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Electron microscope view of a bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid states

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A bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid state as seen under an electron microscope

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Electron microscope view of a bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid states

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A bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid state as seen under an electron microscope

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"A bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid state as seen under an electron microscope" -- A glitch brought to you by nature, courtesy of /r/EverythingScience.

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A bismuth nanoparticle oscillating between the solid and liquid state as seen under an electron microscope

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Can the outcome of the RBI's policy drive the Nifty 50 to 19k?

Can the outcome of the RBI's policy drive the Nifty 50 to 19k?
Indian business sectors saw serious areas of strength for a this week with Sensex and Clever 50 hitting a new memorable high determined by a slide in unrefined petroleum, powerful Gross domestic product information, and Took care of's tentative position. Be that as it may, the week finished in red as financial backers conveyed expansive based benefit booking. Both Sensex and Clever 50 snapped an eight-day winning binge on Friday. In the approaching week, RBI's financial strategy result will assume a significant part in establishing the vibe for homegrown values. With expansion facilitating in October, assumptions for 35 premise focuses rather than the fourth 50 premise focuses climb in December strategy is on cards. While the Sensex crossed the 63,500 imprint, the Clever 50 crept nearer to the 18,900 level. Will the approaching week result in Clever 50 contacting 19,000 interestingly?
On Friday, Sensex shut at 62,868.50 somewhere near 415.69 places or 0.66%. While Clever 50 shed 116.40 places or 116.40% to end at 18,696.10. The slant in Indian values was because of expansive based benefit booking in huge covers. Heavyweights like M&M, HUL, Maruti Suzuki, Settle, HDFC, Infosys, TCS, Asian Paint, and Bajaj Money saw colossal selloffs. Auto stocks took the most beating, while eminent disadvantage was found in IT, banking, and purchaser durables stocks. Metal stocks outflanked their partners. While midcap and little covers records acquired by almost a percent.
On December 1, the Sensex contacted another lifetime high of 63,583.07, while the Clever 50 likewise timed a new verifiable high of 18,871.95 prior to rectifying.
Both Sensex and Clever 50 have move by almost 4% each between November 22 to December 1. They expanded record-high gains during nowadays.
Vinod Nair, Head of Exploration at Geojit Monetary Administrations said, "Bulls proceeded with their mission for gains, hitting new record highs, helped by falling unrefined, strong Gross domestic product numbers, and a hesitant position by the Fed seat. In any case, the meeting was stopped by bad prompts from worldwide partners and wide based benefit booking in enormous covers."
Nair added, "The Indian economy's development of 6.3% in Q2 was in accordance with the RBI's gauge, while the assembling PMI rose to 55.7 in November. Going against the norm, auto stocks came in lower than anticipated because of more vulnerable products and successive de-loading. On the worldwide front, financial backers' interests were mollified as the Fed seat took on a timid position. Declining producing movement in the US is evidence that the national bank's arrangement fixing has begun to show results, which thusly will urge the Fed to keep rate climbs under control."
In the mean time, Indian forex saves kept an ascent for the third week straight. In the week finishing November 25, forex saves came in at $550.14 billion ascending by $2.89 billion, according to RBI's information. In the earlier week, the stores were around $547.25 billion.
Be that as it may, at the interbank forex market, the rupee couldn't support its positive opening on Friday and shut lower at 81.3175 against the US dollar contrasted with the earlier day's print of 81.20 per dollar. Quite, this week, the neighborhood cash has figured out how to move by 0.5% driven by serious areas of strength for a disagreement homegrown values and the US Central bank Seat Jerome Powell's less hawkish remarks.
With respect to unfamiliar portfolio financial backers (FPIs), they imbued ₹36,239 crore in the values market during November - - which is the second most noteworthy month to month purchasing in the ongoing year after August when FPIs contributed ₹51,204 crore. Likewise, the beginning of December has been optimistically with an inflow of ₹7,437 crore in the values.
What's in store in the seven day stretch of December 5 to ninth?
As per Nair, in the approaching week, market development still up in the air by the result of the RBI strategy meeting, as most would consider to be normal to direct its speed of rate climbs.
He added, given the hidden high valuation, Took care of strategy, and rigid Chinese Coronavirus limitations, the market will remain profoundly delicate before very long.
Further, Apurva Sheth, Head of Market Viewpoints, at Samco Protections brought up that various critical occasions are planned for the next week.
On the worldwide front there, right off the bat, are measurements on the exchange balance between the US and China, two critical economies. Moreover, China will reveal its Mother and YoY expansion rates. Sheth said, "these improvements will be firmly watched by financial backers all through the world since they could conclude where that the worldwide records head."
At home, Sheth said, "the emphasis would be on the RBI's loan fee choice. The CPI fell underneath 7% in October after three straight rate increments of 50 premise focuses. Subsequently, the market expects a rate increment of 35 premise focuses instead of 50 premise focuses. The essential monitorable will be the MPC's gauges and perspectives on expansion and monetary extension."
Giving a specialized point of view toward the Clever 50, Sheth said, "the Record is moving in a higher top higher base development on the everyday diagram showing a supported up pattern. Toward the beginning of the week, costs register their new lifetime high and later on kept on moving higher. On Friday's meeting, Clever gave the first indication of benefit booking when costs slipped under 19,800 levels with a negative flame on the everyday outline."
On the day to day graph, Sheth brought up that NIFTY50 has finished the Negative Crab consonant example at 18,887.60 levels. The force oscillator RSI (14) on the day to day outline has reached the overbought zone and as of now has snared lower under 70.
"The bulls need to outperform 18,900 levels to pick up bullish speed as the choices dealer is dynamic almost 19,000 levels with expanded OI. The help for the File is set almost 18,500 and any move underneath a similar will stretch out the tumble to 18,380 levels," Samco's master added. Likewise, he accepts the celebrative state of mind at Dalal Road ought to go on with stock-explicit activity prone to order financial backers' consideration, particularly in IT, Metal and Concrete stocks.
According to Shrikant Chouhan, Head of Value Exploration (Retail), Kotak Protections, proceeding, D-road will zero in on full scale patterns. Going on, business sectors might be overwhelmed by worldwide news streams and steps taken by various states to handle their economies. On the economy front, Q2FY23 genuine Gross domestic product became by 6.3%, while GST assortments for October (gathered in November) remained at Rs1.469 lakh crore (September: Rs1.517 lakh crore).
ICICI Protections in its week after week market viewpoint note said that "We keep up with our primary positive position and anticipate that record should steadily head towards 19400 before long while midcaps to beat before long. Solid help is presently positioned at 18300 levels. Use plunges to make long positions."
In their specialized view, ICICI Protections expressed that the overall proportion of NiftyIT against Banknifty has settled at multi month high, the initial time since May 2022 showing that IT might moderately perform better compared to banking temporarily. That being said, IT, Telecom, Infra, Metal, and Utilization are favored areas.
Among enormous covers, the stock business' favored picks are - - Dependence Enterprises, TCS, SBI, Ambuja Concrete, Adani Ports, Goodbye Steel, Goodbye Engines, and DLF. While among midcaps, the favored picks are Offspring, Coforge, Sonata Programming, Concor, Polycab, Cummins India, JK Concrete, Bhel, Preeminent Businesses, Tejas Organizations, Unit Endeavors, Timken, and KNR Development.
RBI is planned to being its every other month financial approach meeting from December 5 to seventh. The six-part money related approach council will declare its result on December seventh.
Since May 2022, the national bank has climbed the repo rate by 190 premise focuses to tame long term high expansion. As of now, the approach repo rate remains at 5.9%, while the standing store office (SDF) rate stands changed at 5.65%. While, the minimal standing office (MSF) rate and the Bank Rate to 6.15%. MPC stayed zeroed in on the withdrawal of convenience to guarantee that expansion stays inside the objective going ahead while supporting development.
In October, India's CPI expansion facilitated to 6.77% from its five-month high of 7.41% in September.
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The Callisto Protocol Reviews - OpenCritic

Game Information

Game Title: The Callisto Protocol
Developer: Striking Distance Studios
Publisher: Krafton
Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 76 average - 68% recommended - 52 reviews

