned by Neil Suresh Chandran.
Yes, the same brokerage that was seized in the Federal Indictment.

Glaspie's and Davidson's AI Auto Trade Crypto Scam is / was supposed to work like this:

All this until you run out of money and simply can't trade or 'Auto Trade' any longer.

In order for Glaspie's, Davidson's and Chandran's crypto trading scam to work as orchestrated it needs to be an all in one inclusive project:

There you go... WOW!!!! just mind-blowing. All the secrecy and hush, BS NDAs... all in the art of the scam while the con artist get wealthy off the backs of the innocent... the innocent slowly wither.
There is no oversight or regulations in the Forex markets, not like the Futures Markets governed by the CFTC or Stock and Derivative Markets by the SEC. The crypto markets have been handed off and moved around, but was once governed by the SEC now is governed by the CFTC. We'll see who wants to play with the crypto fad next... 🤔
And speaking of WOW... I was going to write a little about this old / new Ponzi Scheme that Michael Thomas Glaspie is attempting to resurrect (it's been popping up in MLM circles for years and years now), market and promote called WOW or Win On Wealth. I'll save that for another post.... steer clear of this leaching jalopy as well. You could potentially wind up liable and in prison for fraud.
Stay tuned...
Until then... have a safe and healthy 🎆 4th of July 🎆
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