Critic Reviews

Areajugones - Ramón Baylos - Spanish - 9 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a game that loves fear from tradition; From strictly following the expression: "If something is not broken, do not fix it". The future of the space horror genre is more than assured with the first forceful step of a work that does not hide when looking at the past; of a game that is fully sincere about showing openly from the sources from which it is inspired. Something horrible lurks deep in the cosmos, but with games like this it's nice to come face to face with its darkest horrors.
Ars Technica - Alessandro Fillari - Unscored
This breakout horror game stumbles occasionally, but it still stands tall as a thrilling survival-horror experience.
Atomix - Alberto Desfassiaux - Spanish - 88 / 100
The Callisto Protocol is just the new survival horror AAA game that we've been expecting. Despite not being the revolution that Dead Space brought almost 15 years ago, it's new ideas, atmosphere and general concept, are a win.
AusGamers - Steve Farrelly - 8.7 / 10
From the initial prison sequences through to deep underground spaces where you'll be navigating an old, abandoned colony to the surface of Callisto itself, the game serves up a terrifying feast for the eyes.
Checkpoint Gaming - Luke Mitchell - 7.5 / 10
An intense atmospheric adventure with an intriguing premise, The Callisto Protocol delivers a solid horror game that focuses largely on its satisfying combat. It doesn't have much variety and is lacking a bit of creativity, but it makes up for that with impressive visuals and disgusting, intimidating monsters. It might not meet the expectations of its obvious inspirations, but The Callisto Protocol lays a strong foundation of terrifying atmosphere and crunchy combat that makes it satisfying and spooky nonetheless.
Dexerto - Andrew Highton - 5 / 5
A wonderfully exhausting exercise in futility is probably the best way of describing The Callisto Protocol as no matter the strength of my own resolve, I was constantly on edge and reveling in those fleeting moments where the game allowed me to breathe following yet another life-threatening fight.
The constant fear and dread incited by the phenomenal visual and sound design are only complemented by the compelling story. The Callisto Protocol is, hopefully, the start of an exciting new franchise, and is another sign that survival horror is anything but dead.
Digital Chumps - Ben Sheene - 8.5 / 10
The Callisto Protocol aims its sights at being an uncompromising vision of terror, frequently succeeding through oscillating tension and stellar sound and lighting that toy with players' fears and expectations.
Digital Trends - Giovanni Colantonio - 3.5 / 5
Despite some cumbersome combat systems and performance issues, The Callisto Protocol successfully builds on Dead Space's legacy
EIP Gaming - EIP Graves - 9.5 / 10
The Callisto Protocol might be treading familiar ground, but it does so with such mastery that it turns it to sacred ground. It perfects the goals that Dead Space first set out to achieve, reaching the peak of the survival horror genre when it comes to gameplay, art direction, storytelling, and — of course — horror.
Eurogamer - Vikki Blake - Recommended
Dead Space comparisons are impossible to avoid - but while The Callisto Protocol's missing some of the depth and tension, it makes up for it with production value and bloody-minded fun. - Giuseppe Carrabba - Italian - 7.8 / 10
Certainly a "good first" for Striking Distance Studios
GAMES.CH - Joel Kogler - German - 88%
What The Callisto Protocol lacks in truly original ideas it more makes up for in presentation and atmosphere. A game this polished and confident from a newly formed studio that had to work through a pandemic is nothing short of impressive. While it won’t change anyone‘s mind who didn’t like the spiritual predecessor Dead Space, this brings back unsettling space horror at its peak.
Game Informer - Wesley LeBlanc - 6 / 10
If you wanted anything more out of this second crack at making a new sci-fi IP in survival horror, or something markedly different that acknowledges just how far gaming has come since 2008, The Callisto Protocol is not your answer.
Game Rant - Dalton Cooper - 3.5 / 5
The Callisto Protocol is an excellent game while it lasts, but it's missing important features that would have propelled it to the next level.
GamePro - Dennis Michel - German - 66 / 100
The Callisto Protocol is an atmospheric graphics blender that can only compete with Dead Space in a playful way.
GameSpot - Jordan Ramée - 5 / 10
Though it starts off on a strong note, The Callisto Protocol's focus on action-heavy spectacles fails to adequately explore its horror and overcrowds its weak combat mechanics.
Gameblog - _SutterCane - French - 8 / 10
The Creator of Dead Space is back to horror and it hits hard. The Callisto Protocol is an intense, violent and old-school survival-horror. A game with a sense of horrific aesthetics that hits the nail on the head, a delightful atmosphere carried by a devastating sound design and a solid, brutal and gore combat system. Very Good.
GamesHub - Nicholas Kennedy - 3 / 5
There’s a solid game at the heart of Black Iron Prison, but every opportunity the game gets to subvert expectations or do something new is instead a moment of deferral to one of Callisto’s many inspirations. It’s nice to see Callisto try to be a new brew, synthesised from many parts, but an entirely new vision would have stuck around in the bloodstream a little longer.
GamesRadar+ - Leon Hurley - 3 / 5
A fantastic looking game that builds a great sci-fi world only to trash it with an unenjoyable combat challenge.
Generación Xbox - Pedro del Pozo - Spanish - 92 / 100
The Callisto Protocol is the true successor to Dead Space. All the good things about the first title can be found in it, but enhanced with state-of-the-art graphics and a cinematic sense that makes it spectacular from beginning to end.
God is a Geek - Chris White - 8.5 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is violent and brutal, with stunning visuals, but it's intimacy causes a few problems that are hard to be overlooked.
Hobby Consolas - David Martinez - Spanish - 90 / 100
The Callisto Protocol is the game fans of space "survival horror" have been waiting for years. It´s not a revolution in the genre, but a solid addition, full of scary moments and with a deep (and brutal) combat system.
IGN - Tristan Ogilvie - 7 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a satisfyingly gory spiritual successor to the Dead Space series, but it’s ultimately more of a striking modern mimic than a scary new mutation.
IGN Italy - Davide Ambrosiani - Italian - 6.5 / 10
A horror that does not bring new elements to the genre and suffers from several conceptual problems, although not so serious as to reject the experience as a whole.
INVEN - Suhyung Jung - Korean - 8.5 / 10
AAA-class SF horror game that appeared after a long time. The lingering story created among people who have turned into bizarre monsters is the attractive element of the game. The battle balance and level design are somewhat disappointing, but it is still a fun enough game.
Inverse - Joseph Yaden - 6 / 10
The Callisto Protocol succeeds as a desolate and brutal survival horror experience in its opening hours. But the second half is hindered by massive difficulty spikes and clunky melee combat.
Kotaku - Ashley Bardhan - Unscored
I consider The Callisto Protocol one of the most ambitious games I played this year, maybe even the most next to Elden Ring (though I think Elden Ring is in a league of its own—I don’t know if anything will be able to approach its depth and sophistication for a long time). Its thoughtful attention to environment, sound, and touch is what, I think, next-gen gaming should be like: an experiment with the senses and with story. The game has its issues, too, which can’t be ignored. But at least it feels human.
LevelUp - Pedro Pérez Cesari - Spanish - 7.5 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is brutal, violent and will send chills down your spine. What Striking Distance Studios did is far from perfection, but don't let that discourage you. The Callisto Protocol is a horror experience that is well worth getting to know. Just don't expect it to be a legendary game that changes the industry.
Metro GameCentral - Nick Gillett - 6 / 10
Dead Space 4 in all but name, except with no puzzles and surprisingly little suspense. The Callisto Protocol has plenty of gritty action but that's not quite enough to sustain interest for its entire duration.
MondoXbox - Giuseppe Genga - Italian - 8.5 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a raw and brutal sci-fi survival horror with extremely physical, challenging, and visceral combat and a first-rate graphical compartment. Even if it feels inadequate from a narrative point of view and its linear structure smacks of somewhat dated game design, the overall result is still convincing and it manages to keep interest high until the end. Definitely recommended if you love survival horror and claustrophobic sci-fi settings.
PC Gamer - Shaun Prescott - 79 / 100
Gory and moody, The Callisto Protocol doesn't mess with the survival horror formula, instead embracing all its beats and clichés to tell a grim sci-fi tale that drips with menace.
PCGamesN - Nat Smith - 9 / 10
A spiritual successor to Dead Space that blends and riffs on ideas from the best horror games of recent years, with plenty of blood and guts to go around, though a lacklustre plot is its one minor flaw.
PSX Brasil - Bruno Henrique Vinhadel - Portuguese - 85 / 100
Superb in setting, visuals, sound and other technical parts, The Callisto Protocol is impressive from start to finish and a brutal experience that is lacking these days. Although it is not perfect and some problems can be noticed, as well as the lack of content beyond the main campaign, there is a lot of quality showing that the game delivers what was promised.
PlayStation Universe - Adam Byrne - 7.5 / 10
First out of the gate in what will be a bevy of survival titles in the coming months, The Callisto Protocol is a solid maiden effort from developer Striking Distance Studios and one that has laid the groundwork what is hopefully to come.
Polygon - Michael McWhertor - Unscored
The Callisto Protocol could have borrowed a few more lessons from its spiritual inspiration, and further refined its mechanics to make a game that plays as good as it looks.
PowerUp! - Leo Stevenson - 5.5 / 10
If you were hoping this would be the second coming of Dead Space, you’ll need to wait for next year’s remake.
Press Start - James Mitchell - 8 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a modest starting point for what I hope will flourish into another heavy-hitting horror franchise. It's gory and gratuitous, with an endlessly satisfying combat system. But the lack of enemy variety scares, and surprises, even if engaging, stop it from being the horror game masterpiece it's trying to be. Despite all of its shortcomings, it's an immensely enjoyable romp that's left me desperate for more.
Push Square - Liam Croft - 7 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a consistently good game that, when it's at its best, gives many of the survival horror greats a run for their money. However, there's no getting around the fact the game has very little to truly call its own.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun - Alice Bell - Unscored
The Callisto Protocol isn't that scary and has potentially annoying combat, but it would still be pretty fun if it didn't run like your three day old reheated takeaway. - Branislav Koh�t - Slovak - 8 / 10
The long-awaited horror action is very contradictory and you can either love it or hate it. Anyway, probably no other game deserves the 18+ label as much as this one. It decides whether you just want an adrenaline-fuelled brutal action ride, or if you expect something more from the game than an interesting, but by the end, just a primitive massacre.
Screen Rant - Leo Faierman - 2.5 / 5
The Callisto Protocol brings high-def sci-fi horror to current-gen consoles, but it suffers from a lack of dynamic gameplay ideas outside of its gore.
Shacknews - Donovan Erskine - 8 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is a deeply immersive sci-fi horror experience that firmly grabs you at the start and doesn’t let go. While this immersion shows its cracks during the transition into new areas, it’s not enough to ruin the overall experience.
Spaziogames - Domenico Musicò - Italian - 8.3 / 10
The Callisto Protocol is the best start for a new survival horror series to date. Schofield, Papoutsis and the other veterans at Striking Distance Studios have managed to create a new nightmare with a very bright future ahead.
The Games Machine - Daniele Cucchiarelli - Italian - 9.1 / 10
Glen Schofield and Striking Distance Studios deliver exactly what their audience want: a new horror sci-fi epic with intense combat and cinematic elements that will make you sit on the edge of your couch from the first to the last minute. Worst or better than Dead Space? You decide!
TheGamer - Andrew King - 2.5 / 5
It's a shame that The Callisto Protocol is so uninteresting at its core. Though it looks gorgeous on the surface, a dozen hours of nothing special can have a clarifying effect.
Tom's Hardware Italia - Andrea Riviera - Italian - 8.6 / 10
Considering that it is the first work by Striking Distance Studios, the level reached by The Callisto Protocol is certainly very high. We are looking at one of the best audio-visual experiences of this generation, surrounded by gameplay that is anything but trivial and a truly noteworthy atmosphere.
VG247 - Dom Peppiatt - 3 / 5
This isn’t to say there isn’t a good game oozing within the sticky flesh of this Frankenstein, though; it just feels like it’s not what Striking Distance wanted it to be. It’s not the next step in horror gaming, the evolution of Dead Space, or a proposition unlike anything you’ve seen before – it’s the opposite. An amalgam, less than the sum of its parts, whose main focus becomes overwrought and frustrating by the time you’re halfway through its short run-time. The scariest thing about The Callisto Protocol, sadly, is all the potential that’s been wasted on a small moon in Jupiter’s orbit.
VGC - Christopher Dring - 3 / 5
The Callisto Protocol delivers the violence, intensity and horror that lives up to its Dead Space predecessor, but with deeper strategic combat. However, a clichéd story and lack of original ideas means that it has one tentacle stuck in the past.
Washington Post - Jonathan Lee - Unscored
Striking Distance’s debut is a swing and a miss, but “Callisto Protocol” ends on a cliffhanger. If the studio decides to revisit the series with a sequel, I’m hoping the second outing will be better than the first.
Wccftech - Kai Powell - 7.2 / 10
The Callisto Protocol, throughout all of the tension and suspense, can't mask the terrors within might only be surface deep.
Windows Central - Samuel Tolbert - 4.5 / 5
Striking Distance Studios' debut title is a horror game that delivers a high-quality experience all the way through. It won't sway anyone new to scares and frights, but fans of the genre should make this a priority.
Xbox Achievements - Richard Walker - 80%
An unflinchingly violent and gruesome survival horror that ratchets up the tension from the get-go and doesn't let up, The Callisto Protocol is superlative stuff, and a must for anyone with even a passing fancy for Dead Space and its ilk.
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From CIA "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process." There is no such thing as "solid matter." "Human being, brain, consciousness and all is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields." Elites know this, employ magick on us

From CIA submitted by astralrocker2001 to gatewaytapes [link] [comments]

"Bricking" UAPs Part 2 - Sorry to HAARP on about it

We identified last week the two likely mechanisms created by nuclear weapon detonations in the upper atmosphere that affect the propulsion systems of UAPs: Compton Scattering of electrons and the magnetohydrodynamic waves interference of the Earth’s magnetic lines of force. To recap:

High Altitude Nuclear Explosion (HANE)
What I’d like to look at now is the HOW.
According to the Majestic Documents, it appears that Dr. Hannes Alfven was given the opportunity to inspect one or more of the downed “Unidentified Lenticular Aerodyne Technologies” and theorized that “It is believed that the craft moves through space by utilizing an ionized plasma and the planet’s magnetic lines of force flowing through the atmosphere. This may help explain how the fusion reactor can function in a space environment”.
This gives us a clue to the exact mechanisms at play when a UAP is “bricked” – the Compton Scattering or MHD waves are interfering with either:
· the ionizing plasma surrounding the craft
· the internal craft mechanism that interacts with planetary magnetism
· the fusion reactor
· some combination of all three
Here are a few theories:
1. MHD creating Shear Alfven Waves that disturb the ionizing plasma / Casimir cavities
“Since thermonuclear research started with Zeta, Tokamaks, Stellarators - not to forget the Perhapsastron - plasma theories have absorbed a large part of the energies of the best physicists of our time. The progress which has been achieved is much less than was originally expected… One way out of this difficulty is to ask the plasma itself to integrate the equations; in other words, to make plasma experiments. Confining ourselves to cosmic plasmas, nowadays there are two different ways of doing this:
1. By performing scale model experiments in the laboratory. This requires a sophisticated technique, which in part we can borrow from the thermonuclear plasma physicists. It also requires methods to "translate" laboratory results to cosmic situations. Great progress has been made in this respect, but much remains to be done.
2. By using space as a laboratory and performing the experiments in space. This is a fascinating new technology which is most promising - but somewhat more expensive. “
Since atmospheric nuclear weapons tests have been banned globally for many years now, scientists have had to turn to other methods to research this phenomena. Computer models are becoming increasingly capable of doing this, but their outputs are only as good as the coding input – unknown variables in the real world skew the results in the laboratory. What about using space itself as a laboratory, as Alfven suggested?

Meet Kanstantinos (Dennis) Papadopoulos, Professor of Physics and Astronomy of the University of Maryland who has been doing just that. He specializes in Plasma Physics and Space Plasma Physics.

Prof. Dennis Papadopoulos
Amongst the many achievements listed on this page, the following appears:
· During 1969 to 1979, while at the Naval Research Laboratory, he originated the concept of multi-fluid codes with self-consistent anomalous transport. These codes provided the capability to simulate the ionospheric effects of high-altitude nuclear weapons explosions.
· He was instrumental in conceiving and promoting the $300 million HAARP ionospheric heating facility located in Alaska
· He was the co-Primary Investigator of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research – Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative “Mobile HF Sources for Ionospheric Modifications
Hmmm… a mobile method to modify the ionosphere to simulate the effects of high-altitude nuclear weapons explosions….that sounds interesting….
According to various scientific papers there are two distinct methods of using ionospheric heaters:
  1. Utilizing the auroral electrojet in polar regions
  2. Ionospheric Current Drive in non-polar regions
Polar ionospheric heaters generate Ultra Low Frequency / Extra Low Frequency / Very Low-Frequency waves by modulating the auroral electrojet at the ionosphere’s D and E region altitudes. However, in non-polar regions, the F region of the ionosphere can be heated via High-Frequency waves in a two-step process to produce ELF currents. First, the pressure gradient associated with the F-region heating drives a local “diamagnetic” current. This acts as an antenna to inject Magneto-Sonic (MS) waves into the ionospheric plasma. Second, the electric field of the magneto-sonic wave drives Hall currents when it reaches the E region of the ionosphere. The Hall currents act as a secondary antenna that injects waves in the Earth-Ionosphere Waveguide below and Shear Alfven waves upwards to the conjugate regions.
This is called Ionospheric Current Drive, or ICD and can be executed anywhere on the planet. Shear Alfven waves are MHD waves that are responsible for rearranging currents in plasmas – and if a UAP is using some type of plasma arrangement for propulsion, these waves will mess them up. Imagine having a ship with onboard ICD capability that can create these disturbances anywhere on the planet, in order to disrupt UAP activity:

Sea-Based X-Band Radar (SBX)

The Sea-Based X-Band Radar is part of the U.S. Ballistics Missile Defense System (BDMS). The radar on the SBX is housed under a large white radome and is considered the largest and most sophisticated phased array electro-mechanically steered X-band radar in the world, with approximately 45,000 transmit/receive modules forming the radar beam.
Whilst the actual transmitted power / effective radiated power of SBX’s 8-12 GHz capabilities are unknown, it definitely has the ability to perform the ICD functions as described above. An interesting patent describes a similar device as follows:
In one embodiment this is done by transmitting circularly polarized electromagnetic radiation from the Earth’s surface where a naturally-occurring dipole magnetic field (force) line intersects the Earth’s surface. Right-Hand Circular polarization is used in the northern hemisphere and Left Hand Circular polarization is used in the southern hemisphere. The radiation is deliberately transmitted at the outset in a direction substantially parallel to and along a field line that extends upwardly through the region to be altered. The radiation is transmitted at a frequency which is based on the gyrofrequency of the charged particles and which, when applied to at least one region, excites electron cyclotron resonance within the region or regions to heat and accelerate the charged particles in their respective helical paths around and along the field line. Sufficient energy is employed to cause ionization of neutral particles.”
It should also be noted that Ionospheric Heaters are located in many parts of the world – perhaps they are part of a global UAP Defense System? Although they may be employed to disrupt an ionizing plasma on a UAP via shear Alfven waves (“popping the bubble” as Lue Elizondo quipped), there might also be some other mechanisms they interfere with that disrupt UAPs.
2. Transverse fields disruption
In Double Layers, Alfven states the following:
Zmuda and Armstrong (1974) observed that the average magnetic field in the magnetosphere had superimposed on it transverse field which they interpreted as due to hydromagnetic waves. - Inspired by discussions with Fälthammar, Dessler suggested that the transverse field components instead indicated electric currents essentially parallel to the magnetic field lines (Cummings and Dessler, 1967). Dessler called them "Birkeland currents".
As we saw with last week’s post, there is a transverse component of the Compton Current, which can be shown to result in the radiation of the electromagnetic waves in the original direction of travel of each electron. UAPs may somehow harness the difference in potentials of these transverse fields that are transposed upon the Earth’s magnetic field as a source for its propulsion mechanism. The addition of the Compton-induced transverse after a High Altitude Nuclear Explosion (HANE) may impact the ability of the UAP to maintain its flight or perhaps induce System Generated EMP in the craft. SGEMP refers to the electric field that can be generated by the interaction of nucleaionizing radiation, particularly gamma and X-rays, with various solid materials. The effects include both forward and back-scatter emission of electrons and external and internal current generation. The SGEMP will affect objects above the source deposition region, which would be exposed directly to the nuclear radiations from HANE. The SGEMP phenomenon is very complex, but can be explained as follows: The solid material in a craft contains atoms that are heavier than of those present in air. Consequently, interaction with gamma rays and high energy X-rays will produce electrons by both the Compton and photoelectric effects. These electrons can, in turn, interact with the solid material to release more electrons, called secondary electrons, by ionization. Such electrons as are produced, directly or indirectly, close to and on both faces of the solid material and have a velocity component perpendicular to the surface, will be admitted from the surface of the material. As a result, an electric field is generated near the surface. If the component has a cavity (or space) in which the cavity in which the gas pressure is very low, very high electric fields of about 100,000 to a million volts per meter can occur near the interior walls of the cavity. This SGEMP, therefore, is of particular interest to those who believe that the Casimir Cavity effect is employed on the outer skin of UAPs as a propulsion mechanism.
3. Fusion reactor disruption
Pharis William’s patent US20130235963A1 describes a mechanism for a nuclear fusion reactor using deuterium whose design is based upon a non-singular electrostatic required by the quantization of electric charge. In other words, Williams discovered a way, utilizing his Dynamic Theory, to align the spins of the protons and nuclear electrons of deuterium atoms, when suspended in a metal hydride lattice to fuse together to make a helium atom without the need for extremely high temperatures and enormous magnetic containment fields – cold fusion.


Spin aligned magnetically, photos 90 out of phase, nuclear electrons fuse to form Helium
Before you scream “but Maxwell’s equations need to change” for the Dynamic Theory, consider the following extract from Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA:
As Hoagland continued to make new connections of the geometry of Cydonia with the historical treatment of hyperspatial realities, he encountered a number of independent, rogue experimentalists who had been working along these same lines. Foremost among these were Dr. Bruce DePalma, an M.I.T. physicist and researcher, and Lt. Col. Thomas Bearden, a nuclear engineer and physicist who had been working on Maxwell’s original model since his days on the U.S. Army’s scalar weapons programs. Bearden had tirelessly researched Maxwell’s original writings and concluded that Maxwell’s original theory is, in fact, the Holy Grail of physics— the first successful unified field theory in the history of science. Bearden had done dogged detective work to uncover Maxwell’s papers, and from them had concluded that Heaviside had literally hijacked Maxwell’s theory and set modern science back almost a hundred years. According to Bearden, not only would modern physics never find the single unifying element for gravity, electricity and magnetism (because it was all based on Heaviside’s broken version of Maxwell’s model), but that if the original model were restored, it had the potential to unleash nearly limitless amounts of energy, and to allow humanity the means to actually “engineer” forces like gravity at the quantum level”. pg 114
u/efh1’s impressive gives a great explanation of the Dynamic Theory and also links to a paper prepared for the Astronautics Laboratory of the Air Force Space Technology Center by Dennis Cravens of Science Applications International Corp, that Pharis Williams was cited as an advisor. Well worth the read – I’ll highlight a few important points to our discussion:
On page 13, Cravens also states ”for truly innovative Electro Magnetic propulsion methods, the traditional Maxwell’s equations must be expanded or modified” indicating that he too believes the equations were compromised by Heaviside. On page 32 he also points out that Milne proposed similar modifications.
Pg.62 – The Casimir cavity. “It is conceivable, within the viewpoint of gravity as a Casimir-like effect, that inertial or gravitational mass may be altered when placed within a “Casimir Cavity”. The effect of high speed maneuvers and inertial forces upon the internal occupants of UAPs has always been puzzling – the Casimir Cavity theory might provide a solution. However, as we saw previously, SGEMP my have a disastrous effect on a craft that utilizes this effect.
Pg. 83 – Biefield-Brown Effects and the apparent non-zero coupling capacitors appear to demonstrate between electric and gravitational fields. Both Compton Currents and MHD / shear Alfven waves could have a detrimental outcome for any propulsive device a UAP has that exploits this effect.
Pg. 90 – Spin aligned nuclei – magnetic and rotational alignment. This is very interesting when you consider Williams’ design for a fusion reactor, remembering Alfven’s initial assessment of the ULAT propulsion system. On page 90 Cravens states: “Paul Brown is currently researching the extraction of power from decaying nuclei by magnetic methods and ion absorption by conductors” and “The following is a tentative hypothesis, based on the above facts and other historical facts. The devices were high frequency resonate devices that were tuned so that the average times between nuclear decay of an included source was approximately matched to the period of the circuit.” Also, on page 91, “Moray makes several references to atmospheric potentials” , and that “Paul Brown has produced several nuclear batteries… his device, a radioactive source is located within or near the inductive coil of an LCR tank circuit. The radioactive energy is such that it supplies energy at levels to sustain oscillations within the circuit. Then the oscillations are transformed to match the load requirements. The source of the energy is from the kinetic energy of the released radioactive particles. The deacceleration collapses the magnetic field generated by the moving charged particles. The changing magnetic field then accelerates the conduction electrons in the coil. Paul Brown describes the device as a sort of particle accelerator in reverse”.
A UAP propulsion system could be utilizing the Earth’s magnetic field to achieve this power generation – as it has recently been discovered that the Sun provides 3 GW of continuous electrical power to the Earth via electro-gravitic coupling between the Sun-Earth-Moon system. Williams’ reactor required a magnetic field to pre-align the spins of the protons and nuclear electrons in the deuterium atoms for the fusion reaction to take place – a UAP could also use the Earth’s fields for this alignment mechanism. A shower of Compton-scattered electrons from a HANE or MHD wave from an ionospheric heater would catastrophically disrupt such propulsion mechanisms and cause a “brick” event.
We should also look at who Dennis Cravens worked for – SAIC. A company that only allows employees to own shares (no outside shareholders to answer to) and with an “interesting” Director at one time:

Adm. Bobby Ray Inman
Does anyone remember Oke Shannon's notes?

Oke Shannon notes
Finally, we shall look at another “quirky” coincidence. In his reactor, Williams stated that the deuterium atoms should be suspended in a crystal lattice of metal hydride so the applied magnetic field could align the spin of the subatomic particles – specifically Lithium-6 Deuteride:

Lithium-6 deuteride lattice from Pharis Williams patent
Now I wonder where he got that idea from. Did he meet Pharis Williams at Los Alamos?
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MATRIX: From CIA "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process." There is no such thing as "solid matter." "Human being, brain, consciousness and all is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields."

MATRIX: From CIA submitted by astralrocker2001 to AWLIAS [link] [comments]

Official /r/NFL Week 4 Power Rankings

Another week down, another week of questionable decisions and play to rank, and another set of rankings to flame. Welcome to Week 4, where losing to the Bills moved you up a spot (but losing to the Eagles moves you down 2), beating the Lions moves you up 7 spots, and beating the Browns moves you up 5. And the #27 team beat the #3 team. 31/32 reporting!
# Team Δ Record Comment
1. Eagles -- 4-0 The Philadelphia Eagles are 4-0 for only the 6th time in franchise history after a gritty (and downright sodden) come-from-behind victory on Sunday. They say it's difficult to win when you turn the ball over 5 times, and on the reverse side of that coin, it's oftentimes hard to lose when the opposing quarterback is your best player on the field. Doug Pederson received a standing ovation from the fans who braved the elements, but it was Nick Siriani who somehow gameplanned for a monsoon. Sources say that weather probably won't be an issue in Arizona next week.
2. Bills -- 3-1 Ladies and gentlemen: the Buffalo Bills have won a one-score game Last season they went 0-6 in such games, and placed the cherry on top of that shit sundae with the wild 21-19 loss in Miami last week. A slow start saw them down three scores early against Baltimore, but the team settled in nicely, racking up 20 unanswered points to secure the win. It wasn’t the prettiest game, but ultimately a win is a win, and the team has finally gotten the one-score monkey off their backs. Looming on the horizon in week 6 stands Buffalo’s biggest challenge yet —a visit to Arrowhead for a Divisional Round rematch with the Kansas City Chiefs. For now though, attention shifts to next week’s clash with a struggling Steelers team, and what should be a bit of a breather in the midst of a tough early schedule. Trap games happen though, and with injuries still mounting, the Bills have to be well prepared.
3. Chiefs +1 3-1 Well, that was a bit unexpected! It seems the Chiefs took to heart the embarrassing loss to the Colts because Sunday night was an entirely different team. The Chiefs Oline, especially, seemed to be dialed in and showed Shaq Barrett that they were nothing like the Oline he faced in Super Bowl 55. The Chiefs offense looked like a well oiled machine against a stingy Bucs defense behind a surprisingly great night on the ground from CEH and Pacheco. Now, Raiders week is upon us.
4. Packers +1 3-1 It's not ideal that we almost got Zapped by a third string quarterback, but a win is a win I guess. The run defense needs to be better, Damien Harris and David Montgomery have had field days against our front line, The Patriots just seemed to move guys without a problem for good chunks of the game. The offense did have a good day on the ground, and I don't expect Rodgers to throw pick sixes on the regular. 27 points against a Bellichick defense is something I can live with. On to London
5. Ravens +1 2-2 Team had a total failure to play in all four quarters. The first quarter was extremely promising, with two turnovers and a 20-3 lead during the second. Offense failed to score another point, defense failed to defend the lead. The fourth down decision to go for the touchdown was sound (just to note -- either side of this debate is justifiable), but Lamar threw late and threw a pick, nullifying the contingency of the goalline call ensuring the worst case scenario. On the plus side, while Hill sustained a hamstring injury, Gus Edwards is back next week (hopefully). Faalele has done a remarkable job as left tackle, easing the concern behind Ronnie Stanley. Fix up the consistency, eat up the clock, and if Gus returns, bowl him into the defense. Gus would get that touchdown. Also Jerome Boger sucks.
6. Dolphins -3 3-1 After a 3-0 start where the fanbase was on top of the world, it feels like the world is on top of us. Not only did we lose our next game, but our starting quarterback is now out indefinitely due to a concussion that may be his second in four days. Tua being out obviously sucks for competitive reasons, but more importantly we hope he takes all the time he needs to mitigate chances of further serious brain injury as much as realistically possible. Seeing Tua in that state was extremely hard to watch and it sparked intense dialogue regarding player safety in the NFL. Hopefully this dialogue leads to a safer game going forward.
7. Buccaneers -- 2-2 When you factor in that the Buccaneers' first four opponents of the season combine for a 10-6 record, 2-2 doesn't quite seem as daunting as one would think. But after the decimation at the hand of Patirck Mahomes, the Buccaneers will have to do some serious tweaking to their gameplan approach before the playoffs roll around. OC Byron Leftwich continues to begin games with a sort of milquetoast conservatism, forgetting that he has Tom Brady, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin at his disposal. The defense seems to be forgetting that in fact, there is also a first half to a football game. And the Bucs' young interior OL must remember that blocking is critical when it comes to keeping a geriatric QB playing through his mid-forties. Next up for the Buccaneers are the Atlanta Falcons (who blew a 25 point lead to Tom Brady in Super Bowl LI), followed by Steelers and the Panthers. It's a relatively easy three week stretch that will hopefully get the Buccaneers back on track.
8. Vikings +1 3-1 Justin Jefferson put on a show in London, posting a casual 150 scrimmage yards and a TD despite being shadowed by Marshon Lattimore. Vikings' special teams were special (in a good way, for once), converting on a fake punt, recovering a forced fumble on another punt and nailing all five field goals. And Clutch Cousins was able to put the game away with a beautiful dime to cap off another game-winning drive, setting up the Vikings to once again beat the Saints on national television in such dramatic fashion that everybody forgets it should never have gotten that close in the first place.
9. Bengals +2 2-2 Cincinnati's victory was heavily overshadowed by Tua's second concussion in four days, but the team did make some noticable progress in pass protection on Thursday. If the offensive line can continue to give Burrow time and space to operate the Bengals will be a much improved team. However, just as the passing game is coming into its own, the running game is in complete shambles. Hopefully the impromptu meeting between Mixon and Center Ted Karras will give the running game the boost it needs moving forward.
10. 49ers +4 2-2 The 49ers continued their dominance of the Rams in the regular season, riding the stout defense to a 24-9 victory on MNF. The offense line missing their anchor in Trent Williams seemed much better after a week of practice, not allowing a single sack. Shanahan looks to still not trust the RB corps outside of Jeff Williams Jr, only running 45% of the time for a total of 88 yards. Jimmy had a clean day, throwing for 239 yards, 1 td and no interceptions. The team looks forward to next weeks matchup with the Panthers, hoping to go over .500 for the first time this season.
11. Chargers -1 2-2 This team has a way of winning a game on the road, covering the spread, trailing for zero seconds, and still making you feel like they. They had a 17-points lead at halftime and yet the 4th quarter got so heat-poundingly intense that my Fitbit literally congratulated me on my workout. So far the Chargers have oscillated between nearly Chargering and actually Chargering, and they have yet to play a complete game. They got away with one here, but offensive stagnation in the 2nd halves of games and the defense's propensity to give up explosive runs remains a concern going forward.
12. Rams -4 2-2 Another regular season game against the Niners, same storyline: the Rams struggle offensively and lose the battle in the trenches. This time, offensive line injuries were a large factor, as the Rams were down to their 3rd string center among other O-line backups. Sean McVay seems to place blame on internal errors, though it's becoming increasingly apparent that the Rams just don't have the personnel on offense to support McVay's scheme (or lack there of), and you can't expect the defense to save the day every week. There's no reason to throw the towel in on the season though—the NFC West can be won with 9 wins, and from there, anything can happen against a somewhat weak NFC.
13. Cowboys +3 3-1 Football is a numbers game, so let's look at some numbers: 4, 4, 8, 1, 0, 1, 1. That would be 4 career starts and 4 career wins for Cooper Rush, the most wins to start a QBs career in Dallas history. That would be 8 straight wins against divisional opponents. That would be one touchdown allowed per game this season, a feat no other team has matched. Zero games with 20 points allowed, a feat matched by only one team. One sack allowed by Tyler Smith, who is starting at LT despite playing exclusively on the interior for all of training camp and the preseason. And finally one fan with high hopes, one power ranker with big dreams, and one heart ready to be broken again. This feels like it could be the real deal, which means that its gonna hurt so much more if we shit our pants in the divisional round again.
14. Jaguars -2 2-2 In a previous near successful play-thru, the Jaguars mained a water-type starter in Warbortles. If not for a bugged OHKO move that ignored evasion against the elite four, that team may have found itself engraved in the Hall of Fame as champion. Instead that defeat sent the team through a slurry of different starters as they looked for a better path through Victory Road. Eventually settling on T. Law, it's begun to feel like Jacksonville finally has the 'mon it had been looking for. Given the hot start to the season, T. Law certainly displayed attributes of the fire type many believe him to be. This last battle uncovered that T. Law may also be ground type: definitely solid, but even more susceptible to water than just his fire type would imply. Heavy rain on the battlefield lead to T. Law posting a once-in-a-century 4 lost fumbles that contributed to the match loss vs. the flying type Eagles. Even with the historically bad showing, Jacksonville did manage to stay within striking distance throughout; Implying the squad is more ready to duel the leaders than many imagine, if they put on some gloves to do the dirty work. Tune in next week as our hero's adventure continues, hosting the Tauros!
15. Cardinals +2 2-2 How is one to write about something they never dared to imagine coming true? Such is the cross this Cardinals ranker must bear, I suppose. This was the Cardinals first win against Carolina since 2013. Six straight losses in that time, finally snapped. Does that say more about Kyler and Kliff or Baker and Rhule? Who really knows for sure? I do know for sure that the defense has actually been pretty decent for the past two and a half games. Zach Allen is absolutely underrated amongst the masses.
16. Browns -1 2-2 Turns out having three huge names missing from the defense (Bryan, Clowney, Garrett) would prove to be problematic. The Browns managed the points but could not manage some key stops and, as usual, an end of game interception sealed the deal for the Falcons. Are we good? Just so so? Who knows? The Browns will face the Chargers next week, in Cleveland.
17. Giants +6 3-1 If you don't like an offense that throws for 82 total yards through the air, 11 of which went to the top WR of the game, all while coming away with a victory then you don't like Giants football. This game was all about defense and exploitation. The Giants took advantage of Chicago's inability to adapt to the bootleg PA that was helped in part by Saquon running like a man posessed every time he touched the football. Even after both QBs went down to injury, New York was able to find some rushing success out of the wildcat. Big kudos to the coaching staff on this one; the playcalling abilities of Mike Kafka and Wink Martindale were on full display sunday. After what is perhaps the most backyard football Giants game I've ever seen, Big Blue sits at 3-1 just like everyone predicted heading into the season. No time to get complacent though, as a date across the pond with the cheeseheads awaits, and Daniel Jones may or may not be ready to go in time.
18. Broncos -5 2-2 Russell Wilson's subway commercial is an apt metaphor for his contract
19. Titans -- 2-2 For the second week in a row the Titans were able to survive a scoreless second half to hold on for a win. Through four weeks the Titans have been outscored 64-7 in the second halves of games. This is the Titans fourth straight win against the Colts (franchise record) and extends their AFC South road victory streak to nine (franchise record).
20. Lions -2 1-3 "#1 Offense. #32 Defense. Really, the D should be about ten spots lower down - just go ahead and fill in the intervening spots with null teams. The entire offseason, the offense, and in particular, Jared Goff, was the question mark. Could they play at an elevated level? Hats off to Ben Johnson and Goff, because so far, that answer has been unequivocally ""YES"", even in a week where the Lions' offense only had one asscheek and three toes to throw out onto the field. On the flip side, the defense started off bad and has only gotten worse. The excuse of ""the offense isn't giving them a rest"" just doesn't pass muster at this point. Detroit didn't really address its run defense or its secondary all that well in the offseason, and now the defense is massively exposed, to the point that the offensive juggernaut that is the checks notes...Seahawks never once had to bring out their punting unit. Something has to change, and quickly. Up Next: A Patriots team that is most likely starting Bailey Zappe, a rookie QB in place of two QBs out due to injury. If this goes according to Lions' history and current defensive trends, this dude is about to have a 5TD, 350yd aerial performance. The only bright side of this is that Matt Patricia is calling the Pats' offense, so we'll see what happens when the ""Can't Coach for Shit"" Force meets the ""Can't Defend for Shit"" Object."
21. Patriots -1 1-3 I know what it's like to lose. To feel so desperately that you're right, yet to fail nonetheless. It's frightening, turns the legs to jelly. I ask you to what end? Dread it. Run from it. Destiny arrives all the same. And now it's here. Or should I say, Bailey Zappe is. After the Patriots modeled how an organization that is not dysfunctional handles their QB getting a concussion in a game where one play would swing the outcome, we have now entered the end game. At 1-3, and half the team disintegrated with injury, we face the darkest hour… but Strange might just hold the key to a wacky long shot road to triumph. It starts with a home game against Detroit.
22. Falcons +5 2-2 "With 3/4 of the Browns line out of commission, the falcons had one of their strongest run games in the Arthur Smith era. Over 200 rushing yards saved the day, including a momentum shifting drive by none other than next man up Caleb Huntley. After a costly interception by Marcus Mariota on a 9/17 day, Arthur Smith called fourteen consecutive run plays. Kaleb McGary described Atlanta's 25 second-half runs as ""A couple years’ worth of Christmas."" Fans might be taking that too literally, as they've begun to cross dates off their Desmond Ridder™️ advent calendars."
23. Seahawks +7 This Seahawks Lions game was so explosive that DK Metcalf had to be carted to the locker room for a poop break. If there's one thing that's been pretty clear through 4 games, it's that this Seahawks team will at the very least be fun to watch. Russ Geno lookin like a Michelin-starred chef out here, dropping dimes all over the field to anyone that can get open. Against the Lions, Geno also had a career game on the ground, rushing for 49 yards and a touchdown. Rashaad Penny did what he does against the Lions, putting up 151 yards on the ground and finding the endzone twice. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett continue to prove that they are a top WR duo in the league. And last but certainly not least, the Seahawks appear to have drafted two cornerstone tackles this year in Charles Cross and Abe Lucas. Defensively.... the team gives up a lot of points. Jared Goff and the Lions put up 45 on Sunday. But there are reasons to be excited. Tariq Woolen looks like an awesome steal in the 5th round. Uchenna Nwosu has been awesome for Seattle. But overall, the defense needs to improve. This is a feisty team!
24. Raiders +2 1-3 The Raiders were able to ride their way to victory over the Broncos this week, finally cooking up a complete game for the first time this season. The team showed that they can be quite dangeruss when they let Josh cook. Going forward, they look to ride the momentum of this win into the upcoming game against the Chiefs in Arrowhead. A win this week would put them just a game behind the division lead of the AFC West with what feels to be nearly (Mr) unlimited games yet to play.
25. Saints -3 1-3 Royally doinked. The Saints headed to the United Kingdom for the first time with a king ruling over the isles, but they were not blessed by the new regime. This week's victory means the Vikings have now won games in as many UK stadiums as the Saints have losses in 2022. The defense played largely well, Jefferson's bounce-back game aside, but offensively the chalice remains poisoned and time is running out to find the antidote.
26. Jets +5 2-2 The Jets started the season with 4 straight games against the AFC North, and come out of that opening stretch 2-2. Ask any Jets fan before the season, and they would have happily taken that result. But the story of this week is Zach Wilson. Down 10 with 10 minutes left, Wilson orchestrated two touchdown drives. He went 10/12, for 128 yards and 1 TD in the 4th quarter. Rookie RB Breece Hall punched in the game winner, but Wilson gets the credit for getting them into position. This happened in a game where the Jets were so desperate at OT that they shifted second year guard Alijah Vera-Tucker to left tackle. The Steelers brought pressure all day, but Wilson stood with poise in the collapsing pocket and made several clutch throws in the final two drives. If Zach Wilson can play like he did in the fourth quarter, Jets fans should feel great about the future of their franchise quarterback. Just, uh, don't look at the first three quarters.
27. Colts -6 1-2-1 The Colts are back baby! We scored two touchdowns for the second week in a row! Matt Ryan is on fire. He found some of his receivers, and even made some of his passes. Jonathan Taylor had the best game of his career, picking up a reliable two yards-per-carry and fumbling the ball while trying to pick up a 3rd and 1 late in the fourth quarter. Frank Reich is going to lead this team to the promised land. In other news, I'm a satanist. Hopefully we win on Thursday so we can go back to .500 just to lose the next week, rinsing and repeating for the rest of the season. It would be awesome if we could get a draft pick in the #15-18 range. Maybe we could draft another defensive end because this defense STILL can't get sacks.
28. Steelers -4 1-3 Kenny Pickett had to come in. There was no other choice at this point. That offense is abysmal. Here's the thing: the Steelers are a team who can't make ANY mistakes. They aren't good enough to overcome mistakes. The defense balls hard, but they can only do so much. Trubisky seemed to be the person to prevent mistakes, but that also prevented success. Many of you didn't watch that dog of a game, but know this: Matt Canada didn't suddenly become a good OC when Pickett came out. All of a sudden, Pickett was allowed to roll out, move the pocket, push the ball upfield. What's your takeaway on this? That they barely trusted Trubs to be a game manager. If Pickett gets these plays and the freedom that Trubs does not, then it means the Steelers are trying to win by making plays rather than avoiding mistakes. And yes, there were turnovers credited to Pickett, but they were not his fault. He takes a short trip up the interstate to face the Bills as they are pretty banged up. Inserting Pickett makes sense because that beast is vulnerable. The Bills are a team who can make mistakes and turn the ball over, and still win. The Steelers will need to capitalise on everything and make it happen. It seems Tomlin has decided Pickett is his best shot to do that.
29. Bears -4 2-2 If you squinted this week, you could see signs of progress on offense -- but you'd have to squint really hard, and maybe get lasik surgery and a pair of binoculars. The Bears finally got Mooney involved and Fields looked marginally better, but band-aids don't fix bullet holes and the 12 points scored by the Bears' was almost the league's lowest total of the week. Meanwhile, the defense acted like they had never seen a quarterback run before, which really makes you wonder about a lot of things. Look - the Bears have a bad (but young!) rebuilding roster and a first-time head coach, so it makes sense to preach patience. But then there are the confusing moments like the Bears' incredibly cowardly punt. Sometimes it seems like the Bears can't decide between coaching to win ugly or to avoid losing. This isn't a playoff team, have some fun with the dang thing!
30. Commanders -2 1-3 The jokes write themselves between Dan and Tanya Snyder showing up to Dallas for a photo op with Jerry Jones while wearing white and blue to Washington dressing in black for their own funeral to the “W” on the black helmets almost immediately being photoshopped into an “L” and make no mistake about it, this team is a joke. How awkward for Dan Snyder btw, having his crush and wife in the same place at the same time. This was supposed to be a “third year jump” in Ron Rivera’s 5-year rebuild timeline but here they are with arguably the best roster they’ve had since Rivera took over yet they look worse than ever. Something needs to change after 3 straight losses (would have been 4 if not for a late comeback week one) but let’s be clear, as long as Dan Snyder owns the team it won’t matter. Ron Rivera is just the latest re-tread well on his way to failing and leaving with a diminished reputation. Sure, it’s only Week 4 but it’s probably a safe bet to call this another lost season and perhaps a new rock-bottom.
31. Panthers -2 1-3 Find you someone that supports you through the hard times like Tepper supports Matt Rhule. Under Rhule's watch, we're on the fast track to another losing season because the man is so out of his depth. Counting Sunday, Rhule is now a staggering 1-26 in games where the opponent scores 17 or more points. Kill me. What kind of stat is that? Almost every team in the NFL AVERAGES more than 17 points a game. Too bad Rhule is busy mouth-breathing like the kid behind Helga in Hey Arnold, or else we might be able to cobble together something resembling an NFL offense where we can score at a decent clip. Seriously, I can't handle this chode anymore. Our only hope as Panthers fans is that some college team is going to offer the bag to the man so he gets the fuck out of Charlotte. Nebraska, it's all you.
32. Texans -- 0-3-1 Four weeks into the season and the Texans are the only team left winless, and looking at the rest of the schedule it becomes difficult to see where they'll pick up that elusive first W. Against the Commies? Maybe? The remainder of the season looks pretty bleak .
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Summary & Timeline of What Happened So Far

This post aims to summarize what all has happened so far in an effort to reduce misinformation and confusion.
What we knew before the Try Guys made the announcement: September 1-27 (a lot of this comes from a post I made previously on a different account but deleted because things got really crazy).
  1. September 1: a Redditor claims to have seen Ned and Alex (Production Manager and “Food Baby” of 2nd Try LLC) at a Harry Styles Concert at Madison Square Garden: here is the Reddit post. They took a photo with Ned but did not post any photos of Alex. Rachel (Executive Producer at 2nd Try LLC) also seems to have attended this concert, so it's possible that Ned and Alex attended in a larger group and were not hesitant to take photos for that reason (source).
  2. September 2-3: On September 3, u/hamilton390 (account has been deleted) made this Reddit post, where they say “Multiple people have see Ned around NYC this week making out with women at the local bars. It’s unfortunate for Ariel, his family, and the try team but this is true.” A redditor (let’s call them X) commented on the post, saying “source: i made it up”, implying that u/hamilton390 was making up this claim. Then, u/hamilton390 messaged X and shared screenshots of an Instagram conversation from September 2. In the Instagram conversation, a seemingly random person (let's call them Z) contacted u/hamilton390 and said they saw Ned and Alex kissing in a club in NYC. Z included a blurry video. u/hamilton390 claims to have talked to Ariel for an hour about the situation. u/hamilton390 sends X a screenshot of their phone contact of Ned as further evidence that they actually know Ned. u/hamilton390 then claims to be Will (Alex’s fiancee and partner of 10+ years, who is not an employee of 2nd Try LLC). All of this can be found in this Imgur album, which I have reuploaded with the phone number censored: X thought the DMs were fake and not credible, so they did not post them on the subreddit until September 25 (see below).
  3. Twitter account @nedfulmerexpose tweeted that someone edited the Instagram conversation screenshots and was able to reveal the Instagram username of Z (mentioned above). Z and Will follow eachother on Instagram, serving as evidence that u/hamilton390 truly is Will.
  4. @nedfulmerexpose posted higher quality screenshots of the two people in the NYC club. I believe they have since been deleted from Twitter but can be seen in this Reddit post and this Reddit post. Various people did comparisons and noted that the height differences check out (Reddit post); Alex has a similar white purse (Instagram post) and similar red dress with ruching (Instagram post); and Ned has a shirt that looks similar (Reddit post from fan at Madison Square Garden).
  5. September 3: u/hamilton390 makes this Reddit comment: "Maybe it’s the fact that Ned openly cheats on his wife and has no remorse. But still plays the 'family man' persona on the channel. Kind of wild."
  6. September 8: On the TryPod podcast, Zach states he's had a rough week and is "surviving" (Reddit post)
  7. September 8-27: Ned hasn’t been shown in any Try Guys Instagram posts since this post on September 8, which promoted the Food Network show No Recipe Road Trip.
  8. September 8-22: Ned was not in the last 3 episodes of The TryPod, which are released weekly: Episode 180, Episode 179, and Episode 178. They said that Episode 180 and 179 were filmed the same day though.
  9. September 13-15: Ned did not appear in the recent tracksuit collection ads, which appear in these posts: Instagram Reel, Instagram Post, Instagram post, and the intros of Try Guys Ruin Chocolate Eclairs (1:02) and Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet (0:33). He seems to have taken pictures for this campaign though, as seen here: Instagram post and other Instagram post.
  10. September 13-27: Ariel was not in the last 3 episodes of You Can Sit With Us, which are released weekly: Episode 116 (released on September 27 but not on Youtube), Episode 115, and Episode 114.
  11. September 14: This post is made on Patreon: "SORRY WE MISSED THE EARLY ACCESS: Hey everyone! Just wanted to pop on here and apologize for missing yesterday's early access post for today's video. We moved some things around last minute on Monday and were not able to get a cut out to you ahead of time. We hope you enjoyed the new episode of Phoning It In!" proving there were last-minute edits to Try Guys Ruin Chocolate Eclairs.
  12. September 14: There is evidence that Ned was edited out of Try Guys Ruin Chocolate Eclairs. See this post. You can also hear Ned's voice in the background during the judging sequence. Note for clarity: this video was originally uploaded without Ned; he was not edited out later.
  13. September 14-24: The familiar intro to the videos has been replaced with ads that include only Eugene, Keith, and Zach (no Ned). In Try Guys Ruin Chocolate Eclairs (1:02) and Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet (0:33), the intro is an ad for their tracksuit collection. In Try Guys Try Stand-up Comedy (0:55), the intro is an ad for Neutrogena.
  14. September 17: The Try Guys released 2 “Eat the Menu” type videos recently. They released Keith Eats Everything at Pizza Hut 2 weeks ago and Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet 9 days ago. Keith said in a recent podcast that this show is typically released once per month. In a Patreon post from September 16 (scroll down), they say “Sorry for the late post tryceratops! There were some last minute edits.”, proving there were last-minute edits. Speculation: the Vegas video was ready to go and released early to allow extra time to re-edit other videos.
  15. September 17: Ned and Alex did not appear in Keith Eats Everything at a Vegas Buffet. All the staff pictured in this Instagram post were included in the video, except Ned and Alex. Redditors familiar with this buffet claim that a solid part of the buffet was not included in the video and noted that this video was shorter than typical Eat The Menu videos. Speculation: portions of the video that featured Ned and/or Alex were removed from the video. Note for clarity: this video was originally uploaded without Ned/Alex; they were not edited out later.
  16. September 20: Try Guys announced that they will be releasing just one video per week through October: Instagram post announcement. Speculation: they needed time to scramble and re-edit videos. This was later confirmed through the October 6 TryPod episode.
  17. September 24: There is evidence that Ned was edited out of Try Guys Try Stand-up Comedy. See this post and this post. You can also hear Ned's laugh at 2:53. Note for clarity: this video was originally uploaded without Ned; he was not edited out later.
  18. September 25: Once people started speculating why Ned had gone missing, someone brought up the claims made earlier in the month by u/hamilton390 but said they had no proof. That's when X commented with a link to the screenshots to show that u/hamilton390 did actually provide proof to someone.
  19. September 26: As speculation increased online, Ned and Ariel break their social media silence and post to their Instagram stories about some family time (biking, pizza night, snuggles). Speculation: these were old photos, as "pizza night" would have been occurring at 2:50pm in their time zone.
  20. By September 26: Will’s Instagram had been oscillating between public and private recently. He has removed pictures of Alex from his Instagram. He did not follow Alex on Instagram.
  21. By September 26: Alex and Ned did not follow eachother on Instagram.
  22. By September 26: YB (Editor at 2nd Try LLC) did not follow Alex nor Ned on Instagram. She did follow Will, other Try Guys, and all Try Partners. YB and Alex are the "Food Babies" and have their own video series on the Try Guys channel.
  23. September 27: Will temporarily deactivates his Instagram account (screenshot)
  24. September 27: Jake LaRosa, former 2nd Try employee whose last day was September 23, posted this TikTok about the speculated cheating.
Try Guys Announcements: September 27
  1. Try Guys comment: announcement that Ned no longer works with The Try Guys
  2. Ned and Ariel’s comments: Ned says he had a “consensual workplace relationship”
Some things that happened after Try Guys made announcement: September 27 - present.
September 27
  1. The Try Guys replaced their logo (which included graphics all four guys) with a white triceratops and orange background. The red heart that represents Ned was removed from their social media. (Reddit post)
  2. YB makes an Instagram story thanking fans for support and asking fans to not comment on old photos, so she doesn't have to delete everything. She says she will continue to edit Try Guys videos.
  3. Buzzfeed writes an article about the situation. (full circle moment)
  4. Ex-Buzzfeed employees have been vaguely tweeting about the situation. Many imply they are not surprised. Here is a Reddit post that shows a couple of the tweets. However, some employees later stated that they don't actually have knowledge about Ned and were just broadly commenting about the situation: example
  5. The Try Team starts unfollowing Ned on Instagram. Here is a Reddit post that captures who still followed Ned and Alex. This post is now outdated (example: Miles no longer follows Ned).
  6. Old Reddit posts making claims about Ned resurface: Reddit comment from August 2021 claiming Ned is creepy and tried to hook up with their friend.
September 28
  1. TMZ reports about the situation (Reddit post)
  2. DeuMoix posts a photo of Ned and Alex that claims to be taken at an NYC restaurant in May 2022 (Reddit post). It makes sense that they would be in NYC in May, given Alex's Instagram post and Ned's Instagram post from May 10 about filming at Yankee Stadium. Side note since I am seeing some misinformation: the "Keith Every Pizza in NYC" video was filmed during this May trip, not the Labor Day weekend trip when the Try Team found out about the situation.
  3. Miles (Podcast Producer at 2nd Try LLC) alludes to the announcement in the beginning of his personal podcast, “Perfect Person” (Reddit post)
  4. Here is a DeuxMoi post that claims to have more information (completely speculative). However, the post does claim that Ariel visited NYC around September 1 or 2, which is corroborated by Ariel’s Instagram story. But remember that DeuxMoi can be considered pure rumor, not fact whatsoever.
  5. Several other DeuxMoi posts have been made, but please remember they are purely speculative and absolutely not considered fact. Basically just including them here because people have been referencing them. Remember, these could be random rumors from random people!
  6. A video of Ned and Ariel walking down the street and driving away together is posted. When they asked about their relationship, Ariel says they're "working on working things out".
  7. A TikTok (now deleted but here it is on Twitter) was posted that shows Ned, Alex, and Kwesi (frequent Try Guys guest) in a club, implying that they have gone out to clubs at other times. Note: they are wearing different outfits than the original photos, so presumably this is not the same club situation as pictured above. (Reddit post)
  8. The next episode of their Food Network Show "No Recipe Road Trip" had its time slot changed from 9/28 10pm ET to 9/30 10am, at least for some areas. Also they released the episode early on Discovery+.
  9. People have been confusing YB with Alex and harassing her on Instagram: Reddit post
September 29
  1. The TryPod podcast normally is released on Thursdays. The podcast for 9/29 was announced to be postponed by one week to 10/6. (Reddit post)
  2. Kelsey Darragh (who is on the Try Guys podcast "Guilty Pleasures" and is a friend of the Try Guys) liked a tweet of a DeuxMoi post saying that the Try Guys did not know about the cheating (presumably prior to early September) (Reddit post)
  3. Ned has been removed from the YouTube video description, but Alex is still listed (Reddit post)
  4. In the comments of her YouTube video, YB comments that she is not friends with Ned nor Alex. She says "most of us found out very recently". (Reddit post)
  5. In YB's Instagram comments, she says that she didn't know about Ned and Alex's relationship and is upset that her hard work is getting removed from YouTube.
  6. Ned has been removed from for the most part (not sure of exact date)
  7. Some videos that contain Ned or Alex are being removed from YouTube (Reddit post). Videos removed: Women Wear Wedding Dresses (watch here), Try Guys Extreme Japanese Street Food Challenge (watch here), Food Babies 60 oz Tomahawk Steak Challenge (watch here), and Women Recreate Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles (watch here) this video has since come back online. Let me know in the comments what others are missing. (not sure of exact date(s) that videos were removed)
  8. A TikTok and Instagram post where Ned, Alex, and YB dance to "Freakum Dress" (Beyonce) has been removed from social media: (Reddit post). Let me know in the comments what other posts have been removed. (not sure of exact date it was removed)
  9. Here is a brief roundup of Twitter likes by Zach, Keith, Becky (Keith's wife), and Kelsey. In summary, folks are in support of Ariel, in support of the remaining Try Guys, and finding light comedy in the situation.
  10. Z (mentioned above) comments something positive on Will's latest Instagram post, and he replies positively.
September 30
  1. Kelsey makes a TikTok that says the Try Guys are "incredible people who did what they legally could do while certain processes and investigations took place." She says they took action, cannot say certain things to the public, and were very accommodating for certain families involved. She says they are caring for their employees.
  2. Miles tweets (now deleted) about the song "Unholy" by Sam Smith and Kim Petras and alludes to its relevance to the situation. The song is about a husband/father cheating.
October 1
  1. Ariel has unfollowed Alex on Instagram (Reddit post)
  2. Alex has deleted an Instagram post where she and Will are dressed like Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Someone pretending to be paparazzi yells "Why'd you break them up?"
  3. Update on social media follower numbers: over the last 30 days, Try Guys Instagram gained 108k, Ned on Instagram lost 118K, Alex on Instagram gained 30K, YB on Instagram gained 32K, Try Guys YouTube gained 20K.
  4. A new video was expected to be released today, but no video was posted. No statement was made by The Try Guys about a delayed video.
October 3
  1. The Try Guys make a post on Patreon. They express appreciation for their fans and say they are working hard to bring content back as soon as they are able.
  2. Zach comments on Discord. He says that the "Guilty Pleasures" podcast will be released later in the week.
  3. The Try Guys release a video called "what happened.". I would summarize here, but honestly it's best to just watch the video. Highlights: They found out about Ned's workplace romance, which had been going on for "some time", over Labor Day weekend. They then immediately started an investigation and suspended Ned from work activities. They officially removed him as an employee and manager on September 16.
October 4
  1. YB posts on Instagram saying that "Cheaters are trash 🤎" in Korean
  2. Former Buzzfeed employee Steven Aleck makes Instagram stories. He says that he and Ned had a rough falling out many years ago. He is not surprised at Ned's duplicity but is surprised at the stupidity, because Ned is not stupid. He always liked Ariel.
  3. New episodes of the "You Can Sit With Us" (YCSWU) are typically released on Tuesday. A new episode was not released today, but per Rainie's (Podcast Editor at 2nd Try LLC) Instagram stories, it seems that the YCSWU crew (sans Ariel) was in the podcast studio today.
  4. The Try Guys release a short video called "What we wanted to say last week", where Keith and Zach scream in a field. Eugene is seen via video call on a phone, sipping tea.
  5. More unsubstantiated DeuxMoi posts were posted. Remember that these are completely speculative and cannot be considered facts whatsoever. I am putting DeuxMoi posts in this timeline so people can understand where some of the rumors come from.
  6. Eugene breaks his social media silence by encouraging people to register to vote. Ariel likes the post.
  7. A TikTok was posted, where allegedly someone saw Alex and Ned together at a restaurant in Burbank, CA in May. The person messaged Ariel on Instagram and sent the video. The person claims that Alex and Ned were kissing. @willthayer3 on TikTok (seems like Will) made several comments, including "I wish I knew in May 🤷‍♂️" and "should have sent it to me". The TikToker later added that the video was recorded on May 7 around 5pm, and that Ariel did not respond to the messages.
October 5
  1. Miles comically addresses the situation at the beginning of Episode #13 of his podcast "Perfect Person" (Reddit post). He says he won't speak candidly about the situation because it involves real people, but he's excited to work for the Try Guys moving forward and he thinks the company will be much better off because they are refocusing.
  2. The Try Guys tweet that they are filming with Kwesi today. Fans notice that Kwesi's Twitter banner is now yellow.
  3. Zach frogtweets.
October 6
  1. Eugene tweets that he is angry that people are using "I thought you were all gay" as an insult. He is "really fucking tired of children resorting to anti-queer rhetoric in the presence of hetero cottage cheese shenanigans".
  2. A new episode of the Trypod called "ok, let's talk about it." is released, featuring Keith, Zach, and Miles. This Reddit post describes what is discussed in the episode. This Reddit post is another good summary. This is the last time they plan to discuss the situation, unless they need to later. Some highlights: they aren't bringing on a new fourth Try Guy but will feature various guests like Kwesi, Ariel is stepping away from YCSWU (at least for now), they did not coordinate September 27 statements with Ned/Ariel, Eugene doesn't like podcasts so the TryPod will be mostly Keith/Zach/Miles/Rainie in the future, they are reimagining their future content, the last month was extremely stressful and detrimental to their physical health, most of the DeuxMoi stuff is untrue (ex. NDAs were not issued), they assumed the situation would get released to the public and saw it as a ticking time bomb, they want people to stop bullying those involved, they have taken down a few videos (at least for now) but will not be editing Ned out of content that was previously released.
  3. Becky breaks her TikTok silence by posting a new TikTok and gives a disapproving face at the whole situation. Eugene posts a response TikTok.
  4. The YCSWU logo has been updated. It used to contain a photo of Ariel, Becky, and Maggie but now just has the text "You Can Sit With Us" with no photos.
October 7
  1. Becky made a TikTok on October 6 (now deleted) calling out Buzzfeed employee Lindsay Webster, who tried to use the situation to promote themselves. Becky later made a new TikTok, explaining that she deleted the previous TikTok because Lindsay apologized. Becky reminds everyone that the things we put on the internet are there forever, and real people see them, so let's relax for a little bit.
  2. Not sure when this happened, but the video Women Recreate Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles that was previously privatized has become public again.
  3. The Try Guys tweet "The orange era begins tomorrow."
October 8
  1. The Try Guys release a new video called "the try guys audition for a broadway musical". In the last episode of the TryPod, Zach says that there is a skillful edit done to eliminate Ned, and fans think they located the edit. Alex is not listed in the credits for the video, so presumably she does not work at 2nd Try LLC anymore.
  2. The Try Guys YouTube channel reaches 8 million subscribers.
  3. Becky posts a new TikTok: "Me when anyone asks what I've been up to the last few weeks" ("screaming, crying" Taylor Swift lyrics play)
  4. There is an unfavorable skit about the situation on SNL (watch clip here). Becky retweets her disapproval (Miles liked the same tweet) and tweets that Ned said on the TryPod friend from Yale is an SNL writer. Coincidentally, in the same TryPod episode, Alex discussed having attended an SNL show and afterparty this summer with Jared Popkin (frequent Try Guys guest), who is best friends with Chris Redd (SNL cast member). Alex Lewis (frequent Try Guys guest) tweets "I mean… did they like do any research before writing that? Any?". Keith tweets "Wow that was unexpected". Rainie tweets her disapproval as well.
October 9
  1. The Try Guys YouTube channel description has been updated; it now says "a new era." The video released yesterday was also in all lower case, perhaps indicating a new lower case era.
  2. More reactions to the SNL sketch: Zach tweets. Maggie (Zach's fiance) posts on Instagram stories: Post 1, Post 2. Detailed fan summary.
  3. It is discovered that Ned's friend (referenced above) may indeed have been one of the writers of the SNL sketch.
October 10
  1. The TryPod logo has been updated. It used to contain a photo the Try Guys but now just has the text "The TryPod" with no photos.
  2. Kelsey Darragh's new podcast episode called "what happened." features Miles (Reddit post). They discuss several things related to the Try Guys, including that the SNL sketch was a bad take and that Miles does not want to be a new Try Guy.
October 11
  1. A new episode of YCSWU is released. It is a pre-recorded episode; they state they aren't going to discuss the situation at this time.
October 12
  1. Eugene posts several Instagram stories, where he discusses his continued involvement in the Try Guys, current projects, and feelings about the situation (summary post).
October 16
  1. Will and Z (mentioned above) meet up in person and Will posts on his Instagram story.
October 18
  1. Some license plate sleuthing occurs. A Nextdoor post that was posted on Twitter on May 18, 2022 claims that people were having sex in a car with the same type of car and license plate that was shown for Ned and Ariel's car in the September 28 paparazzi video.
October 19
  1. Bowen Yang (actor who played Eugene in the SNL Try Guys skit) shares his thoughts on the backlash.
October 20
  1. Keith, Zach, and Miles discuss the SNL skit on a new episode of the TryPod.
  2. Miles says in a Patreon podcast of "Perfect Person" (his personal podcast) that "I’ve always fucking hated that guy”. (I am not a patron so I was not able to confirm this information myself.)
October 25
  1. The New York Times publishes an article titled "The Try Guys and the Prison of Online Fame". Becky tweets her criticism.
November 6
  1. Alex changes her Instagram bio to remove references to the Try Guys / Food Babies.
December 12
  1. The incident is included in Time Magazine's Top 10 Most Viral Moments of 2022.
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From CIA "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process." There is no such thing as "solid matter." "Human being, brain, consciousness and all is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields." Elites know this, employ magick on us

From CIA submitted by astralrocker2001 to EscapingPrisonPlanet [link] [comments]

From CIA "Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process." There is no such thing as "solid matter." "Human being, brain, consciousness and all is, like the universe which surrounds him, nothing more or less than an extraordinarily complex system of energy fields." Elites know this, employ magick on us

From CIA submitted by astralrocker2001 to ReincarnationTruth [link] [comments]

Market Red Pill - Why Fundamentals and Technical Indicators Don't Matter

Market Red Pill - Why Fundamentals and Technical Indicators Don't Matter
I will be covering a lot of topics in this post in no particular order. It is meant as a follow-up/sequel to my previous post where I discussed the importance of understanding the Market Cycle and Trend Analysis. If your primary objective with cryptocurrency is to make money, then continue reading. If you are here for the technology or too busy to actively manage positions, then do your regular DCA and close Reddit.
TLDR: Cryptocurrency has become another speculation vehicle for institutions around the world. This is why it is more important than ever to learn how to read a price chart. Yes, most of Technical Analysis (TA) is hindsight 20/20. The real value in studying TA is learning how to identify signals/patterns in real-time. This way you can react in the present. You won't have anywhere near 75% accuracy, but you will most certainly avoid blowing up your account. That's a win. Your financial decisions will be grounded in reason. That is far from gambling and, therefore, also a win.

Why should I listen to you? Some of the recent 'Analysis' posts in this sub are discussing: 1) Hypothetical gains if certain coins return to ATH 2) Why the weekly RSI being at all-time lows means it is a good time to buy 3) Creating an algo to find coins with 20x potential 4) Abnormal volume signaling a bottom is in (when in fact it was just people exploiting no-fee trading on Binance)
No offence to any of those authors, but investing/trading in the markets is not that oversimplified. It involves much more study, analysis, understanding, and experience. That means learning to think for yourself and not following some social media furu/influencer who makes decisions for you. Everybody needs to take responsibility for their own financial outcomes. I learned this the hard way and hope that others avoid making the same mistakes I did in the past.
I come from the school of thought that not all Technical Analysis is created equally. The most important concepts are related to price action, market psychology, and supply/demand. Everything else is open to interpretation and a matter of opinion. Below is a Canadian income tax stock slip for one of my trading accounts. It shows that I cycled nearly 1 million shares with a dollar value of $55m. Am I a whale? Certainly not. Do I put my money where my mouth is? I try my best to.
T5008 Statement of Securities Transactions

Institutions Move Markets Whether you like it or not, Crypto is being actively traded by institutions whose sole purpose is to extract money from the markets. That means firms, hedge funds, prop desks, market makers, and algos from all around the world are hitting the bid and ask 24 hours a day. Why does that matter? Well, because Bitcoin is viewed as just another tradable instrument at the risky end of the spectrum (high beta). Speculators are making money from price movements in both directions. And they are employing the same techniques used to trade stocks, forex, and commodities for the last century. Here are some recent events which demonstrate how institutions are driving moves in both Stocks and Crypto.
$SPY - Technical patterns with fundamental narrative
A. Price breached over Feb double top for the first higher-high of 2022 B. Pullback pattern failure: stops taken out overnight on April 6 gap (trap!) C. May 4/5 FOMC FOMO Fakeout: Market rallied into Close then gapped down next morning. Fooled many to go long with a false sense of security (institutions dumped onto retail) D. Afternoon of June 9: Market sells off before next morning's CPI print. 'Smart money' was getting out after technical support broke (8-day consolidation base) E. Inflation comes in hot at 8.6% and leads to multi-day sell-off, complete with professional gaps
$BTC - Mirroring stocks above via technical/fundamental drivers

Learn How to Ride the Tide with the Whales 'Whales' profit from buying low and selling high (or shorting high and covering lower). It helps to view the market through the same lens of the actors who drive it, no? Most people who believe TA is 'astrology for men' have never traded a day in their life. They liken trading to gambling: random bets with random outcomes. So explain to me how firms on Wall Street have been in business for decades.
If you believe that the billions of dollars that flow in/out of global markets daily are driven by 'hunches', then I have a bridge to sell you. To think that institutions blindly decide when to initiate their buy/sell programs is ridiculous. Wall Street prefers that retail brush off TA as witchcraft in order to fleece Main Street in both directions. That's how they are profitable year after year, in all market environments.
So why does it matter that institutions use TA when deciding to trade/invest in a particular asset? Because that herd mentality is what causes markets to enter uptrends and downtrends. When the big players are in agreement on direction, that leads to fluidity. Clean price action forms patterns. Patterns are predictable. And the market loves consistency. This concept applies to Bitcoin, wheat, stocks, bonds, gold, alt coins, pork bellies--anything that is exchanged on an open market can be charted. Where there's a trend, there's a Market Cycle; the Psychology Cheat Sheet is indeed universal.
Emotional stages of a Market Cycle
Somebody once said that candlesticks and volume are the footprints of money. The bigger the volume, the larger the shoes. If you plan to involve yourself in a market, it only makes sense to understand what the shepherds--who guide the flock--are doing. And I don't mean Ecuador buying 80 Bitcoin the other day. That's less volume than the prior 1-minute candle on Binance!. I mean the institutional money that created the bottom wick at $17.6k a few weeks ago. The same institutions who defended price at $18.6k to put the brakes on the intermediate downtrend.

Fundamentals are the Real Fugazi How many times have you turned on CNBC to hear talking heads opine about which assets to buy vs. sell. They are either late to the party or flat out wrong in their predictions. Putting buy ratings at the top of market cycles, screaming discount during sell-offs, and finally downgrading at the bottom. It's comical but should be criminal.
And you wonder why retail traders are notorious for buying high and selling low. Here's an example of how institutions sold Tesla's last earnings despite great numbers. Following the failed breakout in mid-March, that left a lot of trapped longs above $1100. Many were underwater for a couple of weeks hoping for a bounce. When price returned to their break-even, they sold. It's been downtrending ever since.
$TSLA April 21, 2022 Earnings - 'Good' fundamentals used to trap Bulls into becoming exit liquidity
Any news, upgrade, downgrade, or macro event that is worth acting upon by institutions will reflect themselves in the charts. Bullish news? Show me the big green candlestick with above average volume. Bearish news? Then the market better be selling. If the piece of fundamental information didn't drive market participants to buy/sell, then it is utterly meaningless. At the end of the day, ticks on the tape are what matters. This is why I tune out forecasts, models, predictions, ratings, and news in general. Focus on the chart and cut out the middleman. The candlesticks will tell you how the market is reacting, not some guest analyst on a financial podcast.
Just for kicks, here's another one where Bill Ackman (CEO of hedge fund Pershing Square) thought that he could single-handedly halt the downtrend on $NFLX. After dropping 50% from ATH back in January, $350 seemed like a good value, right? It's down another 50% since then. This from a company that was supposed to be a Blue Chip!
Ackman bets big on $NFLX during a downtrend and loses 36% in just 3 months. Took many retail traders down on the sinking ship.

Price Action is King All technical indicators use past price and volume as their inputs. There are countless formulas derived from these two objective measures. Thus, there exists an infinite number of combinations and permutations of indicators, each with a dizzying amount of settings. This is why TA can be subjective and often lagging.
Just because some oscillator has a value of x, or an index is currently at y, it means nothing unless the market acts upon it. A sloping trendline can be drawn numerous ways; Bollinger bands and MACD have many settings. Which moving averages to use? The Ichimoku Cloud covers the chart to the point where its unreadable. Spaghetti lines. Halving dates. Puell Multiples, S2F models. Dominance percentages, Pi-Cycle Bottom Indicators. Do you see where I'm going with this? These indicators are a function of price and volume, not vice versa. No wonder Technical Analysis has gotten such a bad wrap. There is no such thing as a Holy Grail despite how many people claim to have one for sale.
Let's discuss the objective aspects of a chart. Price is registered when real buying/selling occurred. Fact. Volume is how many units were exchanged. Fact. When displayed on a chart in the form of candlesticks, they paint the picture of supply and demand. These two forces are what drives a market. Fact. Again, it makes sense to cut out the middleman and focus on price action: what the market has done and is doing.

Trend Analysis Refresher and Recap So institutions drive the market and their actions can be seen by looking at prior and current candlesticks. Still with me? Good. Go to my last post for a crash course on pivots and trend structure. Everything beyond here won't make sense without a basic understanding of the Market Cycle.
At the end of each impulse/retracement leg there lies an area where price reversed. That inflection point is called a pivot. It takes a lot of buying/selling to halt and reverse price like that. This means institutional money. What do you think happens when price comes back to that area again? Many things are possible, including: 1. People who recently bought/sold are back at break-even 2. Traders get a second chance to add at the same price 3. Bagholders can minimize their loss after being underwater on a wrong bet 4. Price is deemed to be a good value after retracing a certain percentage 5. Anyone who exited too early and missed out are able to FOMO back in 6. Etc. etc.
There are entire book chapters that cover the emotions and psychology behind pivots and trends. I won't get into it here, but it explains the why: the reason that active trends tend to continue and why support/resistance areas are often respected. It's like the market has a collective memory when a prior price is revisited. Professional traders put their faith into these concepts. The more who act, the more likely these patterns come to fruition.
Uptrend: Forces of Demand are greater than forces of Supply
Downtrend: Forces of Supply are greater than forces of Demand
Sideways: At the uppelower bounds of a range, forces of Supply equal forces of Demand and causes price to retrace
Ever notice how the absolute top/bottom is only realized in hindsight? It is an inflection point which ended up being the apex of a trend. This is why it is nearly impossible to buy at the very lows and sell at the very highs. The trend is your friend: please don't fight it.
In the last post I stated that retail has no problem buying during a Stage 2 uptrend. The issue is that they fail to sell during a Stage 4 downtrend. Believe me, the HODL mentality predates Crypto by centuries: Bitcoin just popularized it into a meme. Here are some graphics I dug up which demonstrate this phenomenon in the context of a Market Cycle.
The Market Cycle - Playing the Stages incorrectly due to lack of understanding
Uptrends and downtrends exist because institutions are buying during Stage 2 and selling during Stage 4 (correct areas). The active trend continues until they stop doing this. Remember: institutions move markets. Herd mentality. Our little buy/sell orders have no impact on the price.
Pattern Based Trading By now you probably realized that I am a believer of price action and trends. This simplifies my actions down to 3 general strategies: 1. During a Stage 2: buy the Pullbacks and Breakouts 2. During a Stage 4: sell the Rallies and Breakdowns 3. During Stage 1/3: wait patiently for the range to be broken and get onboard the ensuing trend
Do these patterns work 100% of the time? No! When they do work is the potential profit greater than the amount risked? Yes! These two sentences are the key to successful trading. Let's leave that topic for another day.
Each pattern/setup has many requirements which improve their reliability. For educational purposes, here are a few examples which are relevant. By studying dead charts, you know what to look for and can better identify the price action in real-time.
The Breakout Failure - Typically signals the end of a Stage 3 Distribution Phase and Beginning of Stage 4 Downtrend. Also known as the Wyckoff Upthrust or Wyckoff Spring. What: Price breaches a prior high and then fails Why: Sucks in longs and creates trapped traders. This fuels selling momentum on the way down; panic leading to fear, leading to more panic and fear. Herd mentality.
Textbook Breakout Failure
Bitcoin False Breakout - Week of November 8, 2021. Origin of current Stage 4 downtrend
S&P 500 False Breakout - January 4th, 2022. Origin of current Stage 4 downtrend
The Consolidation Breakout/Breakdown - Typically a continuation pattern in an active Stage 2 or Stage 4 What: Price consolidates sideways after a directional move. Once flooceiling of the range is breached, trend resumes Why: Thin volume as institutions are not interested in dead action. Once stops are taken out at the bottom/top of base, then money pours in/out to ignite the move
Textbook Base Breakout
Bitcoin Base Breakout 5-min Chart - July 7, 2022
Bitcoin Base Breakdown 60-min Chart - June 17, 2022

When Will Crypto Bottom If you made it this far then I still have your attention. You are probably wondering when I think $BTC will bottom. The answer to that is: I don't know and won't pretend to know. My job is to react and not predict. To wait for confirmation by analyzing new information that the market provides after each candlestick dies and a new one is born.
That being said, price action will give clues as to when a bottom has been put in. I believe that it will occur either one of two ways:
#1. Long drawn out Stage 1 Accumulation phase like we saw in 2019
Textbook Transitional A - Stage 1 into Stage 2 (numbers show potential entry points)
2019 Bottom - With potential entries at 1, 2, 3
#2. Sudden Climactic Reversal like we saw in March 2020 (alongside Stocks)
Vertical Doomsday drop which culminates in capitulation volume. Makes a higher low (HL) and eventually leads to a new uptrend (HH and HL). Stage 4 directly into a Stage 2; enter on any pullback.

Closing Thoughts Thank you for reading this far. I hope you enjoyed the post. Crypto is a hobby for me; something to follow when markets are closed on weekends. I have nothing to sell--just trying to share some info/experience with others who are risking their capital to earn a return. The rest is up to you.
Everyone looks like a genius during a Bull Market. Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked. -Warren Buffet

Additional Reading Many have been asking for TA book recommendations. Here are a few that cover all the concepts from the Classical theories (no promo): -Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets, John J. Murphy -Trading Tools and Tactics: Reading the Mind of the Market, Greg Capra -The Art and Science of Technical Analysis, Adam Grimes
Disclaimer: Not financial advice. Do your own due diligence. Only invest with money you can afford to lose. Sold majority $ETH 3863 and $ADA $2.68 at end of 2021 (Stage 3 top). $BTC $39K final exit April 24, 2022 before base breakdown. Crypto account is 100% cash since May.
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Creating a trading plan a step by step guide

Creating a Forex Trading Plan: Step by Step Guide
Whether you’re an experienced forex trader or just getting started, having a solid trading plan can help you stay organized and develop successful strategies. A good trading plan includes your risk management strategy, objectives, psychological state of mind, and how you will measure success. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a forex trading plan.
Step 1: Set SMART Goals Your goals should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Timely (SMART). It’s important to define what success looks like for you. Your goals should be realistic and not overly ambitious. Consider factors such as the amount of time you have available to trade each day or week and the amount of capital you have available to invest.
>> Suggestion: Most trader will take two to three years to get a good grip on the basics of trading, so be prepared to grind toward progressively getting better.
Step 2: Define Your Risk Management Strategy Risk management is essential for any successful trader. You need to determine what percentage of your account balance you are willing to risk on each trade as well as how much leverage you will use when opening trades. Also consider setting stop-loss levels that limit your losses if the market moves against you.
>>Suggestion: It is standard practice to risk 1 or 2 percent of you account on any one trade. And I like to keep the total risked capital on any basket(total of all open trades) of trades at 10% or below
Step 3: Identify Your Preferred Currency Pairs When trading forex, it’s important to focus on currency pairs that match up with your goals and risk tolerance level. Learn about the different currency pairs so that you can identify which ones may be more profitable for you in the long run. Consider volatility levels and liquidity when choosing which currency pairs to focus on - these factors can have a big impact on your profitability over time.
>>Suggestion: Start out trading the forex majors ex: EURUSD, USDJPY, GBPUSD
Step 4: Research Different Strategies Just like any other business venture, success in trading forex comes down to having an effective strategy in place. Before entering any trades, it’s important for traders to do their own research on different strategies they may want to use in order to increase their chances of success. There are many different strategies available out there depending on what kind of trader you are (for example, swing traders or day traders); doing some research into these strategies beforehand can help make sure that your trading plan is tailored specifically for your particular needs. Additionally, it’s always wise for traders to backtest any strategy they intend on using before putting real money at risk - this will give them an idea of how successful their strategy might be under certain market conditions.
>>Suggestion: Start with pulbacks and breakout strategies.
Step 5: Choose Entry Points & Exits Once you know which currency pairs are best for your trading style, it’s time to identify entry points and exits from each trade. Use fundamental analysis (economic data) or technical analysis (price patterns) to determine when is the best time to enter or exit a position in order to maximize profits or minimize losses depending on market conditions at that time.
>>Suggestion: Trigger fundamentally, enter and exit technically
Step 6: Choose Your Trading Style When it comes to creating a forex trading plan, there are several different styles which can be used depending on your risk appetite and experience level as a trader. For example, swing traders may prefer shorter term positions with smaller gains or losses over longer term positions with larger gains or losses, while day traders may prefer taking multiple trades throughout the day rather than holding positions overnight or longer term. Determine which style best fits your personality before designing your strategy around it.
>>Suggestion: Trader types are Scalping, Day Trader, Swing Trader, Position Trader. That is from hardest to easiest difficulty I think most trader should start at swing trader. Start on the higher timeframe then work your way down as you gain experience.
Step 7: Journaling forex trades can offer tremendous insight into how you operate as a forex trader. By simply recording both successful and unsuccessful trades, forex traders can gain valuable information about the psychology of trading, their risk management strategies (like stoploss and takeprofit levels), which currency pairs were successful for them, and how well their strategy played out with different types of market conditions. With trading journals becoming increasingly accessible with digital platforms, forex traders of all levels now have the opportunity to track their progress over time while also learning from their successes or failures.
>>Suggestion: you'll hate journaling at the start (its boring), but it is necessary to do if you are going to learn from mistakes.
In conclusion, Creating a forex trading plan is an important step towards becoming a successful trader. By following these steps and understanding your own personal goals and risk tolerance level, you will be better equipped to develop strategies that work for your individual needs and ultimately increase profits over time while minimizing losses in volatile markets. Remember - no two traders are alike; make sure that your trading plan reflects this fact!
Knowledge is Power!
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Current setup: Hostile cowboy sounds

Current setup: Hostile cowboy sounds
I got into shoegaze over quarantine, and sort of naturally “progressed” until I came out to other end playing basically sad hostile cowboy music or something, like Bonnie Prince Billy but northern and debatably more depressed.
The chain (currently)
1- tuner, the nice normal one people have, whatever.
2- Fredric Effects, Super Unpleasant Companion. This is a copy of the Shinei Super Fuzz plus the Companion Fuzz. Seems cool, took advantage of the GBP taking a dump compared to USD. I usually use the Super Fuzz option. Shattered timbre, with decent articulation of chords. Psycho Candy era Jesus and Mary Chain, basically.
3- Palomar Sound, Cholla op amp fuzz. Great, exceptionally usable fuzz, works well on bass, maybe more of a heavy distortion technically, theoretically cleans up surprisingly well, and keeps a clear ringing chords. Sometimes fuzz pedals sound like a kazoo, which is very stupid. I want to maintain six individual strings that sounds like their own individual drawer full of silverware being thrown into their own individual wood-chipper.
4- Fredric Effects, regent 150 preamp. This is a pretty cool pedal, kind of an EQ boost that sounds like a crappy solid state 70s amp, in a good way? It’s basically a Klon for people who are not annoying. Good for pushing into an overdrive. I got it at the same time as the other Fredric one; it’s new for me but I think I like it more than the other Fredric pedal, more likely to stay on a board between the two. I got both after seeing Emmett Kelly play with Superwolves using them.
5- Palomar Sound, Coyote transistor overdrive. This pedal is on 100% of the time. It’s the reason I have and will buy any Palomar Sound pedal ever made. A+. I don’t have a favorite pedal but actually yea I do and this is it. For real, I’d probably even buy a flanger or chorus if they made one.*
6- MXR Phase 45, script version, reissue of course. Almost always on, set to 9 o’clock, emulates the sound of ocean waves kind of in the background. Great pedal, keeping you tastefully in bounds of the dangers of obnoxious phaser sounds.
7- Palomar Sound, Borrego reverb. Left side always on as a nice normal reverb. The right side can get into wild oscillation, which is fun for making smeared shoegaze sounds. As soon as I got this, I chucked my Oceans 11 into my closet.
8- MXR Tremolo. It’s fine, maybe too many modeling options or whatever, but the added tap tempo is nice, I think. Whatever. I keep it pretty mellow.
The pedalboard is DIY birch plywood, 3M Dual Lock (basically Velcro but not garbage) powered by a One-Spot or whatever CS6 thing stuck to the bottom.
*I hate flanger, and I hate chorus.
I usually play a jazzmaster into what is basically an Ampeg Gemini from the 60s, pretty normal 40w tube amp that I modded.
Okay bye.
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SammyDGreatPhilosopher Introduction to 7 states of Matter

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Adopted By Humans II C35

AN: Not gonna lie, I have a special love for this chapter.
Prev || Next
The ambassador was quiet, probably because he was looking at the same thing I was. The ship from the viewscreen was roaring down from the sky, the birds gathered on the platform gave a wide berth to the ship and a low hum began from the underground facility.
“Stand clear, any personnel near the landing zone, stand clear. Do not attempt to retrieve any lost metal objects.” The announcement came over the speaker as the ship descended, the oscillating magnetic devices shifted power dynamically according to the position of the ship, slowly drawing it toward the center.
“Descent in Five.” The voice echoed over the ground and for a moment it seemed like the whole world was silent save for the ship and the machines drawing it close.
‘The first ship to land on Earth is dlamisan… our people will be remembered for this, all over this world, and maybe more… we can settle the misidentification later. For now? The whole world, no, two worlds, two worlds are watching…’ I was in reverential awe, the broadcasts from where we stood were live streamed to every corner of the globe, major cities from Berlin and Moscow to Timbuktu and New Kyoto… all eyes were on my people.
It was humbling. Humbling and proud, watching them come close, ready to kiss the Earth, their oxydraulic landing gear coming out as they were aligned into the center and drew ever closer.
I wondered, ‘What will their first words be?’ Humans are as fond of famous first words as we. It was one of the things their kind and mine had in common, in the search for immortal fame, what was said by those who went first was scrutinized long, long after the passing of the speaker.
“Landing in one.” The announcement came out, and even those full of hate, were for perhaps the first time in their lives, full of wonder.
“Thirty seconds.” The announcement came out as the ship was only a hundred meters off the ground.
“Ten seconds.” The announcement rang out, the hum from the magnetic devices began to die down as the power consumption diminished.
The thud of the touchdown was enough to shake the world, or so it seemed from where we stood.
And then the doors began to open, and a ramp slowly descended, no one spoke, no one made a sound, there was only the hum of the ship as its engines slowly died and the ramp came down to touch solid ground for the first time in who knew how long. I tried to see inside as the lights came on, but there was no one there. A human might have made themselves known immediately, but dlamisa tended to take our time about these things, giving others a chance to respond to a new presence, at least for a few seconds.
“That is not one of our official merchants.” The ambassador said the instant the female of my species came into view.
She stood in full view as the cameras zoomed in to take her figure in, definitely female, with a long tail and a shapely form, I hadn’t seen a female of my species in what felt like years. But my surprise at seeing her, was not nearly as great as it was seeing what she wore.
That she wore anything was a surprise, but more than that?
That was no uniform I recognized, at least… not from this century.
She stood in a kind of modified set of boots that rose up to the bend in her legs, like it was based on a human model and then altered to fit us. I will never forget what she wore. A dark bodice and a loose scarlett coat with long sleeves and a black skirt that was slit up to her right hip. Even that was less surprising than the eyepatch over one eye, the tricorner hat, and the sword on her hip. My people do not use, and have never used swords.
She sauntered down the ramp with her tail wagging wildly behind her, I looked at the viewscreen like I was in a trance, her fur was a bright and shaggy red, and her snout was middle length, much like mine. Her mouth was open and tongue lolled out happily. Gold rings in her ears wobbled back and forth with every step.
She stopped at the base of the ramp, staring down at the final step that would carry her from her ship, into the annals of our people’s history.
Then she stepped forward, and before the eyes and ears of an entire planet she said, “For all them what went out an didn’t make it back again.”
“Did she… what?” The Ambassador’s tail was stiff, “What is she wearing?! What did she say?! Is she not using a translator?!” I wasn’t sure if it was rage or dismay or that he was just at a total loss.
I was no less confused, and from the look of them, the Earth ambassador, the security teams, including Boatswain and Byron, were as much at a loss as anyone. Perhaps then it is no surprise that it was Fauve who spoke up first.
“She looks so cool! She’s like a pirate!”
That was when it clicked, the captain’s clothes, her sauntering manner, even the sword and the way she spoke. All seemed like they were ripped from the pirate movies I looked at a long time before coming to Earth.
With nothing else for it but to go forward, the lot of us collectively approached, though I won’t pretend we didn’t hesitate for a step, there was simply no other option. And so we found our rhythm and as a gaggle of confused individuals, we approached the ship of my people.
To their credit, the security teams of both Earth and Dlamias spread out to surround each half of our dignitaries, save for Boatswain and Byron, who stood in front of Fauve and I near the back.
When we approached, it was the Earth ambassador who spoke first, he was a slender man of medium build and tan skin, a thin mustache beneath his lip, and horseshoe pattern baldness on his head. “In the name of the Earth government, we welcome you as our guest, please make yourselves at home for the duration of your stay.”
The Captain made a polite half bow to the lot of us, it was quite formal, and appeared to imitate the mannerisms of humans from centuries before the present, then she spoke in the most bizarre fashion.
“Thank ye, 'uman person. I be grateful fer the safe port in the storm, especially since I 'ave a small confession to make.”
She then straightened up and added, “First, thanks much fer invitin' us to Earth. Me apologies fer the tricky stunt, me colleague 'ere be right, I be not the correct ship. I beat them to it, played a sly 'and an' took their place. They be fine, just weeks behind us still, playin' it safe, sound, an' e'er so dull.”
Her tail wagged back and forth as she laid out her confession, “We was sailin' the void when we caught wind o' the transmission callin' a merchant vessel to earth. A new cargo, somethin' worth a lot to a lot o' folk. A cargo I once got a chance to try an wouldn't miss a chance to try again. With money on the table waitin' to be taken, I wouldn't miss me chance. So I turned me ship around an' 'eaded this here way to get what I could before the rum been gone into the bellies o' a crew a lot more dull than mine.”
“Thank ye, ambassador, fer grantin' permission to land, even if ye did nay quite mean it fer us. I've been a jolly admirer o' 'umans fer some years, an' I be 'onored an' grateful fer the chance to visit fer fun an' profit.”
She brought her hand down and clapped the slender human on the shoulder, her tongue lolling out of her mouth, she cocked her head to the side, clearly far from done speaking, she introduced herself, “An' before ye ask, the last 'umans I met couldn't pronounce me name in me language, so they gave me a name in yours that there I liked a lot, ye can call me 'Bonny Red' if it please ye. An if it don't, try'n pronounce it in me language."
She let out the little rooooo noise our species made when we were at our happiest, and from her wagging tail, I could see she was over the moon with glee, seeing the crowds well beyond our little gathering, she hopped up and down, ears flopping wildly about, she raised her open hand and waved it as much as her arms allowed like she was waving hello to dear friends. “Ahoy there, 'umans, it be jolly to meet ye! I 'ope we can be mates!”
With her giant gleeful… and to my eyes, frankly beautiful face, Captain Bonny Red seemed to grab hold of hearts and imaginations in the watching humans at the same time and just… squeeze the good will out of the lot of them, even the ones who had precious little good will to give. Maybe you couldn’t get blood from a stone, but it seemed you could get goodwill from one if you were a dlamisan in a pirate costume.
Professor Sxlith asked the question our ambassador, and everyone else, seemed to be too confused to ask. “Are you not using a translator, Captain? What is with your… way of speaking?” He licked his eyeballs with the nervous rapidity I was familiar with, clearly as disturbed as the rest of us.
She seemed to straighten up and preen, almost panting with pride when she explained, “Oh, after I met that there last crew o' 'umans, they told me I reminded them o' a gentleman o' fortune, showed me clips o' some movies, after I did a run o' supplies fer the University, I gave them a discount in exchange fer copies o' all the gentleman o' fortune movies made from the twentieth through the twenty-third centuries. That be 'ow I learned English.”
My entire student body, and our professor, let out the various noises of exasperation our species typically did. It was exactly the sort of thing the University would do to save credits. Copies of something cost nothing but a few minutes to make, and credits saved were credits that could be used elsewhere.
And now here we were, thanks to them. Face to face with a pirate crazy dlamisan ship Captain with a thirst for rum.
I won’t pretend I wasn’t nervous about this prospect, but with Earth having given them an official welcome, and the situation being what it was, it is a credit to my people’s ambassador… and perhaps to the influence of humans, that rather than kick up a stink on the spot, he rolled with the unexpected punches and answered. “You should get a translator… come by the embassy later to sign for one, I beg you.” His pained look and stiff tail said he did not care for the way Bonny spoke.
“O' course, sir, o' course. But where's that there one who sent me the rules o' that there game, the one what wants to see 'ow we work together? 'e 'ere?” She asked, and to my dismay, every eye turned toward me… and everybody stepped aside.
I had no idea at the time, whether having her attention on me was good, or not. But if I had known that what she asked was transmitted over the entirety of Earth all at once, I… at the time, would have thought it was a harbinger of disaster.

AN: So, serious question, cover for the second book, I'd like to do something like this scene, anyone 'object'?
BTW, not that you asked, but this will be The cover for 'Who Endures: The Red City' another novel I'll be releasing in about two weeks. It's the sixth book in a dark fantasy novel featuring an elven assassin hellbent on becoming an Empress by uniting different city-states.
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Transistors, How do they work ? - YouTube IQOPTİON İLE PARA KAZANMAK MÜMKÜN MÜ?

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Transistors, How do they work ? - YouTube

Dear friends, Please support us at Patreon, so that we can continue our free educational service The invention of tr... 100% winning strategyiq option strategybollinger bands strategy macd strategymomentum oscillator - Duration: 11:05. Candlestick Technical Trader 20,368 views 11:05